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( 7 Apr 2013 21:49)
Marius Copil (think: Andy Roddick but much prettier) and Adrian Ungur (think: Jürgen Klinsmann but more grumpy) are very sweet, but nevertheless I'm v happy that the good-looking Dutch boys (and Sijsling*) pissed all over them. To the World Group (play-offs), lads!

* I don't mean to be mean to Igor, but it's hard not to be. Really, this is his happy face. Even Stepanek manages nicer smiles.

Special hoorays for Thiemo, who won a match and is back in the Top 100 this week too.

Probably because of all the Omega 3 he's getting now or something, idk.

Further good news as Team GB overcame their collective wont for incompetence, and beat Russia.

First win from 2-0 down since the 16th century or something. I did feel a little bit bad for Dima (especially as everyone kept referring to the "Russian C/D/Z Team" and he didn't even have Andreev around to kiss him in these times of hardship) but he already won the Davis Cup, so someone else should get a turn.

Our team are just so adorable. It's getting to the stage where I'm beginning to question whether people who don't love James Ward are actually human.


Sweden did not fare quite as well, though I was very impressed that they only lost 3:2 to Ukraine, given Ukraine has Dolgopolov and Stakhovsky, and the singles ranks of the Swedish Team are 642, 675, Unranked, Unranked. Little Isak even managed to take Dolgo to a tiebreak, and only got bagelled once in two matches - this from someone who hasn't even won a Futures match since last October. What a clever boy.

...Not all the pics I've used are actually from these weekend's matches, just in case you hadn't realised. Mainly because photographers seem to focus on people like Querrey and Simon, who I don't give a toss about.

Other stuff:
- Poor Uruguay :(
- Yay, Finland :)
- Wow at Cyprus winning even though Baghdatis only played one singles rubber.
- And some World Group ties happened too, but I don't really care about any of the teams who got through to the QFs, so meh. I mean, maybe it's because I'm British, or maybe it's because I'm xenophobic, but how on earth does one decide whether to want France or Argentina to win? They're both awful, who could support them. I am hoping Canada win their one though. Australia and India won their ties as well, Commonwealth represent.
My poor little men

My poor little man
My poor little Stan

(Sorry, Marco. You do know I love you too, right? Because you're fabulous, and I completely underestimated you because this was so much more than I was expecting, even though I should /know/ you can do this...I forgot 2007 so soon. Forgive me?)

On a lighter note, it cannot only be me who thinks dirty things when they see this picture.
...Too soon?

On a bitchier note, how does anyone on earth find Berdych attractive?
I mean, really now. And a hat indoors? Ick.