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Birthdate:Jan 23, 1991
Website:My Twitter
(last updated July 2013, things may have changed since then)

Hello, if you've ended up on my userinfo page, maybe you'll want to know a little more about me. Therefore, this page will list most of my fandoms and interests. The fandoms are listed in no particular order, and I've specified which my favourite pairings are. If we share interests, or even if we don't, and you want to chat or friend me, then feel free :))

I've also noted where my headcanon differs from actual canon (e.g., Character A dies in episode X, so I pretend episode X didn't happen at all, or had a different ending) - you don't have to correct me on these things, I do know the actual canon, I just pretend it went differently.

Doctor Who/Torchwood
Doctor Who especially the 2nd, 5th, 6th and 10th Doctors, Torchwood only series 1&2. (Headcanon: Ianto didn't die. He was rescued at the last second by Turlough and Malkon who transported him to Trion where he and Ianto had a great time, and then Jack and the Fifth Doctor arrived, and the ensuing orgy was so hot that's what started the Time War.)
Pairings: Five/Turlough, Ten/Ianto, Nyssa/Tegan, Eleven/Rory, Ten/Rose, Jack/Ianto, Owen/Ianto, Turlough/Ianto, Two/Jamie, Jamie/Zoe

The Daily Show/The Colbert Report
Pairings: Jon/John, Stephen/Paul (Stephen/Tad), Jon/Kristen, Rob R/John, Jason/John, Ed/Rob C

(Head canon: neither Keller nor Cyril died.)
Pairings: Keller/Beecher, Ryan/Cyril.

How I Met Your Mother
Pairings: Robin/Barney, Barney/Ted, Robin/Lily, Lily/Barney

Jonathan Creek
(Head canon: Maddy never left.)
Pairings: Jonathan/Maddy

(Head canon: Arthur didn't die, and had already realised about Merlin's magic.)
Pairings: Arthur/Merlin, Lancelot/Merlin, Morgana/Gwen, Lancelot/Gwen

Hawaii Five-0
Original and Remake.
(Headcanon: Season 12 never happened.)
Pairings: Steve/Danny (O&R), Ben/Danny (O), Danny/Kono (R), Danny/Chin (R)

Sherlock Holmes
All incarnations - especially the BBC Radio series, the Granada series, the Russian series, the Guy Ritchie films, Sherlock, Elementary, and of course the original stories.
Pairings: Holmes/Watson

The Goodies
Pairings: Tim/Graeme

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Pairings: Spike/Xander, Spike/Giles, Tara/Willow, Willow/Oz, Xande/Willow

Red Dwarf
Pairings: Rimmer/Lister, Rimmer/Cat, Rimmer/girl!Holly

Have I Got News For You
Pairings: Paul/Ian, Paul/Tony Slattery, Ian/Tony Slattery, Paul/Ross Noble, Ian/James May, Ian/Clive Anderson, James May/Reginald D Hunter

Top Gear
Pairings: Jeremy/James

The Following
Pairings: Ryan/Mike, Paul/Toby

Franklin & Bash
Pairings: Peter/Jared, Jared/Ellen, Damien/Jared, Damien/Pindar, Pindar/Jared, Peter/Carmen, Jared/Colleen

Pairings: Harvey/Donna, Mike/Trevor, Harvey/Mike

Pairings: Daniel/Kate

Will and Grace
Pairings: Will/Jack

Pairings: Patrick/Sally, Patrick/Jeff

Mei-chan No Shitsuji
Pairings: Mei/Rihito

Ouran High School Host Club (Live-Action, anima and manga)
Pairings: Hikaru/Kaoru, Tamaki/Kyoya, Honey/Mori, Mori/Haruhi

Peep Show
Pairings: Jeremy/Mark

Whose Line Is It Anyway (UK & US, plus Green Screen Show, etc)
Pairings: Ryan/Greg, Paul/Tony, Ryan/Tony, Tony/Richard, Greg/Clive, Greg/Tony, Colin/Brad, Jeff/Greg, Clive/Tony, Greg/Rory, Greg/Steve, Greg/Niall, Tony/John

Pairings: Miranda/Gary

Strictly Come Dancing
Pairings: Anton/Craig, Brendan/Craig, Brendan/Anton, Bruno/Craig, Len/Craig, Brendan/Artem, Brendan/Holly, Gavin/Katya, Craig/Lilia, Brendan/Natalie, Ian/Jodie, Vincent/Dan, Anton/Laila, Brendan/Lisa, Natalie/Michael, Katya/Dan

The IT Crowd
Pairings: Roy/Moss, Moss/Jen

Mitchell and Webb
Pairings: Rob/David

Strangers With Candy
Pairings: Chuck/Geoffrey

Pairings: Wallander/Pontus

Walking Dead
Pairings: Rick/Darryl, Glen/Maggie, Rick/Shane, Darryl/Carol

Star Wars
(Headcanon: Qui Gon didn't die.)
Pairings: Qui Gon/Obi Wan

Harry Potter
(Head canon: No one died.)
Pairings: Sirius/Remus, Fred/George, Bill/Charlie.

Peter Cook/Dudley Moore

Pairings: House/Wilson, Cameron/Chase, Kutner/Taub, House/Thirteen, Cuddy/Wilson, Chase/Wilson

Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Pairings: Zack/Cody, London/Maddie, Zack/Max

Malcolm in the Middle
Pairings: Reese/Malcolm, Francis/Reese

Big Bang Theory
Pairings: Howard/Raj, Penny/Bernadette, Leonard/Lesley, Leonard/Raj, Sheldon/Raj,

Pairings: Chandler/Rachel, Chandler/Joey

Green Wing
Pairings: Guy/Mac, Boyce/Alan, Guy/Boyce, Guy/Caroline

Monty Python
John/Eric, Michael/Eric, John/Graham, Graham/Michael, Graham/Eric

Brittas Empire
Pairings: Gavin/Tim, Tim/Gordon, Gordon/Carol

Good News Week
Pairings: Paul/Ross Noble, Greg Proops/Jason Byrne

Dad's Army
Pairings: Walker/Pike, Wilson/Pike, Walker/Wilson

Pairings: Max/OB, John Paul/Craig, Justin/Leila, John Paul/Doug, Ravi/Kris, Ravi/Ash, Tony/Dom, Rhys/Josh, Jason/Bart, Carmel/Alek, Nancy/Darren, Texas/Dodger
Pairings: Olli/Gregor, Olli/Christian, Olli/Andi, Olli/Lars, Olli/Leo, Olli/Ricardo, Olli/Emilio, Constantin/Nathalie
Pairings: Deniz/Roman, Roman/Axel, Jenny/Maximillian, Florian/Franzie, Axel/Nina, Ben/Katja, Richard/Axel, Deniz/Katja, Deniz/Joscha, Ben/Vanessa, Roman&Nina, Roman/Ingo, Deniz/Can, Richard/Maximillian
Pairings: Lenny/Carsten
Pairings: Lucas/Noud, Lucas/Ludo, Stefano/Ludo, Ludo/Jack, Sjors/Lorena
Pairings: Flaco/Lalo
Pairings: Lenny/Yuki, Nick/Adam, Nick/Zoe

Do Começo ao Fim
Ships: Francisco/Thomás
Plan B
Ships: Pablo/Manuel

See my page for the stuff I listen too. Bands who I ship people in are:
Pairings: Shane/Nicky, Kian/Nicky

Die Toten Hosen
Pairings: Campino/Andi, Vom/Andi, Kuddel/Andi, everyone/Andi

Die Ärzte
Pairings: Bela/Farin, Rod/Farin, Bela/Andi from DTH

The Beatles
Pairings: Paul/Ringo, George/Ringo

Pairings: John/Edward, Liam/Edward

One Direction
Pairings: Liam/Louis, Zayn/Louis

Nick & Simon
Pairings: Simon/Nick

Favourites: Stan Wawrinka, Philipp Kohlschreiber, Feliciano Lopez, Olivier Rochus, Thiemo de Bakker, Robin Haase, David Ferrer, Thomas Schoorel, Stephane Bohli, Jarkko Nieminen, Lleyton Hewitt, Kaia Kanepi, Agnieszka Radwanska, Marion Bartoli, Kisten Flipkens, Ana Ivanovic, Caroline Wozniacki, Heather Watson, Kim Clijsters, Yanina Wickmayer, Kiki Bertens, Sofia Arvidsson. Plus various other Belgians, Germans, Swisses, Britons, Finns and Swedes.
Pairings: Lopez/Ferrer, Ferrer/Ferrero, Federer/Wawrinka, Paire/Wawrinka, Bohli/Wawrinka, Allegro/Wawrinka, Verdasco/Lopez, Haase/de Bakker, Wawrinka/Rochus, Kohlschreiber/Petzschner, Kohlschriber/Berrer, Petzschner/Melzer, Christophe Rochus/Olivier Rochus, Jurgen Melzer/Gerald Melzer, Bob Bryan/Mike Bryan, Haas/Kohlschreiber, Kuhnen/Kohlschreiber, Gasquet/Llodra, Benneteau/Llodra, Bopanna/Qureshi, Soderling/Ferrer, Lopez/Kohlschreiber, Kas/Kohlschreiber, Jamie Murray/Andy Murray,

Werder Bremen, Alemannia Aachen
Pairings: Frings/Baumann, Frings/Micoud, Frings/Ballack, Frings/Wiese, Pizarro/Marin, Diego/Naldo, Auer/Herzig, Auer/Stuckmann, Schulz/Hanke, Frings/Fritz, Metzelder/Kehl, Ballack/Schneider, Frings/Pizarro, Pizarro/Almeida, Jensen/Pasanen, Frings/Van Bommel, Van Nistelrooy/Van de Sar, Neville/Scholes, Toni Kroos/Felix Kroos, Wiese/Sokratis, Sokratis/Fritz

Other sports
Tero Pitkämäki, Jessica Ennis, Brownlee Brothers, pretty rowers.

Stand-up comedy
Faves: Ian Stone, Ross Noble, Sarah Millican, Russell Howard, Jack Dee, Celia Pacquola, Daniel Simonsen, Andy Zaltzman

Other people
Myf Warhurst, Flanders & Swann, Bodo Wartke, Oliver Pocher, Jacqueline Steiger, Reese Witherspoon, Sheridan Smith, Anderson Cooper, Jodie Kidd, Florian Lukas, Jamelia, Claudia Winkleman, Lindsay Lohan, Sade Giliberti, Alyson Stoner, Laila Rouass

Other things
Explorers - I'm a little bit obsessed with Captain Scott's expedition, and especially with Edward Wilson.
Languages - I love to learn new languages. If you talk to me in English, French, German or Dutch I will try to respond in kind (...with no promises as to intelligibility), and if anyone is willing to help me learn Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic, Spanish, Serbian, Japanese, Polish, Hindi or Cornish I'd be grateful for any assistance.

Interests (163):

airplane, alemannia aachen, alles was zählt, anderson cooper, andy richter, anthony head, ballack/frings, beatsteaks, bela b, ben ellis, blackadder, boris johnson, brad sherwood, bryan brothers, buffy the vampire slayer, campino, chris barrie, clement freud, clive anderson, craig revel horwood, dara o'briain, david burke, david ferrer, david mitchell, die toten hosen, die ärzte, doctor who, donots, douglas adams, drew carey's green screen, ed helms, eric idle, ewan mcgregor, farin urlaub, fawlty towers, federinka, feliciano lopez, fernando verdasco, fifth doctor, five/turlough, frankie boyle, futurama, gareth david-lloyd, glovelove, graeme garden, green wing, greg proops, gyles brandreth, harry hill, hattie hayridge, hignfy, hollyoaks, house, house/wilson, hugh dennis, hugh laurie, ian hislop, ian stone, ianto jones, ianto/owen, isihac, isirta, jack dee, jack/ianto, james marsters, james may, james patrick stuart, james sutton, jason jones, jeff davis, jeremy brett, jeremy hardy, jerome k jerome, jim meskimen, jim sweeney, jimmy mulville, jo weil, john barrowman, john oliver, john paul/craig, john sessions, jon richardson, jon stewart, julian barratt, just a minute, kunal nayyar, le grand otp, luke/noah, mark watson, matchbox twenty, matthew perry, merlin, michael ballack, milton jones, mock the week, monty python, nando/feli, neil innes, nickelback, noblet/jellineck, noel fielding, ollian, paul dinello, paul merton, peep show, peter cincotti, peter davison, pillowy lips, police squad, private eye, qui/obi, red dwarf, remus lupin, remus/sirius, revolverheld, richard vranch, ringo starr, rob corddry, robert sean leonard, ross noble, rupert giles, russell howard, ryan stiles, scrubs, sherlock holmes, slash, slattery and mcshane, spike milligan, stanislas wawrinka, star wars, stephen colbert, stephen mangan, stephen/paul, stephen/tad, strangers with candy, the colbert report, the daily show, the following, the fray, the goodies, the killers, the mighty boosh, the naked gun, the news quiz, the smoking room, thore schölermann, tim allen, tim brooke-taylor, tim/graeme, tony hawks, tony slattery, torchwood, torsten frings, turlough, twincest, verbotene liebe, wallander, werder bremen, whose line, william hague, wilty, wise guys, wliia
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