taversham: (bela jump)
( 25 Feb 2013 13:34)
Me, ten minutes before the match: I don't really mind who wins, I <3 them both, I'm just pleased they both made the final. I'm perfectly happy whatever the result :)))

Me, ten minutes into the match: STAN, I WANT YOU TO LITERALLY KILL HIM. WIN THIS SHIT GDI.

Me, ten minutes after the match: Aww, yay, Ferru :DDDD Poor Stan, but yay David, yay :DDDD

(I'm not being (consciously) disingenuous about this. My loyalties seem to change with the tide sometimes.)

What a nice tennis week it was though - Feli made a final, Colin won a title, Sania won a title, and Karin made a semi, as did Boy and Kevin. All good. (...It's so much easier to keep up with these things when there's no Challengers...)