You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

Today/this week, Tim wore a tie-dye t-shirt.
 photo Snapshot416-11-201416-09.png
And Rebecca made them all have some foul cocktail which a dog invented. Olli is a terrible barman, because he actually followed her beer/coke/vodka/blue curacao/lime recipe, rather than just adding some blue food colouring to a caipi.

Later in the week, Tim got naked for Frank.
 photo Snapshot516-11-201416-17.png
Also in this episode, Frank adopted the name "little one" for Tim, so I don't know if that's a hint about anything... Anyway, after everyone was dressed, they invited Jo round so that they could reminisce about their father.
 photo Snapshot716-11-201416-19.png
Well, only Tim was reminiscing on purpose. The other two did it by accident, and once they realised what a terrible mistake they'd made they decided to leave and run off to seek comfort with Olli.
 photo Snapshot816-11-201416-22.png
Frank got there first, but Olli was busy cleaning glasses, which hurt Frank and left him vulnerable to be lured off to a surprise fishing trip in Düsseldorf's famous Honolulu district.
 photo Snapshot916-11-201416-29.png
Jo got tricked into it too. Frank thinks it's a terrible idea, and Jo gets to use his "for once I agree with you"-catchphrase for the hundredth time. It's almost as if the two of them actually agree about more than they disagree on. That really they have something in common. I think it's a shared psychicness, because the trip goes horribly wrong when the boat sinks, and they fall in the water, and all their phones get broken, and they have to warm themselves by the fire in case they catch pneumonia. (Because we're apparently seriously pretending it's November.)
 photo Snapshot1016-11-201416-30.png
Blue lake and rocky shore, I will return once more... Or something.
 photo Snapshot1116-11-201416-31.png
On the plus side, it give Jo a nice opportunity to check out Frank's arse.
 photo Snapshot1316-11-201416-40.png
And it gives us a nice opportunity to check out the brothers' chests. Well, Jo and Tim at least. Frank is doing an am-dram performance of A Streetcar Named Desire next week and wants to get used to the costume.
 photo Snapshot1216-11-201416-34.png
The boys all bond and get to know each other and decide that actually maybe spending time together isn't so bad after all, and maybe they could even do it again sometime. And then Tim gets back to Düsseldorf and finds out that their dad only faked his death for insurance fraud and is actually still very much alive and flirting with Charlie.
 photo Snapshot1416-11-201416-49.png

(Has anyone been paying attention, how much younger is Tim meant to be than the other two? Obviously there's about a year between Frank and Jo, but after that? Definitely more than four, because that's when their dad left Jo's mum, and presumably less than the 18-20 years implied by the actors real ages... How old is frank meant to be in show? I feel like that must have been mentioned...not least because it was his birthday party a couple of weeks ago... And Tim?)
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