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( 1 May 2014 17:37)
I'm really not well enough informed about the Duke lacrosse team incident thing so maybe I'm misjudging this entirely, but in William Cohan's interview on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart sounds like such a dick.

Tenuously related (...well, news satire is news satire is news satire) I've been listening to a lot of old News Quiz episodes lately. I like Sandi as host, and I like Simon too, but really, next to Barry there's no comparison for me. He's just so giggly and perfect. Here's one clip from a 1990 ep about a tortoise inheriting loads of money which demonstrates his perfectness and giggliness:

Also featured: Ian Hislop with a cute gag, Clive Anderson being Clive Anderson, Bill Tidy being on radio, and Alan Coren being alive. But mainly featuring Barry being cute and corpsing.
The snail in Shropshire...the wheels...I love him.

Now I have a busy evening ahead of me, making sure I've heard all of the Eurovision entries. Only 5 days until the first semi-final!



ETA 2:
That "unfff" was not necessarily a comment on the new shirts, just my automatic reaction to seeing Bargi's nipples.
~incoherent rambling alert~

I hate it when correspondents leave The Daily Show. I know this isn't true, but in my head they all live in one little house together like a family, or The Goodies, or a boyband, or the Top Gear presenters, or a football team, or the cabinet. And when one leaves it's like...that bubble is burst. And I don't like change, and it changes everything. Not irreparably, but still. I miss Ed. I miss Rob (C). And Rob (R). And Wyatt. And Steve. And Nate. And even Olivia a little bit. Though not Josh really, tbh. I digress.

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But even with that irrationality and my somewhat tenuous grasp on reality taken into account John Oliver leaving makes me especially sad. Maybe it's because he's British and I'm British, or because he wears glasses and I wear glasses, or because I ship John/Jon like burning...whatever the reason, I'm always so happy to see him on the show. I thought over the summer it might be awful and not work without Jon, but John made it work, and I know he's sort of earnt more now, and that it might have been a bit much for Comedy Central to have an hour and a half of fake news every night, and it's great that HBO have given him this opportunity, and it's amazing how far he's come since being an occasional panellist on Mock The Week over here with a bit part in Green Wing, and I really hope it goes well for him, I do.

Nevertheless...it still makes me very sad that he's leaving.

(Also I just shouldn't have OTPs in this fandom. They never last. ...Except Stephen/Paul of course. That's forever.)
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( 6 Sep 2013 13:49)
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Also, I know this is three days late, but really all of The Daily Show should be like this
 photo f10eab90-1e94-4c32-bc4f-ee0ec1bdb8e9.jpg
 photo 3c4eb6fd-d516-48c7-8df8-c6b2c12e26b7.jpg
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