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Today the sky is as dark as my mood.
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Andi, on the other hand, is a very happy bunny.
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This is because he has just made some tasty paella with Ricardo's recipe, and also he does not yet know that his douchenozzle of a girlfriend just shagged her dickwad of an uncle (in law) in the backseat of the car on a deserted dirt road in the woods (...because apparently Bella is 15 and her daddy mustn't find out that she's going steady with a senior).
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But before Bella can finish her "thank God I can be rid of that moronic builder and can replace him with this lovely doctor"-thought and get her clothes back on, Jo tells her that he only does One Night Stands so he definitely will not be doing this again with her. Bella is so upset by this news that she goes home and tactfully cries all over Andi about it.
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And then at Olli. She tells him sleeping with Jo was just an "Ausrutscher". Now Ausrutscher is a slightly difficult word to translate, it can be a lapse or a gaffe or an error, with the implication that it was a one time thing that was out of character and won't happen again. If you have been following the storyline from the olden days though, you will be very familiar with it, because Christian said it about a hundred thousand times after every time he cheated on Olli. Olli seemed to accept it as a valid excuse on all of those occasions though, so it was wise for Bella to pick that tacti-
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Oh, apparently not as easily won over this time. What does it say about your self-esteem when you require a higher standard of fidelity from your sister in her relationship than from your own husband? In any case, Bella tells him he's just jelly because Jo put it in her not him and Olli tells her that's exactly what she should tell Andi.
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Bella tells him she's actually not going to tell Andi (yet), and my day brightens up because Olli trying to conceal the truth from anyone ever about anything is always good for a laugh. (Although if there's one person who might be stupid enough to not be able to see through him in less than 20 seconds, it's probably Andi... #genuinesuspense)
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Having heard from Bella how overwhelmingly sexy jogging is, Olli decides to take Andi to the scene of the sex and try to make a move. But even though he's wearing his most distracting capri pants, Andi is only interested in finding out Bella's secret.
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In fairness to Olli, he does manage to avoid blurting it out unprompted. I was really expecting
Andi: "So, what's wrong with Bella?"
Olli: "What affair?"
Instead Andi gets to the truth through a process of elimination, after Olli emphatically denies that Bella has cancer, got raped, enjoys Bernard Manning or was abducted by aliens.
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Adultery was the only option left.
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Andi walks away, a picture of misery. Olli doesn't follow him because he is a good friend and knows even if Andi's vulnerability might make him open to the idea of "revenge infidelity" to get back at Bella, it would be wrong to take advantage.

Back at home, Bella has decided she can't bear to be with Andi any more, and she is happy to consider incest with Olli instead.
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But Olli is a good brother and knows even if Bella's vulnerability might make her open to the idea of shagging literally anyone who has a higher IQ than a pineapple just to make a change, it would be wrong to take advantage. Meanwhile, Andi has reached some conclusions after conversations with both Leni and Sascha.
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Yep, you. Between them, they convince him that it doesn't matter if your partner cheats sometimes, as long as it didn't mean anything to them. You're better off not knowing, not thinking about it, and not getting hurt, and just being happy that they love you.
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So he applies this new knowledge to his own situation, and tells Bella it's all fine and they should stay together.
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...As you can see, she's thrilled.
You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

Today, Olli is out jogging with Andi again.
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That's what I admire about Olli, his persistence and tenacity. Just because Andi wasn't up for it yesterday, doesn't mean there's not hope for today. On the other hand, I probably would have worn clean trousers.
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He ruins his chance though, by accidentally revealing some info about Bella's cheating to Andi. See, Olli thought Andi and Bella had talked about everything and sorted it all out, he didn't realise their coping strategy was Andi putting his fingers in his ears and saying "NANANANA I CAN'T HEAR YOU". So he tells Andi that the tryst happened while jogging.
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He realises his mistake, but compounds it further by suggestion they follow Bella and Jo's example and enjoy the sexual woods.
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Inappropriate timing.
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Thankfully Tim arrives to provide a distraction, though for some tragic reason he's fully-dressed in this episode. He is very friendly, and tells Andi all about his love of jogging and the fact that he lives with Bella now, which sets Andi's spidey-senses into motion and he deduces it must be Tim with whom Bella slept.

Andi tries to approach the situation like a mature adult, first he makes a schedule for Bella so he'll know exactly where she is at all times, then he tries to interrogate Tim.
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Unfortunately, he does it in such a nudge nudge, wink wink way, that Tim thinks he's asking him to share dirty stories, and then Andi has to attack him.
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This disturbs Jo and Bella who are exchanging fluids in the other room.
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They (and Olli) come out to break up the fight, and hear Andi's accusations that Tim slept with Bella. It's weird how on seeing the sexy mofo that is Jo, Andi doesn't automatically realise his mistake, after all we have been led to believe Dr Jo is instantaneously attractive...
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Anyway, Olli and Jo eventually corral Tim and Andi into separate flats, and Olli tries to act as the responsible observer and mediator to this whole cluster fuck. First with Andi and Bella
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And then with the assorted Helmkes. Charlie has also turned up, and is desperate for some gossip, but Jo and Bella have agreed to keep their liaison a secret, and Olli promised he wouldn't tell so she's not having much luck.
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On the plus side, Olli is looking very attractive.
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And there's some nice fraternal wound tending going on.
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Aside from stroking his brother's face, Jo picks this time to share his thoughts on yaoi why what Bella did was okay, and inevitable, and really hot, except he has a bruise now where the seatbelt dug into his back- oh, what a give away! Charlie and Tim don't catch on, but Olli loses all patience and asks him outside for a fight.
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That's his best 'grr!' face, you know.
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And that's just Jo's best face, fullstop.

They decide it will be better if they have a fight in the hospital, because then Jo can get paid and Olli can get fixed up immediately, but it turns out Olli had more of a morality battle planned. He tells Jo that it's gross that he would ruin his sister's relationship, and Jo says "Wait, what, she's your sister?! I'd never have thought such a dirty goer could be related to a sanctimonious twat like you."
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Jo says he's not in a relationship, he didn't cheat on anyone, he's not responsible for other people's actions, and actually he has better things to do than stand around being judged when he didn't do anything wrong. He assures Olli it will all be fine, and implicitly invites him to a threesome.
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Meanwhile, Bella dumps Andi.