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Today, Olli still being beaten up by the homophobic dicks outside the luxury restaurant.
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He's in a pretty bad way, but thankfully sexy Doctor Jo is not only a sexy doctor, he is also a crime-fighting ninja.
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He captures the seemingly nastiest, despite being least threatening looking, of the trio of homophobic dicks (I'm excluding the 12 year old one, on the basis that, as [ profile] mona1984 pointed out, he is probably dealing with his own issues right now). Having scared them away with his gargoyle face, he tends to Olli.
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This provokes a flashback to a memory from Jo's past, which appears to be a similar situation, except it is not Olli who is hurt, but some other guy. Called Säm, apparently. (...Olli/Säm OTP! Make it happen show, or I will spam you and thousands of other people with petitions and whinging and junk until you give in or have me sectioned. Smolli forever!)
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Anyway, this flashback leaves Jo in such a state of panic, that he forgets all of his medical training and starts to undress.
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Thankfully a man stripping is the number one way to bring Olli back to full consciousness, and his head injury doesn't seem too bad.
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I mean, he does seem pretty confused and out of it, but that is probably mostly due to Jo suddenly being more affectionate and reassuring and caring to Olli than even when Olli might have had dengue fever. "Don't worry, I'm with you now. Everything's fine, I won't leave you." "...Are you crying?"
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Too bad he's thinking of someone else, really.

At the hospital, Charlie is very worried about Olli (any neurologists reading this, given Olli had that head trauma thing and surgery and aneurysm or blood spout or whatever last time he was gaybashed, does he have a higher risk of severer damage after head injuries now?), Tim is confident Olli will be fine, and Bella is hoping Olli will be fine so she only looks like a half-despicable human being when she still holds a grudge about all the Jo stuff even though her brother was just beaten unconscious.
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Seriously, Charlie asks why anyone would beat Olli up, and Bella rolls her eyes. She doesn't even know if he's okay yet!
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He is actually basically fine, thanks to Florence Nightinhelmke tending to his wounds, checking his brain scans, and only poking him in the eye once.
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Olli is feeling guilty about how his argument with Bella ruined Frank's birthday though, but Jo tells him no one can blame Olli for having had sex with an unbelievably sexy doctor.
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I do like a man who can laugh at his own flaws.

Anyway, Jo presents the now more or less fully-mended Olli to his family outside.
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Oh, I wouldn't to handsy there in front of Bella, Jo... Or start talking about how thoroughly you examined him...
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If looks could kill. Not really a "thank God my brother's okay"-face. Bella pretends she has a job now and storms off, probably to listen to My Chemical Romance songs and cry into her skinny jeans about how life isn't fair and Olli's such a bitch. Charlie follows, because she missed out on the teenage years the first time around so she feels it's her duty to make up for lost time. Tim meanwhile has a brief tactlessness shortfall and implies that Bella won't forgive Olli for 1000 years and that Jo is Bella's wife. In retaliation, Jo cockblocks Tim's attempt to take Olli home with him by saying Olli still needs ~supervision, and starts rumours about the diminutive size of Tim's manhood.
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Jo brings him home himself, but declines Olli's offer to come in for a drink or anything else. Apparently he has lots of unpacking to do, because he just moved into Thore's old flat. I don't know much about Düsseldorf property prices, but I would have thought that a doctor (and a fashion designer like Thore as well, tbh) could afford to rent something nicer than a dank, dingy loft.
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But Jo must like it because he's very eager to get back there, leaving Olli to deal with Bella on his own.
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He doesn't even get chance to change out of his slightly blood-stained shirt before Bella is all "HOW DARE YOU SLEEP WITH THE MAN I LURVE! HE'S MINE HE'S MINE HE'S MINE! I SAW HIM FIRST! I LOVED HIM FIRST!" and Olli is still too brain-damaged to realise those things aren't true, so he apologises.
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Bella is not in a forgiving mood though, because we all know how much she despises imagined infidelity (Andi/Alexa, Jo/Olli)...real infidelity (Jo/Bella, Jo/Mrs Frank) is of course morally fine. Olli tells her he's in love with Jo too, and Bella tells him Jo is just using him like the cheap ho he is. In fairness, this is basically exactly the same conversation that Olli and Bella have been having for weeks, except now it's Olli being all "I really have a chance with him!" and Bella being all "I don't think so.", except Bella seems harsher because she has no interest in being kind or tactful or sugarcoat-y at this point. Also, because as an audience we know Jo does have more affection for Olli than Bella, but Bella and Olli don't really have any reason to know that, it's set-up to make Olli look more reasonable and Bella look completely ridiculous. And, you know, Olli really should have told Bella that he had slept with Jo. So it's amazing that in spite of all these mitigating factors, Bella still comes across as a complete cow.

Later, Sascha comes into check on Olli, and share some subtext-laden wisdom about things you shouldn't do, but you still those things, even though you know they're bad for you. And about how all great romances start with you getting beaten up #healthyrelationships
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Also, he tries to change Olli's forehead plaster. But we all know that changing Olli's forehead plaster is a job reserved only for his true love, i.e., Christian, and apparently now Jo. But not Sascha. All those aboard ship Scholli, come in, your time is up.
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Over in Thore's old place, Jo is busy unpacking, and finding things that do not bring back good memories. I assume this DVD was a very terrible film, because just seeing the box again sends him into such a rage that he has to release his aggression through boxing.
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Despite Jo being busy and having told Olli that he's busy, Olli heads on over to Jo's flat with housewarming gifts. Bread and salt. Apparently it's traditional. You know, in Britain, we're more with booze and chocolates or maybe flowers as moving in presents, but whatever. Jo might be a secret Brit because he's thoroughly unimpressed too, especially when Olli starts asking why his nipples are on sideways.
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Jo tells him to fuck off, so Olli's lower lip wobbles and he says "but...but...I thought you cared" and runs away sobbing.
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