Because Stan basically is The Cat.

Despite that, he lost. To Golubev.
I'm pleased he was able to end his 4583-match long losing streak and all, but did it have to be against Stan? (And then he completely blew it against Steps too.)

But someone else has been doing lots of awesome.
Kohli! Idk why Roddick seems to implode so often when he plays against Kohli...well, "so often" = twice, but I'm grateful for it. (I'm also staggered that that was really RAndy's first penalty point ever. Ever. Previous umpires have not been doing their jobs properly, tbh.)

Doesn't he look pretty when he's ball tossing.
*dreamy sigh*

(I'm not usually a subscriber to the idea that you can tell a player is doping by just looking at a picture of them in action, so many problems with that, but...seriously, Petko?)
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