Get it? "appealing"! Because he's appealing the decision to ban him from tennis forever, but also I want him in me now. As in, he appeals to me. Bow before my incredible play on words.

...I'm sorry, that was an awkward moment for all of us. It's just I'm very nervous about what the outcome of this will be. And I know 99% of people who have anything to do with tennis would be happy to see him gone, but I would be sad.

In other news:
Rawr. But please shave.
A very enjoyable match to watch. Tbh, from now on I may just refer to Naldo as "The Messiah".

Someone needs to draw in a lower half of this pic with them holding hands.

And down in the second league...
I'm fairly sure the phrase "milky thighs" was invented for Benny. He has other parts that are appealing too
That's a "second win of the season, bitches!"!tummy-shot.
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