You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

Today, I should make clear that in general I have no intention of recapping Jo's scenes where Olli isn't there. Partly because I'm lazy, but also because it's mostly just him mourning and trying to come to terms with moving on from Sam, which even I find it hard to snark about. You can't even make ugly jokes about someone who's grieving, it's frowned upon. So shipping them with their younger brother at their time of greatest distress is probably right out. All this is me saying that there were some cute scenes between Jo and Tim in this episode (and the last, actually) but I'm not touching them. As a rule, you can simply assume that anytime Jo is off-screen (and/or off-recap) he is crying and whimpering while rocking back and forth in the foetal position.
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He's composed himself in time for his shift at the hospital to start though, where he meets a certain someone in the lift. He tries to start a friendly conversation with Olli about their disparity in leg-to-torso ratios, but Olli is still grumpy because of the catastrophic self-defence course incident.
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Jo is shocked and hurt to find out that Olli has rearranged his check-up appointment with one of Jo's colleagues, instead of with Jo himself. Which is fine, except HE TOLD YOU THAT IN YESTERDAY'S EP, JO. Jesus Christ, there are soaps about goldfish where the characters have a longer memory span than this. Olli tells Jo that he's sick of Jo acting like a total nutcase, and won't even let Jo explain why - a new low, Jo, because ordinarily Olli will eagerly listen to the problems of people he completely despises.
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Sneakily, Jo is able to orchestrate another chance with Olli, by trading a shiny Charizard, 400 Pogs, and the glamour model in Bay 6 with his colleague for the chance to treat Olli's headwound.
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After winning he Most Petulant Patient Of The Year Award (presented by Sue Barker), Olli is ready to leave. Jo tells him that whatever happened between them, Olli should still carry on learning self-defence so he can protect himself, and then tries to tell Olli about Sam...
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But in the end he can't, and just tells Olli that he didn't sleep well that day and he makes toddlers look like they cope with overtiredness well. Funnily enough, this doesn't exactly assure Olli that Jo isn't a lunatic so he leaves, and Jo chases him out to the lift to have a second go.
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Wisely he decides actions speak louder than words this time, and just kisses Olli instead. (Two comments: a) this kiss was much hotter in the slighting shortened version in the Preview, and b) Mickey Hardt is shorter than Jo Weil, so how come when they kiss it often looks like Mickey is aiming slightly too high?) But then Jo runs away straight after.

At home, Olli is in bed with Sascha. Or, on the bed with Sascha. I always get those pesky prepositions confused.
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Nominally, Sascha is trying to fix Olli's lamp, but really this is a classic VL girl talk. If it were Olli and Bella, Bella would be stroking Olli's hair, but Sascha is too manly for that so he has help Olli screw things into his worn out hole (hiya, [ profile] haruhiko :-* ). Olli laments about how Jo is giving him mixed signals. Mixed, fucked-up signals. Meanwhile Sascha does that thing where, you know like if a few weeks before Christmas you go shopping with someone and they constantly say things like "oh, that's really nice, I love that *wink wink*" so you know what to buy them? Well, Sascha does that, but instead of suggesting Christmas presents he's telling Olli what the atmosphere should be like for when they have sex. Inside a lift with flickering lights is the info we have so far, if anyone else wants to make a seduction attempt, because Olli is too busy thinking about Jo to notice any of this.
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Sascha fails to fix the lamp, and he tells Olli that he will either need to get used to the flaws, or to buy a new lamp. Obviously this is meant to be a metaphor for Olli's relationship with Jo, but it's not a very romantic one, because obviously Olli should just buy a new lamp and not put up with the broken one. A broken lamp has no redeeming features. Broken Jo arguably does. Unless Sascha himself is offering to be the new source of illumination in Olli's life...

Jo turns up in No Limits to talk to Olli. He says he knows he's a bit fucked up, but he'd like to keep shagging Olli if that's okay.
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Olli tries to get a little more commitment out of Jo, but without saying "I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU" and scaring him off. Jo's not ready for a relationship, but he'll settle for something more casual. Olli agrees.
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Of course Olli's definition of casual seems to be "not getting married yet" and Jo's seems to be "just having lots of sex", but I'm sure that won't cause any problems later on.
 photo Snapshot4809-11-201417-52.png

The next morning, Sascha gets to watch them say goodbye at the door.
 photo Snapshot5009-11-201417-54.png
And then he has the pleasure of listening to happy Olli excited about how he's managed to persuade the man he's in love with to occasionally eat with him, rather than just fucking him. Sascha is slightly suspicious about this turn of events, either out of friendly concern or raging jealousy, depending on your view point.
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But really nothing can dampen Olli's mood today.
 photo Snapshot5209-11-201417-59.png
He's in lurve.
You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

Today, Bella would like to make up with Olli. Well, actually she wants herself and Olli to stop being stupid and behaving like children.
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Which, I mean, is an interesting division of blame for the situation. In any case, Olli is also willing to move on because he misses her, and also he's running out of things in his bedroom to break so that he can orchestrate heart-to-heart convos with Sascha. He tells her he has something to confess though. Bella asks if he's slept with Andi and Olli is like "well, obviously, we've all slept with Andi" but also tells her that things aren't over between him and Jo.
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News which Bella is over the moon to hear, obviously. She has the courtesy to pretend to be okay with it though, and only show her displeasure through subtle hints like focussing on how weird and gross and awkward it is that she and Olli both slept with the same man and how he must constantly think about her when he's in bed with Jo, and offering him a shoulder to cry on when it inevitably all goes pear-shaped. "No, honestly, I'm very happy for you both, I'm just saying I heard he has herpes."
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Thankfully Sasha appears to distract everyone with his bushbaby impression. Then he solves Bella's unemployment woes by offering her a job at LCL. I've got to say, whilst I generally approve of the direction in which Elisabeth is taking the company, I think putting Sascha in charge of recruitment might not be the best of ideas. Not unless she wants the next collection to be modelled by Zlatko and Gringo. Anyway, Bella goes off to spend the rest of the day seeing how she likes things at LCL.

The next morning, and Olli is downstairs in No Limits even though Jo is waiting for him upstairs, because he needed to gaze into Sascha's eyes for a moment.
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While he's doing that, Bella appears.
 photo Snapshot5609-11-201419-54.png
You know, there hasn't been a pregnancy story on VL for a little while...I think Sascha might be starting to show.
 photo Snapshot5709-11-201419-56.png
Oh wait, now Olli's rubbing Bella's belly? It would be a bit much if they were both up the duff, wouldn't it? Anyway, Bella went for the job at LCL which was meant to be Sascha's as a handy man but instead she was offered the job as a receptionist and then Ansgar made some nasty jokes about how she dresses like a frumpy old grandmother and she needs to dress up nicer if she wants to be the face of LCL's reception. So Olli forgoes his morning fun with Jo, in order to give his sister a make-over. Personally, there's no world in which I would pass up the opportunity of sex in exchange for playing dressing-up, but then I'm not a gay man so maybe I just don't understand these things.
 photo Snapshot5809-11-201420-02.png
Because Olli definitely seems into it.
 photo Snapshot6109-11-201420-07.png
And the end result:
 photo Snapshot5909-11-201420-03.png
Momentarily pausing my rule on not commenting on women's appearances: It's incredible how much better Bella looks with straightened hair. So new gorgeous Bella gets the job.
 photo Snapshot6009-11-201420-03.png
Which is great news, because when has completely reinventing yourself and pretending to be someone you're not to please your chauvinist boss in order to get a position performing menial labour ever gone wrong?
You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

Today, it's actually still yesterday. After finishing the make-over and accompanying Bella into work, Olli goes back home to see Jo.
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He thought Jo might have got bored and left by now, but Jo has been so busy playing Candy Crush on his phone that he didn't even realise Olli wasn't there.
 photo Snapshot6409-11-201420-35.png
Olli able to distract him though, at least for the twenty minutes while he waits for his lives to refresh.
 photo Snapshot6509-11-201420-42.png
They're just about to enjoy a nice post-coital coffee when Bella appears at the door. She has some tickets to a jazz show, and she thought Olli might like them. Bella can't go herself because she has her new job, and Charlie can't go because she's more into grunge, and Frank can't go because he's busy protecting Elisabeth's person with his penis, and Andi can't go because the only song he likes is Pop Goes The Weasel, and Emilio can't go because he needs to spend 3 hours a day brewing his special potion otherwise the enchantment will wear off and his conscience will grow back, and Jessi, Dana, Ricky, Hagen and Maxi can't go because it's a bit of a trip, and right after Bella had asked all of those people, she thought she could offer them to Olli.
 photo Snapshot6609-11-201420-47.png
Olli is thrilled, and asks her in for a coffee. She declines. So he asks Jo to come with him to the jazz show.
 photo Snapshot6709-11-201420-49.png
He declines. Olli is sad. Jo leaves.
 photo Snapshot6809-11-201420-49.png
...You know what I was saying yesterday about Jo's kisses being slightly off target, I think he's getting worse, that's nowhere near his lips- Oh, perhaps that one was intentionally a cheek kiss. I'm not 100% convinced though.

Downstairs Olli asks Sascha if he'll come to the jazz show with him.
 photo Snapshot6909-11-201420-53.png
Sascha says no because jazz is only for men who wear corduroy, asks why Jo isn't going, and Olli explains to him that they're only having an "Affäre", not a proper relationship, which means they're not allowed to see each other recreationally unless it's sex or breakfast related - they can't just see each other for fun. Sascha tells him that that's all backwards, during his own "Affäre" with Caro he had to go to six different jazz concerts before she'd even let him get to third base.
 photo Snapshot7009-11-201421-01.png
They decide a second attempt at asking Jo out is in order.

At the hospital, Olli is having what I believe is his fifth check-up in two days for the tiny graze above his eye. You can just about see Bella in the background waving her hand around saying "see, I don't look so pathetic and needy now, do I?!".
 photo Snapshot7109-11-201421-02.png
Olli uses this as an opportunity to try and persuade Jo to go to the jazz show after all. At which point I begin to want my Trigger Warnings for second-hand embarrassment again. Jo actually knows a lot about jazz. Olli is just pretending to know a lot about jazz. Cue lots of cringe-inducing "hilarity" for the rest of the ep.
 photo Snapshot7209-11-201421-10.png
Jo does agree to go to the show though, once he hears the name of the musician (Meadow Books), so Olli is a happy bunny, and not at all suspicious about Jo's sudden change of heart. The moron.

Back at No Limits, Sascha is trying to help Olli learn a little bit about jazz so in preparation for his date. This is necessary, because Olli's entire knowledge of jazz is "jazz is a type of music" and the thing Sascha told him earlier about the corduroy.
 photo Snapshot7309-11-201421-12.png
Together they studiously study Meadow Books' wikipedia page, and learn the album names and what awards he won and so on. If you're thinking "but if someone mentioned a musician to me that I'd never heard of before and needed to become informed about then the first thing I'd do is go to Youtube and listen to one of their songs" then Olli can't do that because of plot and/or GEMA.
 photo Snapshot7509-11-201421-19.png
Sascha, acting as the voice of reason, says that maybe Olli shouldn't pretend to be someone he's not just to impress a guy.
 photo Snapshot7409-11-201421-19.png
Olli tells him to stop being a jelly bear, Olli's relationship with Jo is completely different to his one with Sascha. Sascha says he just doesn't want to see Olli get hurt.
 photo Snapshot7609-11-201422-00.png
Be still my beating heart.

Later at the jazz club, Meadow Books is a terrible musician, which Jo knows, but Olli doesn't, so Olli acts like he likes the music until he realises Jo is taking the piss and then they start giggling and they get chucked out and then they kiss. The end.
 photo Snapshot7909-11-201422-05.png
No but seriously, that still looks a bit high... Anyway, Olli thinks Jo's going to run away and leave him now that the date is over, but Jo decides to surprise him by saying they should sped the rest of the day together, even though that just means watching Olli work behind the bar at No Limits. Olli is excited, and they leave with their arms around each other.
 photo Snapshot8009-11-201422-08.png
(Forget kissing, they apparently can't even choreograph having their arms around each other without it looking like an awkward mess. One over, one under, boys!)