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In No Limits, Bella is fantasising abot her time with "sexy" Dr Jo. Olli tells her to calm down because her moaning is distracting the other patrons and he thought they'd talked about this last week, but Bella tells him her gasps were not ones of pleasure due to erotic daydreams, but simply ones of frustration now that she is unemployed and boyfriendless.
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It turns out Olli used to work a financial advisor, so he is able to give Bella his number one tip for those who newly have no secure source of income: Go out and buy yourself something pretty to cheer you up.
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Over they head to LCL, where Olli at least gets a staff discount, and he picks out a lovely yellow number for Bella. Now, obviously I'm not a fashion expert, but I was under the impression that if you have ginger hair, then yellow is second only to green in terms of "colours you might want to reconsider wearing". More importantly, I'm not sure that's exactly appropriate for interviews. Olli say she'll look sexy though, as if the moment earlier when he wrapped his arms around her from behind and started whispering in her ear hadn't been enough incestuous subtext for one episode.
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They get to chatting about Jo, and about how Bella hopes the dress will impress him (does he like girls dressed as a fire?), and it's amazing how destiny keeps bringing them together - first they met, they then shagged, then they found out they were related - she hasn't given up hope and actually her hand really hurts so maybe they should go to the hospital and see if there isn't a doctor there who can soothe her ills. (Incidentally, in Germany would you really go to hospital with a cut hand? Fairly sure if you turned up at a hospital in England with a non-bleeding, day old, uninfected wound which didn't require stitches, they'd tell you to go away and make an appointment with your regular doctor...actually, they wouldn't tell you to go away, they'd treat you, but they'd warn you not to come back again with something so trivial.)
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Bella's out of luck though, because instead of "sexy" Dr Jo, she gets lumbered with actually sexier in my opinion Dr OneEpisodeGuestRole.
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And boy is she belligerent about it. Jesus, gal! You're clogging up the health service with your unnecessary appointments just because you have a crush, and then you act like a spoilt brat when you don't get the right doctor? Grow the fuck up, or at least have some class. (Can't Bella just be killed off already? ...If you're thinking this is a very abrupt change of tone, I've always hated Bella. Just now that she's behaving terribly on the show I don't feel the need to suppress it and hide it from you guys any more.) It turns out Münchhausen's syndrome does pay off though.
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Jo, Jo, calling Doctor Jo, or actually, Bella wants Jo to call her this time, so she gives him her number.
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Meanwhile, Olli has bought them both ice-creams ('re allowed ice-cream cones in German hospital waiting rooms?!).
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He asks how her hand is, and she's all "what hand? oh! right, yeah, they just put some cream on it, but more importantly, destiny brought me and Jo together again!"

At home, Olli is pissed off. He wanted to go out with Bella tonight, that was the whole point of buying her a sexy dress, but now Bella has decided to sit at home and wait by the phone all evening instead.
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Sascha is happy to listen, and provide little plot recaps for any viewer who has missed the past week or so of episodes. ("So, the doctor, that's Frank's half brother, right? Not Tim, who now lives with us and works at LCL, but the other one, who is slightly older and once had an affair with Frank's wife?")
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He is also grateful for his subscription to Radio Olli, when it's revealed to privileged listeners that Bella and Jo have already slept together.
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You weren't meant to tell him that.
Olli makes him promise not to tell Andi, which Sascha agrees to on the condition that Olli tells him all about his little crush on the doctor. Olli says he doesn't have one. Sascha says that Olli thought the doctor was sexy before. Olli says that the past is the past, and Sascha should know better than anyone that the moment Olli claims to be over someone that means he has absolutely zero feelings for them any more.
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Sascha isn't buying it though, and Olli tells him that his perceptions of sexiness are all screwed up at the moment because he hasn't got any in a while, and at this point he finds anyone who winks at him sexy. Sascha starts furiously winking (...I said winking), but unfortunately Olli has already got the idea to go out to the clubs on his own and see if he can't find something sexy there.

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In the other flat, Bella has got all dressed up, waiting for "sexy" Dr Jo to phone her so they can go out.
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And at the hospital, Jo gets asked for a drink by sexy Dr OneEp, but he stares at Bella's phone number and says he has other plans. So, obviously he's going to call her, and they're going to get together, and have lots of technically-not-inbred-but-still-tricky-to-put-on-a-family-tree babies. Show, you're so transparent about these things, we can all see it a mile off...
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Oh, wait, what's he doing in the gay club with Olli?
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Drinking at the gay club with Olli...
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Dancing at the gay club with Olli...
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Oh, even that, at the gay club with Olli...
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Unfortunately it cuts before they head off to the dark room. So, it turns out that Dr Jo likes classical music and hip hop, eats salad on Monday but steak on Tuesday, drinks beer and wine, and is also bisexual. Though of course so was Olli, once upon a time. ...Who's going to break it to Bella?