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Today Olli is happily harassing Sascha for money in No Limits, when suddenly Jo appears and wants to order a drink.
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Olli refuses to serve him, and further snubs Jo by arranging all of his follow-up appointments at the hospital with a different doctor and angrily editing the My Family section on the About The Owner page on the No Limits website to "I have only two uncles-in-law, not three, but if I did have a third one, he would be an obnoxious bellend".
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Sascha is smug because he's still on there as "sexy honorary brother", listed alongside "part-Weasley half-sister" (Bella), "reborn lingerie model aunt" (Charlie), and "adorable family pet" (Andi). But the real purpose of Jo's visit, other than ordering drinks with a guy who was rocking elbow-patches, is to try and convince Olli to attend a self-defence course.
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Olli doesn't say that he won't think about it.

Once the customers have gone, Olli tries to put on a performance of Me Ole Bamboo for Sascha, but has some problems with his props, so they decide to gossip a bit instead.
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Sascha wants to know if Jo's the guy who's caused all the problems Olli is having with Bella. Olli wonders how on earth Sascha could possibly know about any of that, and Sascha says that Andi told him. So I guess we're just forgetting that Olli had already told Sascha most of the story himself. Like, a week ago. In any case, Olli is willing to recap: Jo is an arsehole who just sleeps with whoever he wants, raises false hopes, uses them for his own pleasure, and then moves on to the next person.
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Sascha coughs awkwardly and quickly changes the subject. He thinks the self-defence course would be good for Olli, because Olli needs to be able to defend his self. Olli asks if Sascha could give him more karate lessons again so he could defend himself that way, but Sascha says that he's only qualified to teach man-on-wood karate, not actually useful karate.
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So with Jo and Sascha double-teaming Olli with their efforts of persuasion, he has no choice but to attend the course.

The next day, and it's off to a rocky start when it turns out that the course-leader of the course Jo recommended is Jo himself.
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I do like that Jo's response to Olli being attacked is that Olli needs to learn to protect himself, rather than Jo trying to be protective. If you compare it with Christian's reaction after Axel attacked Olli... well, they're completely different situations, Christian was more emotionally invested by that point and also Olli's injuries were much more serious, so his reaction was completely justified, but I still think it's nice that Jo is trying to empower Olli. That said, there must be more than one self-defence course in Düsseldorf, so Jo probably could have directed Olli to a different one, rather than using it as a chance to manipulate Olli into seeing him.
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But despite the rocky beginning, the course goes actually rather well. Jo gives a nice introductory talk which is vague enough to be applicable to anyone, but coincidentally exactly describes what happened to Olli, and he assures Olli that he just stay and watch if he doesn't feel comfortable.
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It actually goes so well in fact, that the group is able to take a moment out to rehearse their group performance of Stop Right Now for the No Limits Bunter Abend.
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Things take a turn for the worse however when Jo deliberately orchestrates for Olli to be attacked in the "the realest, most life-like way possible (disregarding the fact that you're holding a giant foam shield)", but then when confronted with the scene, loses all chill and attacks the "attacker".
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Poor guy on the right. That awkward moment when you go to a self-defence course and have to be defended from the defence-teacher by the guy you were just beating up.

Olli goes home to be comforted by Sascha. Sascha just got laid though, so he's more in cocky lad mode than sympathetic pal mode.
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But he tries his best, offers Olli some food, and listens as Olli tells him about how Jo's a psycho and everything is completely over between them. Definitely. 100%. For good.
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Jo has also gone home, to cry about how embarrassed he is for making a fool of himself at the self-defence course, and how he can never show his face in public again.
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Alright, actually he's crying about his ex, Sam. When Sam died, Jo promised he would never love another man in the same way again. But we all know that's a rash promise to make when you live on the same planet as Oliver Sabel.
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Is "man-on-wood karate" a euphemism? ;D This screencap is cracking me up. XDDD The dude on the left doesn't seem to be feeling it though...

And askjdhlsjkhldflklj all the Scholli goodness this week has been killing me. KILLING ME. T_T VL YOU TEASE ME US SO. Y_Y

Agree with you about the reaction to Olli being attacked. The Axel thing was a totally different situation but at the same time it's nice that this time there's a bit of Olli empowerment going on. I've noticed a number of people going "ugh hate crime? how dumb, they're just copying Chrolli" or "anoyther gaybashing, how unrealistic" and I'm like... not really tho? Like the motivation behind Axel's attack was directly a result of Christian's coming out/victory over him and he specifically sought Olli out, whereas this was a random hate crime that had nothing to do with Jo/Olli, unless you count the fact that the thugs overheard Bella and Olli arguing over Jo. And the big drama last time was whether or not Axel'd be caught on tape/punished for what he did, whereas this time it's almost a footnote, just Frank mentioning to Olli in passing what's happening with the dudes that they caught. (And as much as it pains me to say it, it's not that unrealistic for a gay man to encounter violence more than once. If anything, the "being attacked by my boxer boyfriend's butthurt opponent" story is far more unrealistic/soapy XD than a random bashing that happens after being in the wrong place at the wrong time.)

Anyway I want to know more about elbow-patch guy. He looked "promising" :D XD
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lololol oh yes, I forgot he's a beast for the yeast XD

Agreed about Scholli, I'm enjoying the flirty BFFs dynamic faaar better than the upsetting post-coital weirdness they had going on for ages. Also, weren't these recent eps shot around the time Scholli was actually airing a few months ago? I could be projecting but I wonder if that's informing the cute dynamic we've been getting lately. :D

And yeah that's probably the one aspect in which the beating story reminded me of Chrolli: that the focus seems to be more on Jo's POV than Olli's even though Olli was the one beaten up. The Olli-as-plot-device thing again. (Whereas with Scholli it was the opposite, I felt like we hardly knew anything of Sascha's POV until after they finally had sex. Learn balance, VL! XD)
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The fan reaction yeah. :D I hope he knows people liked it. XDD

Yeah I thought Olli was too much of a plot device but Sascha's got it worse! Always the talk-to/support/plot mover. It'll be weird if he's actually around for most of the weekly, idk what they'll do with him tbh what with all the Lahnstein stuff they're doing.

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I was actually watching this one scene, Olli in that self defense group, totally random and out of context. I had to think of you ;)

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Aw! Good for the storyline to get some nice acknowledgment, and good for Olli, too. I like that :)

[And you chose the better path sticking with Jo anyway, Thore just gives me biweekly headdesks and facepalm and the live shows haven't even begun yet omg. LOL.]