You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

Today we find out that it's been exactly 2 years, 10 months, 18 days, 3 hours, 5 minutes and 10.3 seconds since Sam was killed by homophobic thugs. The perfect timing - not so long ago that it seems weird for Jo to be still caught up in it, but long enough that in principle people encouraging him to move on won't necessarily look like insenstive bellends (...but we'll see how they do in practice).
 photo Snapshot208-12-201421-59.png
Olli deals with this situation the only way he knows how, he offers to talk about it. Jo's not keen on that, and he likes Olli's second suggestion of spending the night together even less. (To be fair, Olli doesn't ever say anything about sex. But he doesn't deny it when Jo interprets his offer that way, when a "I just thought you might not want to be on your own right now" would have easily corrected any misapprehension, so I think we can just assume that Olli has had such a sensitivity-failure today that he genuinely responded to "my boyfriend died" with "let's fuck". Olli's really not at his most sympathetic lately.)
 photo Snapshot108-12-201421-58.png

Olli goes home to find vampire!Bella drinking blood in his pub. (Do they have to shoot her with lighting that makes the comparisons to Molly Weasley and/or Rebekah Brooks nigh on inevitable?)
 photo Snapshot308-12-201421-59.png
No, sorry, it's just tomato juice. Which she inexplicably got a craving for in the middle of the night to the extent that she had to break into No Limits to steal it. (My money's still on Sascha being pregnant.) Conveniently this means she's available to listen to Olli's woes again.
 photo Snapshot408-12-201422-01.png
He thinks he's blown everything with Jo, but Bella says it'll all be fine. Like her and Andi.
 photo Snapshot508-12-201422-01.png
I can see it in your face, Bella, that even you know that that is theleast reassuring thing anyone could possibly say. It's up there with "he hasn't murdered anybody for ages" and "honestly, I do love you".

Jo meanwhile is back to his usual position of sitting and being sad about Sam while that stock music that always reminds me of Lay All Your Love On Me by ABBA plays.
 photo Snapshot608-12-201422-02.png
And obviously he's reading the letter again. This time he's even doing it aloud, not just in voice-over! (I did ask for more variety in those scenes, and I can't say the show hasn't made any effort.)

The next morning, Jo pops by No Limits. He has his big brave boy mask back on (joke about how he should be wearing a real mask has been redacted because it's harsh to make fun of his looks while he's doing emotions...) and he apologises to Olli for how badly things went yesterday. Olli tries to apologise too, but Jo is very understanding and tells him it's fine.
 photo Snapshot708-12-201422-02.png
I don't know why either of them are apologising, it was all Tim's idea really, and in what world is 7 people a party?
 photo Snapshot1808-12-201422-07.png
Jo wants to accept Olli's offer from last night. The chatting, not the sexing. He wants Olli to know all about Sam. Sam was a doctor, a better doctor than Jo because he sometimes went whole minutes without mocking any of his patients, and never nearly injected any of them with poison. They met 8 years ago, at the hospital where they worked together. Jo's mum was opposed to the relationship because she was opposed to any relationships after Harro left and broke her heart. But Jo couldn't fight it. The day Sam died was their fifth anniversary. Sam wanted to prepare a surprise meal but forgot the wine so went out to get it, and while Jo was on the phone with him asking where he was he got attacked by some homophobes and they killed him. Sam called out for help, but no one came, and by the time Jo arrived it was too late. Olli is the first person Jo has told, because he reminds him a bit of Sam.
 photo Snapshot908-12-201422-03.png
Meanwhile Bella appears to steal more beverages, but notices that Olli and Jo are having a private, personal conversation so decides to stand in the doorway and listen instead. Although she will later claim that this is not eavesdropping, I'm fairly sure this is eavesdropping.
 photo Snapshot808-12-201422-03.png
Olli asks if he and Jo can be friends after all. Jo doesn't know, and leaves :(

At the hospital, Bella is having a another appointment for her back because she needs another injection. Just before Jo is about to shove a needle into her, Bella thinks this would be a good time to mention Jo's dead ex.
 photo Snapshot1208-12-201422-05.png
This throws Jo off a little. After all, he thought he had told Olli in confidence, he'd finally let his guard down and placed his trust in someone after nearly three years of keeping everything bottled up, and now some random other person suddenly knows all about it. That's got to freak you out a bit.
 photo Snapshot1108-12-201422-05.png
Which is why he nearly injects Bella with cyanide instead of morphine.

Unfortunately The nurse notices in time and stops Jo, so Bella goes back to No Limits to share her woes with Olli.
 photo Snapshot1308-12-201422-06.png
Unfortunately for her, his reaction is "poor Jo", and mine is "shame the mix-up was noticed so soon", so she's not getting much sympathy today. I mean, what the hell was she thinking, talking to Jo about something that clearly he had discussed with Olli in confidence. To be honest, I don't think Olli should have told Bella about Sam in the first place, but when most of her information came from listening in a doorway... Not cool, Bella.

Later Olli goes for a run, and he happens to see Jo coming in the other direction.
 photo Snapshot1608-12-201422-07.png
He stops to say hello, because he wants them to be friends, but Jo just runs past and completely blanks him. This makes Olli sad.
 photo Snapshot1408-12-201422-06.png
For all of five seconds until Jo comes back and wants to run with him and be buddies after all, it seems.
 photo Snapshot1508-12-201422-06.png
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