My poor little men

My poor little man
My poor little Stan

(Sorry, Marco. You do know I love you too, right? Because you're fabulous, and I completely underestimated you because this was so much more than I was expecting, even though I should /know/ you can do this...I forgot 2007 so soon. Forgive me?)

On a lighter note, it cannot only be me who thinks dirty things when they see this picture.
...Too soon?

On a bitchier note, how does anyone on earth find Berdych attractive?
I mean, really now. And a hat indoors? Ick.

From: [identity profile]

*raises hand* You are not the only one who thinks dirty things when seeing that picture*.

*In the interests of full disclosure I should probably point out that I think dirty things when I see any photo of Marco whatsoever, so I'm possibly not the best person to ask.