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Today, I find that I am liking Dr Jo a little more than I was before.
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But obviously everyone seems better with an Olli attached to their face, so it's not really a fair comparison. I will have to wait until he's put Olli down, and then I will see what I think then.
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...I don't remember what I was waiting for any more.

In the other flat, Bella knows exactly what she's waiting for.
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Her The Simpsons: Tapped Out game still hasn't finished loading updates, and I feel her pain. How are we supposed to get enough Trick or Treat bags to unlock the Grand Pumpkin by Halloween if the game keeps stopping? Also Jo hasn't phoned her yet, even though she specifically gave him her phone number, and has also texted him 16 times, and poked him on Facebook, and sent him an invite on Ello.
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Charlie says that wooing a man was easier in her day, before all this complicated modern communication. You just wrote "you up for it? meet me behind the cricket pavillion at half six", tied your note to a carrier pigeon, and waited to see who turned up.

The next morning, Bella is in bed with Olli.
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Now I'm not saying I don't like incest (because if I did, a 20 second glance into my Porn folder would prove me to be lying), but this is all getting a bit much. I'm beginning to feel like the Olli/Jo/Bella love triangle has three sides. Anyway, Bella is all like "omg, you had sex?! while I was sat at home all lonely, you're such a fail-brother".
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Olli says "yes, but not for the reason you think". But Bella doesn't hear him, because she's busy talking about how Jo probably had a night shift which is the only reason he wouldn't have phoned her. She then decides actually she does want to know all about Olli's liaison, and starts asking incredibly personal questions about his name, appearance and girth.
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Olli tries to distract her with an enthusiastic game of There Were Ten In The Bed And The Little One Said Roll Over, but it fails, so he takes her out jogging instead.
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How many pairs of capri pants does Olli have in his wardrobe, that's what I want to know. I feel like I've commented on heterosexual sleeve-length before in relation to Olli's attire, but it's a subject that might need revisiting...
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Anyway, Olli tries to tell Bella about how Jo is at least bi, and he definitely likes men as well, but Bella thinks Olli is a delusional fantasist and is certain that Jo is totally into her.
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Olli says that's a bit weird, because he didn't mention her at all when he was fucking him. So Bella takes Olli back to No Limits and stabs him brutally in the stomach, spattering the entire shop with his blood and entrails...
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Oh wait, that was just a dream. Olli's, not mine. If it were mine it would be Bella being stabbe- Alright, calm down, Taversham.

Back in real life (...I mean, the canonically real timeline of this fictional world), Bella is unwilling to listen to Olli's continued attempts to tell her about his night with Jo. Olli makes one last effort, but he's interrupted by a certain sexy doctor. Jo is there because he left his wallet behind in Olli's bedroom, and Olli is very relived because he thought Jo had mistaken him for a rentboy and had left it there as payment. Olli is less relieved though, that now he has to pretend to Bella that he and Jo have not slept together, and maintaining a pretence is his number one least good skill.
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Jo: "Hi, Olli."
Olli: "Hi...Jo, is it? I nearly didn't recognise you with your clothes on... I mean, your street clothes, I've only ever seen you before dressed in your sexy doctor's uniform. That is, not sexy, but sophisticated. I haven't once thought about your cock."
Jo: "Did I leave my wallet here?"
Olli: "You mean, here, in No Limits, where you once visited for a coffee that time and have at no other point been in the building? Not even to sleep with anyone."
Jo: "Sure."
Olli: "It's possible. I will check in Lost Property, because it is definitely not in my pocket."
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But it must be a convincing performance, because Bella just giggles obliviously through the whole thing, and eyes up sexy doctor Jo. Jo asks to see how her hand is healing, and tells her she needs to go to her follow-up appointment at the hospital. Bella thinks this is a date. Now, I'm not an expert, but I doubt even doctors who are immensely fond of their work would consider tending someone's wound as a date. Maybe I just don't understand Jo the way Bella does.
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Turns out Olli is the first to arrive at the hospital, because he had a hankering for icecream that only a hospital canteen can sate. While he's there, he just happens to bump into sexy doctor Jo, who congratulates him on his fine performance earlier, and invites him to join the hospital amateur dramatic society.
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Olli says he can't hurt Bella. She's his sister, and she thinks she's going to have a proper relationship with Jo. Jo says that's her fault, she shouldn't have got her hopes up, and he was clear from the start that nothing could happen between them. He also asks if Olli has got his hopes up too.
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Olli says he hasn't, but asks if Jo has.
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And this is the moment where I consider myself to be officially warming to Jo, because he hesitates for a second, dodges the question, and then suggests that he and Olli carry on sleeping together.
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Only for no strings attached, casual, commitment-free shagging, not a relationship. But for someone who barely a week ago said he only slept with people one time, out of principle, I'd say that's a step forward.
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Bella's at the hospital too now, as is sexy Dr OneEp, who evidently I misnamed. Sexy Dr TwoEps it now is. Anyway, Bella is there to have her date/appointment/session with Dr Jo.
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Unfortunately for Bella, Receptionist JolliShipper is on duty, and tells her Jo isn't on duty in that department, he's in surgery all day. Bella is all like "oh, was there an emergency that meant he had to switch to that department and that is why he does not want to see my sexy festering hand?" and the receptionist is like "soz, love". She offers to get Bella an appointment with a different doctor, but Bella tells her to forget it. I hope this will be addressed in the next ep when Bella dies of gangrene. Poor Bella.
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Back at home, Bella is comforted by her supportive, caring big brother, who may or may not have just arranged another hook-up with Jo behind Bella's back. And I mean that literally, because he's sexting over Bella's shoulder.