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Today, Bella would like to make up with Olli. Well, actually she wants herself and Olli to stop being stupid and behaving like children.
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Which, I mean, is an interesting division of blame for the situation. In any case, Olli is also willing to move on because he misses her, and also he's running out of things in his bedroom to break so that he can orchestrate heart-to-heart convos with Sascha. He tells her he has something to confess though. Bella asks if he's slept with Andi and Olli is like "well, obviously, we've all slept with Andi" but also tells her that things aren't over between him and Jo.
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News which Bella is over the moon to hear, obviously. She has the courtesy to pretend to be okay with it though, and only show her displeasure through subtle hints like focussing on how weird and gross and awkward it is that she and Olli both slept with the same man and how he must constantly think about her when he's in bed with Jo, and offering him a shoulder to cry on when it inevitably all goes pear-shaped. "No, honestly, I'm very happy for you both, I'm just saying I heard he has herpes."
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Thankfully Sasha appears to distract everyone with his bushbaby impression. Then he solves Bella's unemployment woes by offering her a job at LCL. I've got to say, whilst I generally approve of the direction in which Elisabeth is taking the company, I think putting Sascha in charge of recruitment might not be the best of ideas. Not unless she wants the next collection to be modelled by Zlatko and Gringo. Anyway, Bella goes off to spend the rest of the day seeing how she likes things at LCL.

The next morning, and Olli is downstairs in No Limits even though Jo is waiting for him upstairs, because he needed to gaze into Sascha's eyes for a moment.
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While he's doing that, Bella appears.
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You know, there hasn't been a pregnancy story on VL for a little while...I think Sascha might be starting to show.
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Oh wait, now Olli's rubbing Bella's belly? It would be a bit much if they were both up the duff, wouldn't it? Anyway, Bella went for the job at LCL which was meant to be Sascha's as a handy man but instead she was offered the job as a receptionist and then Ansgar made some nasty jokes about how she dresses like a frumpy old grandmother and she needs to dress up nicer if she wants to be the face of LCL's reception. So Olli forgoes his morning fun with Jo, in order to give his sister a make-over. Personally, there's no world in which I would pass up the opportunity of sex in exchange for playing dressing-up, but then I'm not a gay man so maybe I just don't understand these things.
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Because Olli definitely seems into it.
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And the end result:
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Momentarily pausing my rule on not commenting on women's appearances: It's incredible how much better Bella looks with straightened hair. So new gorgeous Bella gets the job.
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Which is great news, because when has completely reinventing yourself and pretending to be someone you're not to please your chauvinist boss in order to get a position performing menial labour ever gone wrong?
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How long ago was it that Olli inseminated Sascha in the whirlpool? :D It's about time for Sascha to start showing... Oh and take it from me, no gay man would ever give up hawtt sex to give their sis a makeover. XD Olli is way too nice. (now, giving up hawtt sex to stare into Sascha's eyes? well...)

Zlatko and Gringo actually might not be a bad choice for LCL models, seeing as they probably inhale pesticides for fun D: