You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

Today the show continues on the same day as yesterday again, which makes my starting every recap with "today" look increasingly incoherent, especially as I'm posting about 4 different "today"s all on the one today. Anyway, Jo is with Olli in No Limits.
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They each have their favourite drink, which if I understood Andi correctly means that Olli is back to liking women now. To try and put him back on the gay and narrow, Jo invites him back to his after his shift is over. Olli wants to take a photo to celebrate.
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It's weird seeing people take selfies on VL. It'd be like if my nana started using Tumblr ( one give her any ideas, it's bad enough that my mum's on Facebook). Anyway, Frank comes into No Limits and what with Olli's daddy being dead, Frank takes on the role of protective papa bear and warns Jo not to hurt Olli.
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To which Jo basically says "I can hurt who I want, thank you very much, and Olli's a grown up who is perfectly capable of deciding himself whether he wants to get hurt.", which is encouraging... #teamjolli?
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Then Jo goes off in a strop and tells Olli to meet him at his place later, giving Olli and Frank the chance for a heart-to-heart. Frank just wants to look out for Olli, because his own experiences with Jo have all been so bad but Olli says that things between him and Jo are fine, and Jo's never promised him anything anyway. Frank spills the truth tea and points out that you can lead someone on without actually making any verbal promises, but if Olli wants to be an idiot and fall for it than that's his own problem.
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Except he phrased it more nicely than that, he is a tactful Uncle Policeman.

Upstairs, Sascha is resting because the morning sickness is really taking it out of him.
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Olli is a bit agitated because he's looking for some nice wine to take over to Jo's, but it turns out Sascha drank it all. All six bottles. (You really shouldn't when you're expecting, Sascha, it's not good for the baby.) This annoys Olli, so Sascha calms him down by telling him how cute he looks when he's in love. (You couldn't have realised that when he was in love with you, Sascha? Could have saved us all a lot of time and effort.)
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It turns out Sascha does actually have one of the bottles left, which he is willing to donate to the cause of getting Olli laid.
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And it's only slightly soiled!
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Suddenly, Olli gets a text from Jo saying actually he doesn't want to see him after all. (Remember what I said before about how when Jo isn't on-recap he's at home sobbing about his dead ex? That's what's happening now, so he's not being as much of a dick as Sascha assumes he is.) Sascha thinks Jo's being an arsehole, but he suggests Olli just pretends he never received the message and go over there anyway. Apparently this worked great with one of Sascha's exes who kept dumping him by SMS but ended up going out with him for 6 months because he said he never got them. I never knew Sascha was so pushy and clingy and manipulative...
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Olli turns down Sascha's high-five, but does follow his advice.

He turns up at Jo's place to do his best "what text message?" acting, which I cannot believe Jo is convinced by.
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He also gives him the wine that is drenched in only one of Sascha's bodily fluids, and Jo pretends that the smell is plausibly attributable to mould in the wine cellar. Olli changes the subject by pointing out how many CDs Jo has, which is kind of cute for 2014. We also know that Jo wasn't lying about being a real jazz fan.
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Only a true fan of jazz would have a CD actually called Jazz. His other CDs are Now That's What I Call Jazz, Top Of The Jazz, Jazzy Jazz Jazz-Jazz and Humphrey Lyttleton's Best Of Jazz. Jo puts on one of his favourite jazz CDs so that they can listen to the jazz, and overwhelmed by all the jazz, Olli needs a drink.
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One sip of wine is all it takes to break down Olli's already feeble effort of dishonesty, and he confesses to Jo that he did actually receive his text. Jo doesn't seem too fussed, he instead tries to convince Olli that Frank is wrong. Jo isn't a selfish heartless hedonistic egomaniac, he's just a bit shy.
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I'm not sure even he believes that. Olli tells him that if he ever wants to explain the reason for his ~shyness, then Olli will be happy to listen so Jo immediately runs off to get more wine. Leaving Olli the chance to notice something:
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The only photo in Jo's flat is of Jo himself, but he jusat said he isn't an egomaniac and the other half of the frame is empty... Olli deduces this must mean he went through a difficult break-up. Which isn't strictly untrue, but it certainly wasn't what Olli thinks.
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Buoyed by his new-found detective skills, Olli decides to talk at length about how hard his divorce was, and how his world was torn apart, and how it was the most terrible experience, and how hard it is to move on, but how maybe it was something he had to go through to make him appreciate things more all the while unsubtly nodding his head in the direction of the empty picture frame.
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At which point Jo doesn't scream "What the fuck would you know about loss, you idiotic bellend?!" in his face, which just goes to so what a strong and stoic man Jo really is to be honest.
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Instead he distracts Olli with some kissing.

At home, Sascha is sating some of his cravings while watching an awful quiz show.
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(This is genuinely my favourite moment on VL that has happened this year. It's like when Strangers With Candy got cancelled so that strip Mall could continue, and they made the final ep be about the school getting demolished to make way for a shopping centre. I am hoping for many more Quizduell digs as the show draws to an end.) Anyway, Olli gets home to talk about his date.
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Is that a new camera angle? I don't think we've seen stuff shot from that position before, why would they...
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Oh, so Olli can hit Sascha's leg. Alright, that's a good enough reason. Olli shares his theory about Jo's past with Sascha, who points out that this is all pretty speculative, but as long as Olli keeps his plan strictly to giving Jo time and not getting carried away, then things shouldn't go too wrong.
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Sascha finally gets his high-five.
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While back in his flat, Jo is trying to mournfully scrape his nipples off with a picture frame in an act of repentance.
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From: [identity profile]

I can't believe you typed out "jazz" so many times without changing the vowel at least twice/thrice. Especially since you'd just mentioned Sascha's fluids. You clearly have more restraint than I XDDDD

Lmao the Quizduell reference was hilarious, and yay someone who knows Strangers with Candy! One of my fave shows. I remember watching it ages ago with my boyf at the time and I was lmao while he was mostly bemused. Things ended soon after that... XDDD

The time dilation on VL does my head in sometimes. Honestly if they're going to stretch out one "day" over the course of more than half the week they ought to have shifted to weekly episodes sooner. Of course, the hope is that they won't spread out one day in VL-time over three weekly eps...

The selfie moment was a little weird to me. Mainly because it highlighted Jolli's age difference for me—the disparity isn't that big but one notices it more because Jo is a jazz-loving wine drinker (...restraining myself rn XD) and a ~classy doctor with a sports car whereas Olli is still the WG boy with a bar to run. One wonders if VL hadn't been cancelled if Olli would have soon "aged out" from the WG and moved into the world that Charlie/Jo/etc. are in.

If we're going by Andi's Drinks Theory of Sexuality, what does it mean that Olli gave Jo's fruity drink to Frank instead after Jo left??? XDD #nextbestthing
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Lol very unreasonable, idk how you're coping :D

Yesss Paul Dinello is great! (And I loved his shirtless moments in SWC, they made me moist as a snack cake down there XD) It was always the random little things on SWC that made me laugh the hardest, like Jerri pouring her cheap booze into a disposable cup that still had a plastic wrapper over it, hahahaha.

Reviewing the eps again I'm a little confused now though: the jazz stuff last ep was at night (or so it seemed) so shouldn't the stuff in this ep be the next day if it's light out? Idek anymore, I thought it was all one day. But that reminds me of the Chrolli "Breathe Me" scene where Olli is standing outside Christian's door after an early night out at the clubs goes wrong, and then when Christian unlocks the door suddenly it's bright outside his windows, meaning Olli stood in front of that door all night or the moon was really damn bright... ;)

Yeah I can see them aging down Jo. Feels so weird seeing him the flatshare rn but maybe that'll change with more scenes of Jolli in the WG.

Sam is cute, I hope we get to see flashbacks of him alive :D (even though that would likely entail more nipple scraping XD)
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Lol Dizzy. You're right, the name is cute... and also slightly tainted. XD

And lol beer pong. True, it's kind of nice the way it is now, Jo having the other Helmkes to deal with while Olli has the WG boys as his friends. Plus I haaaated the way the Chrolli wedding 1.0 firmly established the "Olli the woman" narrative" with Christian having a bachelor party while Olli has a ~gürrlz night. (...not that there's anything wrong with a girl's night, but ugggh, so heteronormative. they should have at least flipped the script and given Christian the girl's night XD)