You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

Today, Olli is a little miserable.
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We don't get to see the aftermath of him asking Doctor Jo out for a drink, we only get to hear Olli's recount of Jo's response. Which apparently was "Why not?". This has confused Olli, because it was said apparently with neither enthusiasm nor disdain, but Leni assures him those are the only two possible tones of speech. (Leni and Olli are apparently two of those lucky sorts of people who have never had their request for a date lead to total amusement or murderous rage or anything like that.)
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Bella is also a little out of sorts, to the extent that she's even losing table football to Andi, and he only understands the rules about as well as the Chuckle Brothers (I wanted to link to a video here of the clip from Chucklevision where they celebrate accidentally scoring a goal against their own team, but I can't find it on's the one where they play tennis though, it's fairly representative). Bella is distracted by her thoughts of allegedly sexy Doctor Jo.
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Speak of the bellend, he arrives in No Limits. Olli is all excited about their date, and Bella is excited because she's a hussy my No Misogynistic Language policy is going to get a real work-out this week.
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I'm only slightly exaggerating when I say that sometimes I wish there were trigger warnings for things that feature high levels of second-hand embarrassment...I mean, admittedly, for VL that would probably have to apply to the whole show, but still. I've watched the next scene twice already, once when I first saw the show, the next when I did the English subtitles for Youtube, and I cannot bring myself to sit through it again for the purpose of this recap, so I'll just have to comment on it from memory. The jist is, Olli is very excited that Jo is there for the drink they arranged, and he offers Jo a tasty beer or a tasty coffee or a tasty smoothie or a tasty blowjob or a tasty apple juice, and then Leni comes over and is all like "here's your coffee, bui", and Jo's like "yeah, I wasn't actually here for a drink", and Bella's like "YESSS, FUCK YOU OLLI, HE'S MINE...hi, Andi" and Andi's like "Olli/Jo OTP 5EVA".
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Jo leaves, and Olli gets all embarrassed that he embarrassed himself and he hopes Jo didn't really turn up for the date but then find him so embarrassing that he pretended he had to leave.
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Andi tries to be helpful and reassuring.
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Bella takes the opportunity for a little private fantasy.
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And afterwards, her hand is sore. So she goes to run some cold water over it in the bathroom. Olli follows her and starts spilling the truth tea about how she's a terrible sister for being happy that Jo doesn't want Olli, and that masturbating in No Limits breaches the terms of the licence.
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Count how many fucks she gives.

There's no getting through to her, so Olli tries talking to Andi to see if he can control his woman.
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But Andi has his own problems with Bella, because for the purpose of dramatic irony today is a day when he has to be unusually perceptive (again, I wanted to link here to a clip from Blackadder S02E01 - Bells, where Kate says "Father, all day long you mutter to yourself, gibber, dribble, moan and bash your head against the wall, yelling: 'I want to die!'. Now you may say I'm leaping to conclusions, but you're not completely happy, are you?", but I can't find that on Youtube either...none of my Andi insults are working well today).
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Anyway, Andi says he could almost think that Bella were cheating on him, if that wasn't such a completely ridiculous idea.
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And Olli says "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL THAT IS SUCH A STUPID IDEA, LOL ANDI YOU'RE SO STUPID, STUPID STUPID STUPID...probably she just needs some time... *cough* *bluster* *wink*". But Andi apparently already used up his intelligence ration, because he doesn't even notice that Olli nearly choked on his own tongue trying to say that.
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Meanwhile Bella just shows everyone that they might be the goodies in Harry Potter, but in real life ginger people are evil, by shagging Jo in his car.
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Neither of you look good right now, you know that don't you?