Service Announcement: This episode with English subtitles can be seen here. As Olli will be gone for a little while, episode updates here will be sporadic or non-existent until he returns (depends whether anything relevant to my interests happens). Hopefully in that time other episodes will gain subtitles though, I have done the eps from the 14th and 15th of July as well now, which you can find on my Youtube channel. Enjoy the summer.

The goodbye party for Olli is in full swing now that his aunt and uncle have turned up with a dolly for him to give to Lilly.
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I'm beginning to think that in the past when they had farewell parties with clever themed presents - like all the books about how awful Australia is and 50 SPF suncream before Lydia went down under - probably Olli was the mastermind behind all of that. Because for his, no one's brought anything to humorously discourage him from leaving. No insect repellent, dusk mask, water filter, or even a quick warning not to try any holiday romances in case he gets put in prison. Just one unironic present that's actually for someone else.
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Hopefully Lilly will like the doll, but probably not as much as Andi who is very, very interested. He has a thousand questions to ask about it, and won't let Olli take it with him. It's his now. He has christened her Esmerelda.
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Bella suddenly feels very nauseous. Andi, terribly excited about a baby-shaped object, and Bella, terribly queasy... WHAT COULD THIS ALL MEAN? I am sure we will be very surprised later when all is revealed.
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She goes upstairs to be sick in front of Jessica, who tells her the last time she threw up it was Andi's fault. He made a terrible cocktail out of sparkling wine, Altbier, coca cola, petrol, and popping candy which was not good.
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Actually, no, the last time she threw up was Hagen's fault, because it was when she was pregnant. How crazy's that? Being pregnant, what a weird time, when you throw up a lot, like Bella, who is throwing up right at this second. OH MY GOD. But Bella says she can't be pregnant. Even though she's just checked her diary and realised she's 3 days late, she can't be pregnant.
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I hate to break it to you Bella, but this is a soap, so on the basis of what we've seen so far you are definitely either pregnant or infertile. I'd hope for the former, because at least then you have options. Jessica asks if it would be problem if she were, but Bella and Andi haven't discussed having a baby. Given what happened earlier, the main issue might be Andi stealing its toys.

Downstairs at the party, Caro has turned up.
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It's his goodbye party, and Olli's being made to lug boxes about? Not good friends.
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See, look at Sascha, Frank and Charlie just stood there chatting in the background. They could have definitely done the fetching and carrying. Not least because I have literally zero idea what they would have to talk about. I suppose Sascha and Frank do share a lot of acquaintances, but that would just be awkward. Caro is also a bad friend ("the worst friend anyone could ever have", her self-aware words, not mine) because she comes to Olli's goodbye party and then just blathers on about how she left a suicidal crippled man lying on the ground after he fell out of his wheelchair. No one cares, Caro (redeem yourself by going back and pushing him in). They do at least share a sweet hug.
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Olli also hugged Ricardo earlier, I'm putting it here because it didn't feel very introduction-y.
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And now Andi.
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Andi promises to look after No Limits while Olli's gone, and to start a Wet T-Shirt Night which Frank promptly signs up for. The convincing-Olli-to-stay has started a bit late though, because the taxi's already outside.
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Sascha's turn for a cuddle.
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They tell each other to take care, but then Sascha urgently has something to say to Frank. ...Wow, I guess they must have something to talk about after all.
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And now Bella. I find it endlessly cute that Olli hugs with his eyes closed. Whether that's an acting choice or some of Jo's innate adorableness shining through I don't know, but I love it.
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Bella nearly tells him her news/suspicions, but doesn't, and just wishes Olli well. Olli says when he comes back he'll be the same old brand-new Olli, and she has Andi to look after her in the mean time.
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Final hug with Jessie. Charlie says she'll say goodbye at the car, and Andi chases them out to try and take back the doll.
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And that's it ;_;

(If you're wondering, later in the ep Andi thinks having a baby would be fine because Olli would help, Charlie randomly starts talking about how much she'd like to be a grandma even though she doesn't know about the pregnancy-scare, but Bella has a lot of anxieties about the subject. She hasn't taken a test yet.)