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You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

Today, Tim has decided in his infinite wisdom adorableness, that the Brothers Helmke need to honour their commitment to spending more time together. His plan is that everyone should throw a surprise party for Jo.
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Initially he plans to only invite people who've slept with Jo, but that limits the guest list to Olli, Bella and Frank, so he broadens it to people who would like to sleep with Jo, and then at least Andi and Sascha can turn up too. It's still not going to be much of a crowd, because Olli doesn't want to go.
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He vents his feelings to Bella, about how he's still not over Jo, and he can't be just friends with someone he's in love with. Bella tries to tell him to follow her and Andi's example of how being friends after a relationship can work really well, and Olli gives himself a hernia from laughing so hard. This is another reason why having Olli sharing his feelings with Bella is ridiculous. It should be Olli and Andi, they're on the same page. And then it could be Jo and Bella bonding over how just because they treat people like crap sometimes, doesn't mean they're bad people.
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Jo is at home with his bag o' Sam again, and really not in the mood to party. He's more in a mope-y grieving state of mind, such has been his wont of late. (I really think the show could have added some variety with these scenes. I feel like I have subtitled the same three lines from that letter 800 times at this point. Would it not be somewhat more realistic to have Jo dwell on a letter that Sam wrote to him? Obviously that wouldn't have the dramatic juxtaposition of Jo's promise to neverever ever love another man like he loved Sam while his feelings for Olli are growing. But surely it's Sam he misses, not his own words to Sam, and you could still have that affect by having Sam's letter quote Jo in some way ("when you promised me you'd never love another man the way you love me, I knew that you were the..."). It would make Sam feel more real if we could have heard his voice either directly or indirectly, and anyway, we've had that one letter a million times, there would really be room for two or more. Or have Jo visit places that remind him of Sam - where they had their first date, where they met, Sam's grave, where Sam died. Other storylines move on so fast, yet for this one we have to sit through the exact same scene over and over again. I get that part of it is that Jo only lets himself mourn in private, but still... Or at the very least we could have had Jo reading/writing some sort of diary addressed to Sam, so that the content would vary somewhat. This would also let the audience see more of Jo's feelings than just having a voice-over of the same two lines and seeing Jo weep, which is repetitive and not terribly insightful. More pathos is never a bad thing. ...'Pathos' and 'juxtaposition' in one paragraph, seems like my English Literature AS-Level paid off after all.)
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Anyway, Frank interrupts my rambling and Jo's grieving in order to ask for Jo's help buying a cross-trainer. I feel like a professional detective should be able to come up with a better cover story than that, though given his main job lately has been (ineffectively) preventing anyone (else) gaining access to Elizabeth, maybe he's out of practice. It doesn't matter - Jo's mind is so addled by having read the same words over and over again that he doesn't even think to raise any questions like "but Charlie's flat is the size of a shoebox (by soap standards), where will you put it?" or "but you're so fit already, if you work out any harder you'll just make the rest of us look bad".
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Jo leaves with Frank, and also leaves a DVD of a sappy lovefilm on the floor. Remember this, this is important for later. You know that because they showed a close-up of it on screen for about ten minutes, and I've screenshotted it.

With the flat empty, Tim, Bella, and Olli (who agreed to come after all) seize the opportunity to start setting up for the party which will be a fabulous surprise for Jo.
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"Wow. My brothers whom I don't much like, a woman who hated me last I heard, a guy who said we should stay out of each other's way and not be friends, a guy who my only interaction with has been when he threatened to punch me for sleeping with his girlfriend, and some guy I sat near once."
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Jo is clearly overwhelmed to see all the people he cares most about in the world in one room together like that, so he leaves to go...anywhere else.
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Olli follows Jo outside. (D'aww, Tim giving Sascha a balloon (actually, Tim giving Sascha Olli's balloon...whatever that's a euphemism for).) He tells him to stop breaking everyone's heart like this, and Jo says "I was happy for us to keep having meaningless sex and you turned me down, so don't talk to me about rejection!"
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Somehow this ends with Jo deciding he will come to the party after all.
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Cue lots of affectionate Jo/Olli dancing and so on, while the other people in the room find it cute (Bella) and worrying (Frank). Frank then realises that even with Jo and Olli out of the picture, it's still four straight men and only one straight girl in there and he doesn't fancy those odds, so he excuses himself to run off to the castle and masturbate while sniffing Elizabeth's underwear. Bella tells him she didn't need to know the specifics.
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Soap's awkwardest hottest threesome decide it's time for them to go as well.
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And I think we're meant to assume that Tim left at some point too, because suddenly Olli and Jo are alone. Jo asks him to stay the night. Jo wants meaningless sex, Olli wants meaningful sex and clean dishes
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As a compromise they decide to watch a film.
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But completely unexpectedly, Olli picks the DVD that Jo left out earlier. Jo is upset by this because he doesn;t remember having left it out earlier and accuses Olli of going through his stuff, because he always keeps the DVD hidden away in his sac magique. Olli says he found it when they were setting up the party and he didn't snoop through anything. Jo tells him to get out.
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Olli then picks the worst possible moment to suddenly have a colossal bout of uncharacteristic insensitivity. He starts talking endlessly abut how all break ups are hard, especially divorces like his, but you have to get over it, and life goes on, and he's sorry if Jo got dumped but it's not like anyone died, etc, etc, etc.
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I don't condone violence, but I couldn't really hold it against Jo if he'd given Olli a slap in this scene to be honest. (...I can also see Olli's point of view, he's annoyed about how he's been treated, but he's jumped to a false conclusion, made assumptions of the back off it, and then used it to moralise at Jo about a very painful topic, which is not a good look.) Thankfully Jo takes the more mature option.
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Finally, he tells Olli about Sam.