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Olli was in the show on Wednesday and Thursday, but only to chastise Tim for playing his music too loud and then assist with the search for Emilio. Everyone was worried about Emilio because they thought he might commit suicide, what with his wife having cheated on him, his food-van being shut down, and the loansharks threatening to kill him the day afterwards anyway. At the last moment, Emilio's life was saved by an incredibly selfish tramp, and Kim and Sascha were saved from lives of guilt. So, on to Friday...

Today, Olli is having a dream about sexy doctor Jo.
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(Just because I'm too lazy to put inverted commas around sexy anymore, doesn't mean they're not still there in spirit.)
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Unlike Bella's childish fantasies of being taken in No Limits, Olli much maturely dreams of playing doctor.
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Frank and Charlie tell him if he's going to knock one out at the table, then they're going to stop inviting him around for breakfast. Frank tries to communicate "meet me later when the wife's not around" through blinking morse code, but unfortunately it gets misinterpreted, and instead everyone organises a birthday party for Frank with his brothers whom he despises.
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Bella dresses up for the event because she has plans to make another move on Jo. Olli tries to dissuade her from this by specifically not telling her why it's a terrible idea, and then being confused why "but he doesn't seem very nice", "I think he doesn't like commitment" and "I heard he once was the third party to some infidelity 10 years ago" don't fully convince her that she doesn't have a chance.
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Especially as Jo is currently in full-on charm offensive mode, driving Bella around in his sports car, stroking her hair, and telling her fuckable she looks. Somehow this seems a stronger signal than Olli in jelly bear mode, so she keeps her hopes up and accidentally outs Olli to a group of homophobes playing football.
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Now, I'm sorry, but this is meant to be a classy restaurant that they're going to, but there's a gang of thugs playing football on the street outside. Would the restauant not get them to go away? And furthermore, these guys look about 30-40 years old, surely they would have better things to be doing in the middle of the day?
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Inside, Jo is doing his best impression of an Animorphs book cover for Frank. (You know what I love about the VL fandom? When I criticise Sascha I'm apparently a bitter Chrolli fan, when I criticise Jo I'm apparently a bitter Scholli fan, and when I criticise Christian I'm "[getting caught up] in new Jolli bullshit". A circular chain of bias that I fear can never be escaped. ...Maybe I should do a post on my preferred Olli-ships to clarify my genuine stance on things. (Spoiler alert: none of those three would be in it.) Or I could stop just paying attention to idiots. That second option appeals more to my lazy streak, but would mean I'd have to leave Andi out of all future recaps :((( )
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The meal doesn't go well. Frank and Jo argue, Tim gets involved, Charlie gets involved, Bella and Olli have their own argument going on (Bella wanted to sit next to Jo, but Olli ships Jo/Tim so orchestrated it for them to sit next to each other, which pisses Bella off).
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Olli and Bella realise they don't want their argument to be overheard, so they ingeniously move four metres away from the table to ensure total privacy. Olli tells Bella that Jo is bi. Bella tells Olli that he's a moron. Olli yells that he shagged Jo. Frank asks why Jo will happily sleep with every one of his relatives, but not him?!
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(Any reluctance I had about shipping that seems to have evaporated at some point, not sure why.... #eyesex)
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Tim has important questions to ask. Namely "How long have you been gay? Why didn't you tell me? How long before we can get some Helmke-cest up in this joint?"
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Charlie has a brief powernap while this is happening, to boost her energy for the industrial amounts of Bella-comforting she'll have to do later. Not easy being a mother to a 13 year old girl stuck in a 30 year old's body. Frank excuses himself, because he needs to go and bone Elisabeth (I mean, "protect her person (with his penis)"). Bella naturally storms off too. Charlie, newly refreshed, follows her. Olli fills up on carbs. It's all pretty dramatic.
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Meanwhile, Jo tries to sneak out through the kitchen.
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Olli stops him, because he has something to say. In short: Jo's an arsehole. Longer version: Jo is a terrible human being for constantly leading people on, and then blaming them for getting their hopes up, and he shouldn't keep flirting with Bella when he had no intention of taking things further, and he's ruined Frank's birthday, which Charlie tries so hard to make nice, and it's not fair to treat people like crap or to act like developing feelings for someone is a character flaw, and if wants people to treat sex like him as casual and meaningless then he should stop being so good at it, the bastard.
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Jo asks if Olli isn't maybe a little jealous.
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And Olli says no, because he could sleep with Bella anytime too no, because Jo now has the pleasure of trying to apologise to Charlie, and no one could envy that job.
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Oh yeah, babe. Rock that bitchiness.
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After that Jo leaves, and then the most adorable chef in Germany offers Olli a lollipop. Olli/Chef OTP (...I'm only 20% joking with that).
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Olli goes outside, where he encounters the world's oldest yobs again. Though I notice now the one at the back does seem to be of reasonable hanging-around-on-street-corners age. Maybe he's the bald one's son?
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Whoever he is, he's the only one who doesn't actually join in the beating up of Olli... :/