You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

Today, Bella needs to grow the fuck up is still pissed off with Olli, yet for some reason decides the best way to deal with this is to constantly sit 3ft away from him and glare at him while he's trying to work.
 photo Snapshot102-11-201412-11.png
He has to be there, Bella, it's his job. You could get coffee literally anywhere else in the city. Or in another city, you are unemployed, you have time to travel. Putting space between you might do you both some good. Being constantly less than an arms-length away from him is ridiculous.
 photo Snapshot202-11-201412-20.png
Thankfully Jo turns up to ease the tension. It doesn't really work, what with him being the cause of it all, but it does mean that Bella has to rotate a little on her stool so that she can give both Olli and Jo the cold shoulder at the same time. (Incidentally, I'm not sure if I mentioned it yet, but I really like that Jo is clean-shaven. I worry it might not last though, so much stubble on this show. Everyone seems to gain a beard eventually...I'm hoping Tanja is next.)
 photo Snapshot302-11-201412-22.png
Olli refuses to serve him, because he's annoyed about Jo not enjoying his salty gifts. Jo says he's not here for this shit, and leaves. Good job, Olli and Bella. You are now demonstrably less emotionally mature than that hedonistic man-child.
 photo Snapshot402-11-201412-30.png
So given they were both meaningless one night stands for Jo, Olli tries to reconcile with Bella and bond over their shared experience, but she gets so cross that she accidentally morphs into Andi. It's like a modern day Julia Jekyll and Harriet Hyde.
 photo Snapshot502-11-201412-38.png
Using her new face, she follows Jo to the hospital where she threatens to punch him for being an amoral relationship-ending life-ruiner. Jo says that if he ever sees another member of the Jacob/Sabel/Schneider/Helmke family he is going to emigrate to Australia. You're too clever for this show, Jo.

Meanwhile, real-Andi is having a conversation with Sascha.
 photo Snapshot602-11-201412-56.png
You can tell the real-Andi from the Bella-duplicate-Andi because real-Andi is wearing a blue shirt, while Bella-Andi is wearing white. Real-Andi is convinced he still has a chance to make his relationship with Bella work.
 photo Snapshot702-11-201413-00.png
Sascha tries to point out that Andi doesn't actually have a relationship with Bella anymore, and Bella slept with another man, and dumped him, but Andi is undeterred. See, women are like beer because too much yeast makes them taste funny [/thrush joke], and Sascha wouldn't understand because he drank Olli's wine that one time.
 photo Snapshot902-11-201413-10.png
While Sascha is distracted by his memories, Andi sets the table for a nice romantic breakfast. He's bought Bella's favourite cheese, her favourite bread, her favourite newspaper...
 photo Snapshot1002-11-201413-12.png
Nice try, Andi, but we all know the way to a woman's heart is Coco Pops.
 photo Snapshot1102-11-201413-14.png
Bella has recovered from her brief spell as an Andi-clone, and is back in her regular body. She's also trying on her lumberjack costume for Halloween. To be honest, most of the rest of the episode is just Andi and Bella, and I don't really have the will or the patience to recap it.
 photo Snapshot1202-11-201413-19.png
Olli does appear briefly so that Andi can give him a quick grope, but other than that it's just Andi being pushy and pathetic and showering Bella with gifts and affection until she feels compelled to sleep with him. And then she regrets it afterwards and tells him that really, it's over and it can never happen again. Though Andi does raise an interesting point that if Bella's arguing with Olli, has dumped Andi, and with Charlie out of town, she has literally no one left to talk to about her problems. Bella has no friends. If Jessica or Dana were still around then she might be able to talk to one of them, but even they weren't particularly close. It's a bit weird that the show has only really given her romantic relationships (Tristan, Andi, Jo) and familial ones (Olli, Charlie, her dad), but we never see her interact with women of her own age, except as love rivals. I mean, it's part of a trend the show always has where the younger male (non-Lahnstein) characters all have this little gang of mates (currently Olli/Andi/Sascha/Emilio/Tim), whereas the female characters are a bit more lone... But Bella having no friends at all is a bit extreme.
 photo Snapshot1302-11-201413-49.png
Kudos to the director for this incredibly subtle symbolism btw.

Also this week:
 photo Snapshot1402-11-201413-52.png
Tim has a new job at LCL. With Caro gone, VL needs a new person to follow in her (and Martha's, and etc's) footsteps and play the role of character-who-has-the-dream-and/or-skill-to-work-in-the-fashion-industry-but-hasn't-had-their-chance-yet-but-will-totally-by-coincidence-get-to-fulfil-their-ambition-at-LCL. Tim is an aspiring photographer, but Rebecca thinks the good photos he has taken were just flukes, so she's asked him to take pics for the new LCL Fruity Green Collection.
 photo Snapshot1502-11-201413-58.png
I don't know why I'm giving you all that boring information really, all you need to know is that to achieve his dream he decides he needs Sascha with his shirt off (...I think maybe Caro left some post-its with handy hints for him).
 photo Snapshot130-10-201422-37.png
And in other news, Olli put on Frank's bowtie for him.
 photo Snapshot2731-10-201419-49.png

I'm considering making these weekly posts rather than episode specific ones, because with my job I just don't have time to update after every individual episode like I used to, so I end up just posting several posts at the weekend anyway. But if it's a whole week's worth then the posts might get very long and unwieldy... So I suppose my question is, do you prefer one long post, or a few smaller ones?
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From: [identity profile]

And here I thought that Tanja was Emilio's new beard~

I loved the faces Sascha was making at Andi all throughout the Bellandi episode. When Sascha of all people is telling you your brilliant plan is totally wack you're in trouble XD And speaking of Sascha yaaaass the apple photoshoot was everything! Though way too short. Seriously VL producers, don't you need filler? Just give us ~43 minutes of Sascha shirtless with crunchy fruit and Tim taking pix of him 8D~

And lol the Frank stuff on Friday was brilliant. The hate-flirting with Ansgar and then nearly being auctioned off to a rich man for 900 Euro. XDDD

I'd say do what is easier for you whether it be multiple posts on the weekend or one long!post. If you decide to do long!posts and it happens to be an Olli-heavy week I might suggest an LJ-cut, but I know you likely have a bunch of non-LJ readers coming to your LJ (and for whom LJ-cuts might deter further reading) so it's not a big deal if you leave posts "uncut." XDDD My friends list is pretty dead these days anyway (which I think is the case for a lot of people on LJ these days) so a large post is always welcome. XD
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From: [identity profile]

Thanks, I love it too. His tattoos looked soooo good in the spoiler pic, guhhhlllkljjll *_**_*_*

Hahaha I love Sascha's "wieso?"s. His voice is super expressive and has a nice lilt to it (I might be imagining things but I feel like I can hear the Schweizerdeutsch musicality sometimes), I think it's a big part the reason I find him sexy tbh.

Status quo works for me! \o/ If that's easier for you then all the better tbh. :D And yeah, lol if your recaps had been on my friends page 4 or 5 years ago I might have been like "OMG I NEED A CUT PLS T_T" but honestly, so many of my friends don't update via LJ anymore that my friends list rn, no joke, is 90% your recaps and _tennis posts. XD So I am actually enjoying that I have something to scroll down for for once, lol. XD
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From: [identity profile]

Lol I like the idea of E-Z Sascha subtitles where you just have a word or sentence in brackets as the caption for an entire scene. (like for yesterday's ep we could've had "*sitting on Olli's bed and sticking tools in his broken hole*" XDDD)

And damn gurrl 500 comms is pretty impressive. I used to view most of my comms off my friends list (I'd join a comm but not put it in my friends feed) but as LJ started dying I switched to watching all of them... and yet still if I did a skip=50 I'd probably go back about a month at least. XD Tumblr I love for some things (being able to dump images mainly, and the ability to queue posts) but I hate that it's so cumbersome to have a conversation on there. It all has to be done with reblogs which I haaaate.

speaking of AWOL I always wonder how many peeps on _tennis are actually reading. Like we have almost 2,000 members but only about 20 commenters that appear at least occasionally. And yet if I make an LJ poll for the comm people who never comment will participate in those. So I always wonder how many of the 2,000 are actually AWOL and how many are just lurking XDDD
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From: [identity profile]

Yeah come to think of it I tell a lie, ONTD is the one comm I'm part of that's not in my friends feed. That'd be way too much to handle (especially since I'm usually only interested in about 5% of the posts there anyway).

And you know, I did wonder if the cliqueyness of _tennis, real or imagined, was discouraging people. Ever since becoming a mod I've been trying (...trying) to be more inclusive by mixing things up more (i.e. not just post about my personal faves all the time XDDDD) and replying more to folks who I know are first-time commenters, but the impression seems hard to overcome: like you say I don't know that it can be helped since only a few people post/comment regularly. I love when you randomly float in to talk about Stan, that's always fun XD But yeah I know what you mean, if it wasn't for the fact that I've been sick a lot over the last year I doubt that I'd've been able to watch so much tennis this season. There's noooo way I can watch tennis day in and day out when I work full-time.

Good point about the friending memes and intro posts. :) I'll try to make sure at least a couple of those happen during the off-season, maybe it'll help draw some people out.

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well if you end up doing 'em all on the w-e, it might be smarter to do a long one, but then again, i've used your episode-tag posts to do some subtitles on gifs when i couldn't use youtube (shitty internet bandwidth thank you...) and it was easier to find. well now that I think about it, you can specify the episode in the long post. Any way you like it, we'll like it!!

i definitely need to wqth that sascha part!!! how could i miss that!!!

i just loved the beer comparison, as poor as it is, because it resonated scholli soooo much!! aaah subtext and subtlety by VL

this week should be full of subtlety too, nice ride into the sunset & all if what i've seen from the clipping is anything to go by

thanks again for your hard work and your recaps! I just love your humor!!!

From: [identity profile]

I haven't checked it out yet but I sure will! I can't miss out on it!

And there were again more scholli subtext/references in last night episode! Can't say I mind, tho with Jo&Olli starting something, VL STOP REMINDING ME OF YOUR FAILURES THAT BROKE MY HEART it's a i hate/love you feeling...

Same for me, the beer comparison wasn't too bad in the end, it's just about taste and types. But it's clearly not the best.

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I would love if you could continue these posts, I don't care about the form or time. ;) I often feel like laughing for 10 minutes after each screencap. :D Thanks!

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I actually am warming up to Jo, he seems like a nice guy now that I've seen today's episode :).