Roger Federer, Greatest Of All Time Tennis Player, generally awesome guy. Today I typo'd at him, and he replieeeeeed.
 photo rogertweet.jpg
And he said Stannnnn. And he called Stan a mannnnn.
Or "the man", even, we all know Stan's a man.
And he mentioned Yves, and then Yves retweeted it, and that made me almost as excited as being replied to in the first place.
(And he said Tommy, who I also like a bit.)
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Basically, today is the best day ever.
(Unless someone I like dies later on, that would take the shine off the day, but still it would probably be one of my favourite days despite the bereavement. I hope I didn't just jinx anyone though. None of you die, that's an order. You'll be responsible for ruining my special day.)


(He's still doing a Q&A as of now (13:40 GMT...or are we still BST? 13:40 in Britain), if you want to ask him stuff too, btw.) He's stopped now.

ETA: Stan RT'd it too now, hooray! So perfect. Or should I say peRFect?
No, but seriously, as of now, over 0.6% of Roger Federer's tweets are to me.
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