Service Announcement: You know, it's really hard to be snarky about this episode because I sort of adored it. I mean, the bits with Sascha and Olli. If only I was covering the ridiculousness with Rebecca, Jessica, Tanja and the stolen dress... In any case, I received a request again for a translation-heavy recap, so that's what I've done, at least for the important bits. Also in this post I have included a gif that was made by sevindjj-eva on Tumblr, whom you should definitely go and follow, because they post lots of lovely Sascha/Olli gifs. Thanks for reading.

At breakfast, Bella and Andi try to tell Olli he's being unfair to Sascha. Andi especially thinks it's out of order that Sascha was thrown out just because Olli fancies him, it's not Sascha's fault he doesn't feel anything back, and he's always been completely clear that he's straight and nothing can ever happen with Olli. What's Olli going to do next, throw out everyone in the flat who isn't in love with him?
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Now, I appreciate that Andi doesn't know about Olli and Sascha sleeping together, but he does at least know that Sascha watched Olli having sex with another guy and got turned on by it. Surely that introduces just a smidgen of ambiguity?
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Olli finally breaks it to Andi that he's shagged his heterosexuallest of buddies. But he concedes that Andi and Bella are right, and goes off to make things right with Sascha.
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And I'm just going to assume Olli bought those shirts in bulk.

Sascha meanwhile slept on a bench last night and gets woken by Emilio. It's impressive to me that he seems to even sleep with a swagger. I wish I could be that cool.
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He heads off to work, where Olli meets him to try and apologise. Olli wants to forget the whole thing, he's sorry he overreacted, he doesn't want Sascha to leave, and he hopes Sascha didn't have to sleep on a bench last night.
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Sascha says he had no problem finding someone to take him home, and that he doesn't think it's a good idea to move back in because they'll just row again. Instead he plans to just find a nice lady to stay with every evening, because women are less bitchy than Olli. Always good to criticise someone else's bitchiness when you're manipulatively lying through you're teeth, I've found.
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Miserable Olli is miserable :(
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And back in No Limits he can neither balance the books, nor find any coffee beans.

Andi tries to talk to Sascha instead, which can only be done whilst crouching (I mean that as a semi-serious observation, if Sascha is doing under-desk work then he gets up to have conversations he doesn't mind having - e.g., seeing Giselle's boobs - but stays resolutely underneath if he doesn't want to chat - e.g., Caro calling him out for his bullshit - making the other person get down to his level. Can't be good for his friends' knees.). Sascha thinks Olli sent him, because Olli is bitchy and overbearing and believes he can make all the rules. Andi makes it clear he can actually sometimes do things on his own without being told what to do, and while he would like Sascha to stay in the flat because they're all a family, he thinks it was a dick move for Sascha to sleep with Olli when he knew Olli had feelings for him.
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A: "Man, Sascha! We all knew Olli was in love with you, did you think you'd make things better by screwing him?"
S: "No. That's why the whole thing was a huge mistake."
A: "But it happened. I can understand that maybe you don't care about it, but for Olli something like that is a massive thing."
S: "Who said it didn't mean anything to me? Do you really think I would have slept with Olli if I didn't care about him?"
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A:"...Are you trying to tell me you're in love with Olli?"
S: "What? Mate, Olli is my friend and who goes to bed with their best friend? I never imagined it would happen, but it did happen, and it's left me completely confused as well."
A: "But you surely must have known that you'd hurt Olli if you brought a girl back to the flat."
S: "Yeah, of course I knew."
A: "So, what, you wanted to prove to yourself or Olli that you're not gay?"
S: "Something like that."
A: "That's really crap."
S: "Yeah, it is."
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Back at the flat, Andi and Bella make Christian's favourite mistake...wait, I mean Christian's second-favourite mistake... They had a secret conversation that Olli absolutely must not find out about in the bathroom of their shared flat with the door open. So naturally Olli overhears everything.
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Basically, it's just Andi talking about how perfect for each other Sascha and Olli are - how Sascha's a bit confused but he still sees Olli as his best friend, and the whole thing has deeply affected him, but he finds it easier to be the stereotypical straight guy than to actually sit down and sort out his feelings, and he's very fond of Olli but thinks it's better to hurt him than get his hopes up, and wouldn't they just be the cutest together?!
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Move over, guys. I think we have a new chief shipper.

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Downstairs in No Limits, Bella notices Olli's suspiciously good mood, but doesn't have time to question it very far because Sascha turns up and wants to speak privately with Olli.
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He's ready to accept Olli's apology and move back into the flat, but on one condition: if he brings a girl back, that's nothing to do with Olli. Olli, buoyed with confidence after overhearing everything earlier, plays his hand. He asks Sascha who he thinks he's kidding, why can't he just admit his feelings? Sascha says Olli needs to get a grip, it's ridiculous that he can't let this go. So Sascha decides he will move out after all.
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Bella runs in to try and save the day, offering counsel to both Sascha and Olli at once through the magic of cuts and splitscreen.
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She tells Olli he shouldn't have pushed it, and would have been better to just accept Sascha's condition and go back to the way it was. Olli wants to know why Sascha couldn't just admit his feelings. Sascha says it's not that easy, because everything's new to him. Bella understands that, but asks why he had to hammer home that he doesn't want Olli when they could have made up. Sascha says he wanted to be clear. Olli doesn't understand why Sascha feels the need to keep hurting him. Sascha says he wants to keep Olli as his best friend, but he can't do that if Olli is hoping for more all the time. Bella tells Sascha to just be honest with Olli, and make it clear exactly what he wants. Olli thinks he was finally coming to terms with not having Sascha, but now Sascha's behaving like he does want something more. Bella tells Sascha to be honest with Olli, otherwise they'll lose everything. Sascha thinks maybe they've already lost everything, and Olli thinks it's inevitable they will. And Bella can't believe she just sat through all of that for such a pathetic, defeatist conclusion.

They all go their separate ways, but Olli and Sascha are still thinking about the same things. Olli is staring out the window, having angsty flashbacks to happier times like when he and Sascha shagged.
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Sascha is staring out the window, having angsty flashbacks to the times when he and Olli were just being really good friends and not doing anything untoward.
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("Remember that time 30 seconds after I kissed you, we were such good buddies then! Why did you have to ruin it by getting all this gayness up in here?")

Coincidentally, they both walk through the opposite doors of No Limits at exactly the same time.
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Cue heart to heart.
S: "You want the truth?"
O: "Sure."
S: "Okay. Here comes the truth. Yes, you and me, it was good. And yes, it knocked me for six. Not just because it made me think about h-how gay I might really be. Rather because it was with you. Because I really like you, and because you're my best friend, and..."
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O: "Sascha, I-"
S: "No, let me say this, please. I suspected it might cause problems in our friendship, and nothing we said could undo it. That made me angry, I asked myself 'Why did you have to fall in love with me? Why can't everything just be back to how it was before?'. And I was so angry that I brought the girl back to prove that you mean nothing to me. That was rubbish, you mean so incredibly much to me. I want my friend back. I want to have fun with you, I want to live with you in the flat, I want to bake cakes with you, and I don't even know what else... But I can't fall in love with you. You have to understand that."
O: "I understand. You're right, I was hopeful. I hoped that us having sex would change everything, and maybe we would have a chance together. I was too much of a coward to tell you, but you realised anyway."
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S: "I didn't want to hurt you."
O: "You did though. But maybe it was for the best, because it made it clear to me that there won't be anything between us. Maybe I can't just suddenly stop wishing for it, but I will. I'll get past it."
S: "Okay."
O: "Just come back home, okay?"
S: "Okay."

You know, I'm not sure I've ever heard a more beautiful declaration of love that specifically and explicitly precluded any love. But that's Sascha.
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What a happy ending for now.