Today, we start with some residual awkwardness between Sascha and Olli. This is demonstrated by the fact that one minute Sascha doesn't have time for a drink of coffee, but then when Olli says he needs help in No Limits, Sascha suddenly has 3-4 hours free. Confused Olli is all "no worries, I'll just ask someone else", and Sascha is all "I THOUGHT WE SAID THINGS WOULDN'T BE AWKWARD~ THOUGH", and I'm all "Jesus, you boys are so useless, how do you function?".
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So Sascha pops off for half an hour while Olli goes upstairs to hopefully get changed, because this is the third day in a row he's worn that one shirt.
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Ooh, here we go... *anticipation*
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Okay, no, he seems to be doing actually something with a ring binder - not as exciting as undressing, except maybe to Caro or Dr Axel Schwarz. Bella interrupts to check if he really is sure that he really is 100% really sure that he is fine working with Sascha, what with being in love with him and all. She knows it must be really hard for Olli not like that, what with Sascha being so obviously overwhelmingly heterosexual and manly and butch and rawr and wow, he would just never even touch another man, in fact the only person Bella knows who is more heterosexual and manly and etc is...Andi, obviously. (I'm beginning to suspect Bella's next storyline will be some sort of terrible brain disease, you heard it here first. No seriously, I do find it incredible how she occasionally picks up on very subtle signs, like seeing that Olli still had a thing for Sascha even though he was pretty restrained so far in this ep, yet not noticing any of the tension was two-way.)
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Olli is all ", yeah, about that...not so much". And Bella assumes he means something has gone on with Andi, contradicting the heterosexual manliness ranking she herself invented just 30 seconds before, but thankfully Olli reassures her that he's a woman of quality and wouldn't touch Andi with a bargepole. Instead he recounts the story of his and Sascha's first? only? experimental time.
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I'm not totally sure if Bella is trying to be supportive or deliberately insensitive in the rest of the conversation, but either way it's all pretty tactless from her. Lots of "oh wow, but that must REALLY SUCK for you, what with you being IN LOVE with him, and he just wanted to EXPERIMENT, and you must have got your HOPES up, but he TOTALLY IGNORED YOUR FEELINGS, seriously, bro, you must be SO HURT". But Olli says although it wasn't how he had hoped or imagined things would have gone with Sascha, maybe it's for the best. Sascha was probably just the first nice guy he saw when he was having the problems with Christian, and he shouldn't see it as anything more serious than a distraction, and he should just try to stay friends. (...Did you know Olli failed his Psychology degree in 2002? Just mentioning that here, not saying it's relevant.)

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Back downstairs, Olli and Sascha are working together seamlessly like an efficient Caiprinha-making machine. I don't mean that sarcasticly, they genuinely are helping each other out, and getting things done, and Sascha even asks if Olli can read his thoughts. (Olli has a quick sigh of relief that Sascha apparently can't read his thoughts, as any mindreaders in a 250km radius are deafened by the shouts of "take me now!".)
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To exploit their new found sense of teamwork, Sascha sets up a special offer, if he and Olli working together can't mix the customer's Caiprinha within 30 seconds of ordering, then it's half price. It's a roaring success! Olli and Sascha both agree that the other is brilliant and it all goes without hitch, except the slight risk that they'll run out of cachaça (did you know the World Cup is in Brazil this year?).
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And then this lovely-looking lady declares an interest in "Caipi King" Sascha who, in possibly the oddest addition to the Sascha/Olli dynamic, basically asks Olli's permission to go and hit on her. Messed up idiots.
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Olli agrees, but then stands directly behind and gawps at them. Because he is subtle that way.
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Then he has call it a tantrum would be slightly exaggerating, but he definitely kicks off a little. He thinks it's not appropriate for Sascha to hit on customers because it makes a bad impression. As I remember things, Gregor did nothing but hit on customers, except occasionally when he was hitting on the staff, and No Limits was fine under his ownership, but unfortunately Sascha doesn't have that as a counter argument because he has no idea who Gregor is. Sascha does however realise the true problem here, "Shiiit, you're being a jealous jelly bear again!". Olli protests he isn't, but to no avail because Sascha's all "I thought we sorted this out, no awkwardness, no jealousy, just us being besties forever and mixing awesome cocktails, what's your problem?". Olli says he doesn't have a problem, Sascha's the one who has a problem because he's an unprofessional letch, and Sascha decides to leave.
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Avec the girl, but while staring at Olli, because Sascha ist ein total unsensibeler Klotz!

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Upstairs, Bella and Andi are back from work, and Sascha introduces them to Mira Mara Persephone. (If you're keeping track, Sascha's Gentleman Score is now at about minus infinity.) He says he's through with work, and through with Olli. (Minus infinity and one.) Andi wants to go and check on Olli (...I'm so sorry I nearly banished you, you sweet thing), but Bella says she'll do it.
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Her mission becomes one of interception as Olli wants to go back to the flat but Bella can't let him go back to the flat because Sascha's busy doing banging. She tries to distract Olli with a drink and then table football, but it's not working, so she's just brutally honest with him and he says he wants some Schnapps. (Don't we all? Incidentally, I was thinking of writing a VL Drinking Game, but so far it's just "Are you watching Verbotene Liebe? Then you probably need a drink.".)
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Eventually they get back to the flat and Olli thinks that Sascha and his gal must be finished by now, because Sascha only lasted 53 seconds during his triste with Olli including the time it took to eat the pizza[/Arnold Rimmer].
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Andi's noise-cancelling headphones and the loud giggling, squealing, moaning and other sounds that can be heard from the bedroom tell a different story. Captain Tactless tells Olli and Bella that it's been like this the whole time, and goes into gory details about how into it Sascha's been, and various food supplies he has had to collect from around the flat to facilitate his awesome love making. I won't repeat it all for you here because, unlike Andi, I know my audience (hallo, ihr drei *waves*) and I don't want to upset you by subjecting you to that.
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Olli needs more booze. Then he decides he has had quite enough of this bollocks, and so goes off to tell Sascha and his lady friend to quieten down. This annoys Sascha who tells him to butt out. The woman thinks it's time to take her leave, and reminds Sascha that she's left her phone number on the table, but Olli warns her that Sascha is King of the One Night Stands and won't call. Sascha tells Olli to stop acting like a betrayed wife (...Sascha actually says "eine betrogene Ehefrau", which means "a cheated-on wife" but that obviously sounds clunky in English, so I was looking up what the female version of "cuckold" is and apparently it's "cuckquean". Don't say I never teach you anything useful/amusing.), because Sascha can shag who he wants, where he wants, when he wants, and Olli needs to stop meddling in his life.
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So Olli chucks him out.
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