I must confess I fell asleep after Stan lost the first set, having rather written it off. Because it's Stan, and it's Berdych, and while I know Stan can play well (he's not the 9th seed for nothing), I also know that in many ways any slam which he doesn't lose in the first round of is a success, and before this tournie he hadn't won consecutive matches since before Wimbledon so getting to the fourth round here is good and fine and brilliant. But to wake up and find that he won?! There was much squeeage, negl.
 photo image.jpg

And then I read about the crowd shouting "We want Federer" at him, and had to talk myself out of flying to New York to sort these morons out. Eventually calmed myself down by staring at this pic

Now to face this guy. (Don't worry Muzz, I won't hold it against you if you win...)
 photo _69635498_murray.jpg

Bonus perk: Yves has gone into full on protective mother-hen mode over his boys on Twitter. I <3 him.
 photo yvestweet.jpg
And it's a good day for the Swisses in general, Marco and Steph have both done winning in St Remy against the first and second seeds.

(Re: this post's title - full respect to Tommy for beating Federer, and his comeback in general is amazing, and you all know I love anyone with a one-handed backhand, but as a Kohli-fan there is always part of me who thinks "cheaty lie-y tosspot!" everytime I see him, and additionally I'm beginning to find Fed's losses less unexpected and more a little sad (it's the end of an era![/Rachel Greene]). So, you know...I like this upset better.)
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