You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

Two weeks ago Today, Jo is being chatted up by this sexy little thing.
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I don't know why I say "little", he seems to be of at least average height. This is Jeremy, he fancies Jo and his mum has a car. That's pretty much all we know so far, along with the fact that he's confident, and forward, and good-looking. And he's into Jo, who gives him his number.
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Olli acts as witness to this event, and it seems like there's been some sort of miscommunication between Olli and Jo about what the word "Affäre" actually means, because apparently Jo thinks it means "fuck buddies" and Olli thinks it means "married" (...and I thought it meant "adulterous secret"), so Jo is pretty blasé about hooking up with another guy in front of Olli, meanwhile Olli goes into full on bitchy-wife mode. Which is good, because that's my second favourite mode of his, after naked, being spit-roasted by the Mann brothers lying-badly mode.
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It's slightly confusing, because apparently time passes off screen in which Jo is busy seeing a patient, and Olli is busy being given a balloon and sticker to commemorate his 40,000th eyebrow-graze check-up, but let's forget about all that and just assume that Jeremy is incredibly pushy so he phones Jo straight away. This leads to Olli assuring Jo that he's fine with Jo arranging to meet Jeremy tonight instead of him, and he's completely okay with Jo and Jeremy's date being in No Limits, and he is definitely not planning to poison Jeremy's drinks, nosirree.
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Jo is a doctor, so he is clever enough to tell that Olli isn't being 100% sincere. Other professions who would also be able to spot Olli's lack of sincerity: all other professions. Except whatever it is Andi does.

In my world it would be pretty awkward to go to your sister to complain about the man troubles you're having with a man who she herself was in love with barely a week ago. Given she hasn't travelled to Africa lately, I think we can assume Bella might have at least some residual feelings.
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That doesn't stop Olli though. He's all tact, that one. (The worst thing about Bella and Olli being friends again is him going to her for advice now - the scenes with Sascha were much cuter, would be much less heartless on Olli's part, and they both work in the same building now so it's not like he would have to make an extra trip...)
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Bella puts up with his whining admirably for 3 hours, when thankfully she is saved by the arrival of... Jeremy. Now there's a coincidink. Turns out he's an out of work model (explains why he made a quick move on the first doctor he saw [/bitchy]), and he wants LCL to consider him for their future campaign. After a moment of looking like a petulant toddler, Olli begins to consider him for something else.
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Jeremy recognises Olli but doesn't remember where from (which is weird, because I'd have thought that that jealous gaze would have become imprinted in anyone's mind). Olli tells him it's probably because of all the modelling he's done, and because he owns a bar, No Limits, and hey Jeremy, want to get a drink together there, just between colleagues, no ulterior motive at all, no poison, I promise.
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We have to add "out of work models" to the list of professions who won't see through Olli's lack of sincerity, Jeremy eagerly goes for a drink with him after he's found a parking spot for his car. Olli seems to put his murderous scheme on hold though, as it turns out he and Jeremy have a lot in common. They both had some relatives who were supportive about them being gay and some who weren't, they both have been in relationships in the past. They're basically twins.

Then someone has to turn up and play gooseberry.
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He's taken a leaf out of Olli's book, and is trying the passive-aggressive "no, you can take my date instead, that's fine, I'm quite tired anyway. I'll just be sitting over here in the corner, but try not to think of me as an oppressive supervising presence"-gambit. Jeremy finds the whole thing a bit weird, but is willing to roll with it.
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During one of Jeremy's bathroom breaks, Jo comes over for a chat with Olli in which they both try to play things cool and are both totally pathetic at it, and neither want Olli to go home with Jeremy but try to convey that to each other by saying how much they want Olli to go home with Jeremy. Idiots.
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Seriously, Olli is so flustered by the whole thing that he says "your place or mine?" unironically. But thankfully Jeremy is an out of work model, so that line works, and they go back to Olli's because it is right upstairs while Jeremy's place is a car drive away, and also it means they don't have to build another set.
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(...Jo Weil, your arse...)
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Meanwhile Jo is sad and jelly and miserably stares at the selfie Olli took on his phone.
 photo Snapshot1030-11-201412-07.png
Which is weird, because I thought Jo's phone got broken when it fell in the lake during their fishing trip yesterday...
 photo Snapshot930-11-201412-07.png
Anyway, Olli gets cold feet, and backs out of things with Jeremy. And it's apparently time for one of those off-hand throw-away lines VL sometimes has that don't really matter and are just filler really, but nevertheless reveal an underlying attitude that I find slightly worrying, when Olli is all like "You're not angry, are you?". Mate, you shouldn't have to apologise for deciding not to have sex with someone.
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Jeremy isn't angry, because he's a decent human being, so he just wishes Olli luck and leaves. I hope LCL do hire him, Jelli OTP!
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Olli goes to see Jo, because he can't do this any more. He doesn't want an affair or to have one night stands with other people. He wants commitment, monogamy, 6 children and a holiday home on Ayia Napa.
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Jo says he can't give him any of that, but how about one for the road?
 photo Snapshot1430-11-201412-30.png
It's not really possible to capture in pictures the brilliance of cutting to a random shot of some fireworks instead of actually showing a sex-scene...wait, did I say "brilliance"? I meant "bullshit". But at least it reminded me of The Naked Gun so I can't really complain.
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Post-coitally, Jo says "please don't leave me". Is Jo only saying that because he thinks Olli's asleep? Or is Jo asleep and dreaming of Sam? Or is Olli actually asleep and this is his dream? Did I dream this? I don't think I did. (Though last night I did dream that Lars was back and he was eating chocolate fondue and he had some on his face by his mouth, and Olli wiped it off with his thumb and said "Schoko-Lars-de", and then Lars reached over and started playing with Olli's hair. Olli/Lars OTP.)
You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

Today, the episode starts brilliantly. Olli angrily bursts into Jo's flat...
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...takes off his clothes...
 photo Snapshot230-11-201415-36.png
...and gets into bed.
 photo Snapshot130-11-201415-35.png
Wait, no, I was accidentally watching the scene in rewind. This episode starts terribly as Olli wakes up in bed alone, puts his clothes on, and angrily storms out of Jo's flat. This is because Olli was expecting things to be totally different after Jo's sleep-driven "confession" last night, but the only difference is that Jo isn't even providing breakfast anymore, and that was always an essential part of their Affäre. Olli tells Jo that if he leaves now, he's NEVER COMING BACK. And Jo says "bye, then".
 photo Snapshot430-11-201415-37.png
Jo does briefly nearly chase after him, but he gets distracted by the sight of himself in the mirror. (You know how they say the more symmetrical a face, the more beautiful it is... Anyway.)

At LCL Bella has to listen to yet more whining. Olli, you could have at least gone home to change your clothes first - partly because they must stink a bit by now, mostly because they probably have rules about double-deniming at LCL.
 photo Snapshot730-11-201415-38.png
Bella says "just get over him", and Olli says "but Jo is so brilliant and perfect and deep, and he's just been hurt so badly, that's why he won't let himself feel anything for me and treats me like crap 90% of the time, underneath it all he's my perfect man and I can't let him go, gosh, Bella, I think he's the one... #Jo Helmke, say it loud and there's music playing, say it soft and it's almost like praying, Jo Helmke, I'll never stop saying Jo Helmkeeeee#"
 photo Snapshot630-11-201415-38.png
So Bella pretends she has a phonecall.

Snubbed, Olli goes off to see Charlie who provides a more willing ear for his troubles and West Side Story rewrites because she is more considerate, or because she's just more interested in gossip and/or musicals. I assumed Schneiders would be the sort of place where they don't let you wear jeans at all, let alone a whole outfit made of jeans, but I guess Olli is an exception, being the owner's nephew. She also gives him a free cake.
 photo Snapshot830-11-201415-39.png
When Jo shows up, Charlie goes all protective mama bear auntie bear, and tells him to leave, but Olli makes everyone be civil and says Jo should stay and eat there, just so long as he stays entirely out of Olli's line of sight.
 photo Snapshot930-11-201415-39.png
They have a little confrontation later. Jo says they should still be friends because they like each other, but Olli says he can't just forget about his feelings. Jo says it's fine, because he'll forget about Olli's feelings, and Olli says that is in no way what he wants, and Jo says you can't always get what you want, and Olli says he once met Mick Jagger on the cruise ship and he was much more emotionally open than Jo. Olli storms off again.
 photo Snapshot1030-11-201415-40.png
And in a moment of unexpected vulnerability and mispayment of the bill, Charlie realises that Jo might not be as heartless and unaffected and arseholey and arrogant and harsh and cruel and egocentric and unfeeling and distant as he might seem.
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The next day there's some really boring stuff at LCL, the important thing is Olli kisses Sascha:
 photo Snapshot1230-11-201415-41.png
The rest of this week is mostly just Andi/Bella/Sascha stuff, with Olli appearing occasionally to fulfil the role of friend-to-listen-to-Andi's-delusions-about-how-he-and-Bella-are-defs-gonna-get-back-together. This unlikely, because Bella has told Andi 1000 times that she's not interested any more, and also because she's getting it on with Sascha now.
 photo Snapshot1330-11-201415-47.png
This is all top secret of course. Both of them are completely ashamed of the disgusting things they've been a party to, and the the dismay and betrayal that anyone who hears about this appalling act will feel. Plus neither of them wants Andi to find out in case he does something irrational like murder someone or throw all his Duplo in the river again. So when he nearly interrupts them a slight mishap occurs leaving Bella slightly injured. I'm not sure I can summarise it very well, so I'll leave it to this Youtube commenter:
 photo summary.jpg
I hope that's all clear enough.
 photo Snapshot1430-11-201416-23.png
Then Andi finds out about the sex, and decides this is an opportunity for a threeway.
 photo Snapshot1530-11-201416-24.png
The other two are less convinced.

Incidentally, in real life, Marc Barthel (Tim) and Sascha Pederiva (Sascha) have been doing a TV diving competition (like Splash, but with less Tom Daley), which you can watch here. Here's a pic as a preview:

I'm not a diving expert, but I think Tim might be slightly better...