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Which former Verbotene Liebe characters would you like to see come back before the end? Also what sort of backstories/headcanons for the time they were gone and/or the reasons they came back?

This is a difficult question, because on the one hand I don't think anyone should come back. The actors chose to leave, they shouldn't be able to swoop in at the end for some final glory. On the other hand, I want everyone possible to come back, because it's the last chance, and any/all of the characters deserve some kind of recognition. But as some sort of middle ground between "all of them" and "none of them", and also leaving aside the blanket approval I would give to absolutely any character coming back for the sole purpose of declaring their love for Olli, here are the Top Five specific characters I would really like to see back.

After Matthias dies in a tragic diving accident of the coast of the South Island, she is accused of insurance fraud and so flees back to Germany with adorable baby Christina who is probably adorable primary-school-age Christina by now. Because of Christina, Sebastian arranges for her to live at the castle where she causes tension between Ansgar and Alexa because Ansgar still loves her really. She also has a go at Andi for running Brandner Bau into bankruptcy, and he's so ashamed that he runs away to live in Azerbaijan and no one ever hears from him again. She has a brief affair with Olli. But that's just a stop gap, because ultimately she gets together with...

Adorable, precious Consti. He returns from Spain to have a brief affair with Olli, but when he realises Nathalie is back too, he has to be near her. They try and rekindle their love through language lessons again, but because Consti can speak Spanish himself now, Nathalie has to try and teach him a New Zealand accent. Thus hes tirrible ruselts end hi losus hus jorb es en untirpruter whin hi bucomes uncapable of talkung iny other way, aach aaf Duitsch. In order to support Consti during his time of unemployment, Nathalie cons Ansgar out of all his money, meaning she and Consti can run away to live their dream life on the Mediterranean.

Hearing that Constantin was back in town, Judith returns too, but sadly for her she arrives on the day he and Nathalie leave. She has a brief affair with Olli to help her get over it, during which time she becomes acquainted with recast Rebecca. The pair of them bond over their shared job as designers even though they work in very different fields, and work on a joint project to create a building in the shape of a dress. Rebecca falls in love with Judith, who after an episode's worth of slight confusion realises that, although it would be much more in character for her to spend 8 months dithering on this, she loves Rebecca too and they would be an awesome couple.

After it turns out that Hagen actually was still a complete nutjob and he murders Dana and Ricardo in their sleep, Jessica returns to Dusseldorf with Maxi. In search of comfort, she has a brief affair with Olli, but they both decide they would prefer to be friends. She moves back into the flatshare, where she bonds with Tim and they get together. His new role as a quasi stepdad makes Tim grow up a bit, and the Helmke family all reconcile because they love their adorable new nephew/grandson, and bond over spoiling him rotten.

After Leonie cheated on him in Paris with a really ugly hairy fashion designer who moved there this summer, Timo returns to Dusseldorf. He is horrified to see how much Emilio has changed, and consoles himself by having a brief affair with Olli. He hasn't given up on Emilio though, and pays for Emilio to get is tattoo changed back to say "Timo" again instead of "Kim". New badass Emilio doesn't care about proper tattoo aftercare though, and develops septicaemia after the tattoo gets infected. Timo has to nurse Emilio through his illness, and during this time Emilio realises what an idiot he's been. They admit their love for each other, have sex, and then Timo buys Emilio a new Barno for them to run together.

...I'm frankly aghast that Uncle Lars didn't make my list.

What about you lot, who would you bring back? Why/how?
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After Leonie cheated on him in Paris with a really ugly hairy fashion designer who moved there this summer

Hahahahahahaha. Poor Caro XD

Septicemia is so badass. :D And yeah I realized after I sent you the question that it was a pretty involved one, thx for answering <3

I'm loving all your ideas but especially cackling at "a building in the shape of a dress." XDDD It would be an improvement on those fugly misshapen buildings the show occasionally cuts to (the ones by a famous architect whose name escapes me at the mo). And I like the idea of Andi running off to Azerbaijan, though I'm already feeling sorry for the hapless goatherds he'll run into bankruptcy XD

For me I'd love to see Judith and Consti come back so that they can get back together, or Judith with Tim would be all kinds of cute, but I like your Judith/Rebecca idea too. :D Whatever the relationship I just want to see Olli and Judith supporting each other again ;_;

Main person I want to see come back is Gregor. He shows up back in Düsseldorf with Luise just for a quick visit because they're exploring some new business interests with the Lahnsteins, but while he's there he visits with Olli (who's one of the few people who'd even remember him at this point...) and they bond over drinks at NL over how stupid his younger brother is, all the changes Olli has made to NL (Gregor hates most of them), joking about the name of the horse that Christian is likely to be sleeping with these days... and then in a drunken haze, frustrated by the last few years of restrictive #NobilityLyfe, Gregor grabs Olli's face and gives him a passionate kiss. Unfortunately for everyone a pap assigned to follow Gregor around surreptitiously captures the moment on his phone, and the next morning Olli and Luise are getting a coffee and catching up when they pass a stack of tabloids and read "CALL BOY PRINZ IN SCHWULEN MAKEOUT SHOCK" on one of the covers... This leads to the demise of Gregor/Luise, accompanied by a huge scandal in the press, all of the nobility shunning Gregor, and Gregor not even being able to get "normal" work because of all the press attention, so he moves into the flatshare with Olli. He's irrationally pissed at Olli and blames him for the situation he's in, but after a few arguments they admit their feelings and live happily ever after and convert the roof of the WG to a helipad for Gregor. Sascha cries on Tim's shoulder when he realizes he's now lost Olli for good, and to cheer him up Tim takes him diving, the end. >:D

(Also if the finale was on Halloween: Zombie Olivia rises from the dead and goes on a rampage in Gotham City Düsseldorf, turning anyone she sees into a fellow zombie by making out with them. This has disastrous effects on Tristan and Sebastian, who turn on their own family until the entire Schloss is filled with pale Lahnsteins groaning "braaaaiinz." Frau Linse teaches herself a delicious brain soup recipe, out of necessity :D)

Oh and yes I'm surprised Lars isn't on your list either, esp. considering your requirement for anyone's return is "a brief affair with Olli"..... ;)
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True about Judith/Consti. I'm still sad VL ended their relationship for that little Consti/Nathalie arc but oh well. ;_; I love the idea of a Consti/Olli brief affair tho because it would be hawtt I'm a little surprised Olli has never "had" a Lahnstein XDD Perhaps if Chrolli hadn't lasted so long/VL wasn't cancelled it would have happened at some point.

And lol, at least the gay affairs would be less damaging to the ears XD (unless Gregor tries to penetrate Olli in the wrong hole...)

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That, that, that thing with gregor, YES 100% YESS ALL THE YESSES I need VL to recruit you and pay the actor an enormous amount to come back
tho i'd just throw in at least one threesome with Gregor, Olli & Sascha (unless i'd go down the polyamory route). (I was gonna make a very bad pun/joke with the "going down" part but i'll keep it to myself)

for it to be for my taste, VL would have to make their gay sex scenes a little bit more.... intense and LONGER.
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Ooooh I love the idea of a Gregor/Olli/Sascha threesome. :D Maybe throw Tim in there too!

I agree, I would like some more actual gayness in the gay sex scenes... I almost feel like Timbecca kissed more in their one recent sex scene than Jolli has done for their entire storyline XDD

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honestly, it's purely for the actor, but he too can have a brief fling with Olli. wouldn't it be hot? especially from the times he wasn't with the Princess yet, then he can have something again with Rebecca before realizing his one true love is Sascha and they decide to raise Sascha's kid together (Sascha is definitely the pregnant one).
other than that and WHY DID YOU FORGET LARS, I agree with you on them. It was really fun to read, but so hard to do it at work ^^
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