You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

Today, Andi wants answers. Why is Bella breaking up with him? Is it because she's in love with the guy she slept with? Is Andi not good enough for her any more? What's gone wrong?
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I make fun of Andi a lot, but I adore him really, and at this point he really does deserve answers. Especially given how she treated him when he cheated on her with Alexa, Bella owes him some honesty, the truth about her feelings. It's just common courtesy if you're dumping someone after telling them barely a month ago how much you want to start a family with them.
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So Bella, sensitive and considerate as ever, tells him to stop fucking badgering her and just leave her alone because it's over, get over it.
 photo Snapshot718-10-201413-53.png
Leaving Andi to go and have a weepy montage in the woods. (With all respect to Dominic Saleh-Zaki (sp?), I've not been totally impressed by his crying acting in these eps. Shocked he does brilliantly, but crying not so much.)
 photo Snapshot818-10-201413-54.png
While Bella gets cuddles and sympathy from Charlie. As a feminist, I am all for bucking the usual trend of having the woman demonised as a bitch and a whore in any soap break up, but I do wonder if this is maybe going a bit far in the other direction... But I've never been Bella's number one fan anyway, so maybe I'm not the best judge.

Back at the flat, it's Andi's turn to get a little support.
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Except Olli is actually a little more concerned to hear that Bella is in love with Jo. Let's generously assume it's because he's worried about family dinners being awkward as heck, and not because he's still hoping to stake a claim himself.
 photo Snapshot1118-10-201414-01.png
Come on, Olli, sit a little closer. Then take him in your arms, kiss him softly on the forehead and say "Shh, I'm with you now." He's going to need you nearby when you have to cruelly disabuse of the notion that he might be able to win Bella back.
 photo Snapshot1018-10-201413-59.png
Which Olli doesn't do very successfully, because there's about 20 more minutes of this episode which is just back and forth between Andi and Bella where Andi is like "please, please, please take me back, what can I do to change?" and Bella is like "not happening, sorry", over an over again. I'm not going to recap it properly or with pictures because I have neither the will nor the patience, but it is vaguely of interest if you want to contrast Ansgar's comment to Emilio about how there's nothing worse than a proud idiot (when Emilio refused to accept €50,000 as a gift not a loan), with how Andi has completely surrendered all pride. I think in this instance, Ansgar's theory doesn't really hold up.

Downstairs in No Limits, the show's new power couples have arranged themselves into formation. Andi/Tim and Sascha/Charlie OTPs!
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(Focus, Sascha...eyes away from Tim's crotch.)
Andi apologises to Tim for hitting him, and I'm fairly sure Charlie grabs Sascha's thigh (at about 9:36 on my Youtube upload).
 photo Snapshot1418-10-201414-16.png
But it might not be smooth sailing, because, when not looking at Tim's crotch, Sascha still only has eyes for Olli...
 photo Snapshot1518-10-201414-18.png
And his penetrating gaze causes Olli's shirt to ride up.
 photo Snapshot1718-10-201414-20.png
It's alright though, Charlie quickly moves on to new ground... But then who will Andi have? Oh no, does this mean next episode we'll have to watch him still chasing Bella? Why do you have to ruin everything, Charlie? You already have one Helmke at home.
 photo Snapshot1618-10-201414-19.png
Olli is disappoint. I am disappoint. Frank would be disappoint too, if he wasn't busy boning your best friend.
You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

Today, Bella is in bed with Andi.
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She tells him leaving was the biggest mistake of her life, she loves him, she wants to be with him, she wants him to accept her apology and take her back, and she'll let him do her in the arse if only he'll forgive her, and what's this, she's even willing to morph into a bottle of vodka...?
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Oh! It was all a dream.
 photo Snapshot2118-10-201415-32.png
Sad Andi is sad, though at least he's probably warmer without Bella hogging all of the duvet.

Meanwhile, Olli is trying to find a new flatmate. They've decided it has to be a woman, so that Andi and Sascha can ogle her coming out of the shower, and Olli will get help with the cleaning (...!). Unfortunately, the effort is hindered by Sascha's hangover rendering him prostrate on the sofa...
 photo Snapshot2418-10-201415-37.png
And Andi emerging to tell everyone exactly which of his bodily fluids he has managed to cover the bathroom in.
 photo Snapshot2518-10-201415-37.png
Before trying to hit on the prospective candidate.
 photo Snapshot2318-10-201415-37.png
For some reason she decides this might not be the flat for her after all, and runs away faster than Andi can say "It's only vomit! I didn't get poo anywhere!"
 photo Snapshot2618-10-201416-05.png
Olli thinks maybe they should postpone the meetings with the other potential flatmates. But Sascha says he got specially dressed up all nice, and he ain't going to that trouble again.
 photo Snapshot2818-10-201416-08.png
And Olli's all like "but you're dressed like a toddler...", and Sascha's like "you know, we could get one of my hot, fit, sexy friends from the boxing club to take over the room" and while Olli was daydreaming for a moment he organised all the interviews anyway.

Andi is tasked with handing out some flyers and buying some snacks, but unfortunately he gets very stressed when he meets Bella in No Limits. She's with a new mystery man who is having problems with his roof and wants her to get felt laid down in the loft
 photo Snapshot2918-10-201416-15.png
Oh, wait, he is genuinely just a customer who wants her (and Andi's) help. Well. Easy mistake to make. And thanks to that, Andi is in a terrible mood for the interviews.
 photo Snapshot3018-10-201416-36.png
First he has a go at this lovely florist who happens to be okay at DIY...
 photo Snapshot3118-10-201416-37.png
Then he gets angry with this girl for liking football...
 photo Snapshot3318-10-201416-38.png
And he objects to this poor gal's name of all things. Olli and Sascha realise they're wasting their time, so Olli decides to do something more productive with his mouth than trying to ask questions.
 photo Snapshot3418-10-201416-40.png
And eventually they have no willing candidates left.
 photo Snapshot3218-10-201416-38.png
Olli tells Andi it might do him good to go away for a few days, but Andi only gets as far as his bedroom before he gets distracted by looking mournfully at an old publicity shot of him and Bella. (...I genuinely don't understand why VL can't take some more natural photos of actors together when they're playing a couple. I mean, this one isn't as blatant as some of the Chrolli ones that were once on the wall, but still, if AWZ and HO can manage to set aside five minutes for the actors to take selfies together, why can't VL?)
 photo Snapshot3618-10-201416-45.png
Thankfully, Olli and Sascha arrive to help cheer him up by reminding Andi that just because he and Bella aren't actually a couple any more, it doesn't mean they can't act coupley as fuck.
 photo Snapshot3718-10-201416-55.png
Sascha also tries a more hands-on approach, because he and Andi "are friends". But Andi knows what Sascha does with his friends, and he isn't ready for that yet.
 photo Snapshot3818-10-201416-56.png
So Sascha is reduced to lying on the bed on his own, sharing flirty glances with Olli.
 photo Snapshot3918-10-201416-58.png
 photo Snapshot4018-10-201416-59.png
Somehow through all of this they decide to get a male flatmate instead of a female one.

They agree to have their Weekly Flatshare Greek Wrestling Contest first, but before they can start oiling each other, someone appears at the door.
 photo Snapshot4318-10-201417-05.png
It's Tim Helmke from next door! He says he's desperate to take part in the Weekly Flatshare Greek Wrestling Contest too, but they let him know that unfortunately it's only for residents of the flat.
 photo Snapshot4218-10-201417-02.png
So Tim decides that if that's the case he'll have to move in.
 photo Snapshot4418-10-201417-05.png
This turn of events especially pleases Olli, who offers to help Tim get immediately undressed unpacked undressed. Flatmate search over (...except there's still at least one more spare bedroom, right?).
You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

Today, Bella thinks it's not a good idea for her and Andi to work together any more, but Andi thinks it is a good idea and just because they've broken up doesn't mean they can't still be business partners.
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Bafflingly, Bella picks this moment to suddenly listen to Andi's opinions and desires about their future, so they agree to meet later.
 photo Snapshot4618-10-201420-08.png
In No Limits, Olli tries to tell Andi what a terrible idea it all is, but they get interrupted by this lovely blonde thing.
 photo Snapshot4718-10-201420-09.png
That's Lara, who has been recast since the old days, but you can see her and her former face in this video of Olli and Tom, she's the one in the blue coat. The other girl is Alexa - not evil Alexa Berg, but Tom's sister Alexa. Anyway, Lara used to go out with Christian - not Olli's Christian, but a different guy who used to live with Olli and Tom and became a popstar or something. She's Elisabeth's granddaughter - not Elisabeth von Lahnst- oh, wait, actually, yes, the Elisabeth is the same.
 photo Snapshot4818-10-201420-47.png
In any case, Olli is pleased to see her, and also happy to help her in any way he can in her current endeavour to try and free Emilio from prison. (Brief summary of what's happened there: Evil Per Mertens is still trying to sleep with Emilio's wife Kim, so he has framed Emilio for an attempted hit-and-run, but Lara and Sascha know it wasn't him so are trying to help. I was vaguely tempted to recap that storyline because of Sascha, but I didn't because of Kim and the fact that I've completely gone off Per since he no longer spends half of his screen time sharing meaningful looks with Sebastian.)
 photo Snapshot4918-10-201420-51.png
Bella turns up, ready to leave for work, and Andi introduces her to Lara as "Olli's sister who I used to go out with, but we only broke up the day before yesterday and I'm still totally in there, so don't make a move on her and if you see anyone else doing so let me know, because she's completely and truly mine" and Bella says "We might need to talk abou-" and Andi says "Quick, we need to get to work!" and they leave.

At work, Andi's lack of chill is so overwhelming that Bella decides to slice open her own hand just to distract him.
 photo Snapshot5018-10-201420-55.png
Unfortunately, while that may be a fabulous tactic on Olli "Oh God, is someone injured? I'd better run away and fling myself into the pool at No Limits" Sabel, Andi seems to find it more of an aphrodisiac...
 photo Snapshot5118-10-201420-58.png
Only Bella's quick reflexes protect her from being caught by his lips and turned into a frog. She tells him that this isn't working, and she wants out of their business.

Back in No Limits, Sascha echoes Olli's earlier words and tells Andi that some space from Bella will probably do him good. He also tells Andi to stop making everything difficult for Bella, and accept that the relationship is over, and start worrying about the business because his track record in that department is really terrible.
 photo Snapshot5218-10-201421-03.png
Andi says that Sascha knows nothing about it because he has no girlfriend or business of his own, and actually Andi has only run two businesses into bankruptcy which is more than Sascha's ever had the chance to do.
 photo Snapshot5318-10-201421-13.png
Then he goes upstairs to sulk.
 photo Snapshot5418-10-201421-18.png
But Lara interrupts him. She tells him she knows how he feels, because he was the first guy she was seriously in love with and it broke her heart when he left her. Now, I don't want to be picky, but as I understood it, Lara's first love was Christian (not Olli's Christian, but...oh wait, I covered that already). Andi was completely in love with Lara, but she was happy with Christian, and then when she and Christian broke up, she left to live in Greece. Andi told her his feelings before she left, and they shared one kiss, but she left anyway. (Admittedly I haven't seen all the relevant episodes from this time, mostly just clips and occasional full eps - but the various online character histories I've found seem to agree with that more or less.) So it's a bit weird for this scene to have Andi apologising for how much he hurt her, and her telling him how long it took her to get over him, and that she left because of him. I mean, there's retcon, and there's just Find+Replacing one character's name with another for a whole segment of backstory. It's lazy, there are plenty of other people who have just gone through bad break-ups who could provide advice (...hey, how about his best friend Olli?). Anyway, probably no one else cares about this except me, but I thought I'd mention it. The long and the short of it is that Lara's advice helps Andi see things in a new, maturer light, and he goes and agrees to let Bella leave the company, and says maybe one day they could get a drink together to toast the end of the era. Then he comes back to replace his The Schuftis t-shirt with his old The Schufti one.
 photo Snapshot5518-10-201421-38.png
Not really a flattering torso angle.
 photo Snapshot5618-10-201421-40.png
Then he maturely tears up all his pictures of Bella and uses his hockey stick as an air-guitar. Baby steps.