taversham: (feli hats)
( 4 May 2013 19:06)
With my dissertation finished, and only one essay and one exam left of my university career, I should possibly be thinking about what I should do afterwards....

But it's much more fun to look at all the cuteness from the tennis world that I've missed while I've been doing focussing.

Kohli and Feli went on a date to play with the dolphins! (With some other dudes.)
 photo miami13.png
Spanish-German OTP. I love that Kohli is blatantly in a wetsuit a size smaller than all the others. And also this video, where Jo, Feli and Seppi all say vaguely intelligent things about the dolphins ("they're so agile", "they're so clever", etc) and Kohli's just amazed at how big they are. "They always seem so small in the TV." I love Kohli, he's such a moron. (Cf. his inability to say the phrase "seven-six in the third" at 0:15 an again at 1:25...I'm so cruel, bullying the English as additional language speakers...but I just find it so adorable, and Kohli's an idiot in German too, so I don't feel too bad about him.)

 photo bmw13-1.png
He and Tommy also had fun playing tennis with some men who usually do driving not tennising. Glock and Spengler? I don't follow F1, I only know Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso, and that one who is in the Head and Shoulders advert whose name escapes me. This Timo Glock chappie is effing adorbs though, so I may have to start taking an interest. Plus Kohli and Bruno seem to have already sorted out where their second double date will be, which is sweet.
 photo bmw13-2.png

 photo tommyprize.jpg
Announcement: While I am happy for Sr Robredo to be back and playing and winning after all the injury troubles he's had, he is quickly exhausting my good will. In the last month he's taken out Robin, Tobi and Stan (...and Stan's wife). Well, Tommy, consider this your warning, no more special treatment. You have clearly had plenty of recovery time, as indicated by that title that what you won, so you are no longer excluded from any irrational hatred from my direction should you beat any more of my boys.
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Yes, I thought that would make you think.

Stan did beat Muzz in Monte Carlo though, which was nice except Andy was just playing really badly so it wasn't a totally satisfying win. (Stan disagrees with my assessment, there: "I was playing really good, he wasn't playing that good. And that's perfect for me." *cheeky smile*.) He also got to go on an awkward little sailing trip in Portugal with Vesnina.
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With Stan (and Ferru) in the final in Oeiras and Kohli in the final (and Dima and Jarkko and Marcos all in the doubles final) in Munich, all is looking good for this week.