Well, this is a little late, but I'll catch up. You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

So as you may remember, last recap we met Olli's new crush, Dr Helmke.
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And now Bella has also had the pleasure. She is just as enchanted by the guy as Olli, which is a bit weird as Olli at least met him at a time of mental vulnerability. If you think you're dying of Dengue fever, then a half-attractive doctor being nice and smiling at you probably is enough to tip you over the edge into "OMG, lurve!". But Bella has no excuse, she has no idea he's a doctor, and in fact he nearly runs her over. In some ways I sympathise with her position, because going out with Andi for any length of time will probably affect your ability to think reasonably and critically just by association, but still.
 photo Snapshot310-10-201411-46.png
I mean, she acts like she thinks Dr Helmke is aesthetically more attractive. Andi's influence on her mental faculties can't be so strong that he's sent her blind, can it?
 photo Snapshot410-10-201411-47.png
Anyway, Dr Helmke gives her his number (in case she feels any ill effects following him nearly running her over), and also reveals that the car he's driving isn't his, so the baby on board isn't his, so the baby isn't his, and so Olli might still have a chance!! Happy days!!!! Or whatever.
 photo Snapshot510-10-201411-50.png
...Usually I don't like to criticise any aspect of the physical appearance of women on this show. (Obviously the men are fair game, but that's because as a society we don't ascribe the same worth to male standards of beauty, and male actors are freer to gain value and credit for their abilities outside of perceived attractiveness, and...etc, etc, etc.) But, what is it with Bella and standing so pigeon-toed all the time? Genuinely, when I try and stand like that, my leg starts to hurt...although, in fairness, I did recently tear several ligaments in my leg... I don't know. Looks weird though.

Later, Andi picks this day to ask Bella Something Romantic in No Limits.
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I know they don't have much money, but could he not have taken her to the beach or a park or something? Still cheap, but more romantic than her brother's bar with red cardboard stuck up everywhere.
 photo Snapshot810-10-201412-04.png
Then Sascha and Olli turn up, and have a little silent couple-y conversation about WTF Andi's up to, which does actually make it seem more romantic in there.
 photo Snapshot910-10-201412-06.png
Neither of them know, so they decide to settle down with drinks and watch the show.
 photo Snapshot1110-10-201412-08.png
Then Charlie arrives as well... (Charlie/Sascha OTP, it's gonna happen).
 photo Snapshot1210-10-201412-16.png
And they all quickly finish their drinks and take their places to ensure the best view of the imminent drama.
 photo Snapshot1310-10-201412-20.png
Andi gets down on his knees, and not in the fun way.
 photo Snapshot1410-10-201412-21.png
Charlie: "Not sure that's a good idea, Andi, maybe-...Well, you know best."
Olli: "Oh, this won't end well."
Sascha: "Would it be a bit much if I proposed to Olli?"
 photo Snapshot1510-10-201412-24.png
Andi: "Will you marry me?"
Bella: "I would literally rather gnaw off my own face."
You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

In the gap between episodes, Andi's heart has broken.
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And Olli tries to send Sascha telepathic messages, that if Sascha were to propose to him, then he wouldn't turn him down like that, but I think Sascha has been completely put off the idea now.
 photo Snapshot1610-10-201412-42.png
(No but seriously, why is their a candle between them? Stop teasing me, show!)
Bella tries to explain she was just surprised by the proposal, and she only said "no" out of a toddler/creationist-like reflex to deny everything immediately without thinking, but even Andi doesn't buy that so he storms off and Olli and Bella go upstairs to chat.
 photo Snapshot1810-10-201412-48.png
She tells him that while Andi was proposing, all she could think about was the guy she met (Dr Helmke).
 photo Snapshot310-10-201411-46.png
You know that alien sex-spray stuff that Owen on Torchwood had, to make everyone he squirted with it become infatuated with him? Now I'm not saying that Dr Helmke has been using the same stuff, but I really have no other explanation.

Bella tries to make up with Andi though (who had a bit of a paddy and through the engagement ring in the river), and he's happy that she still wants to be in a relationship with him.
 photo Snapshot1910-10-201413-11.png
Except then he proposes again, and she says she's still not ready, and Andi is all "either you want me completely, you want all of me, you want to be devoted only to me for the rest of our lives, OR you're a commitmentless hussy" and Bella's like "well, that's kind of a false dichotomy" and Andi storms off.
 photo Snapshot2010-10-201413-14.png
Bella goes to talk with Olli again, and he's all like "you turned him down AGAIN?? but you didn't even let me watch, you're no fun :( ...I have to call Sascha".
 photo Snapshot2110-10-201413-14.png
Olli takes this chance for a prime spuddling opportunity, and suggests maybe Bella should just call the sexy guy who's distracting her. Sucks to be you, Olli, accidentally recommending your sister hook up with the guy you fancy... Or are you hoping she does get together with him, so you can make a move on Andi?
 photo Snapshot2310-10-201413-24.png
Don't try your poker face on me, babe. I know you better than that.
 photo Snapshot2410-10-201413-26.png
Anyway, Andi and Bella make up and decide not to get married, and Olli is ecstatic.
 photo Snapshot2510-10-201413-27.png
And so is Bella, or at least she is a better actor.

So to take their mind's of their impending futures with or without Andi, they go for a walk, where who do they spot? Only mystery doctor post box man!
 photo Snapshot2610-10-201413-29.png
And then they both realise that they've been lusting after the same guy for all this time, and finally, for the first time all episode they both genuinely smile.
 photo Snapshot2710-10-201413-29.png
Or at least Olli tries. (I think it's because he's more genre-aware and realises that they're about to get locked into a love triangle of doom. Whereas Bella's just excited about the prospect of a threeway.)

And then they get run over by a dog. Who Bella immediately falls in love with, just like how she met Dr Helmke. Since Christian left to live with his horse, there really hasn't been enough properly forbidden love on Forbidden Love. We don't find out the dog's name yet, but I shall call him Poirot for now.
 photo Snapshot2810-10-201413-34.png
So with Bella happy to pursue Poirot, she offers Olli the opportunity to take his chance with Andi. Or the doctor guy, if he prefers.
 photo Snapshot2910-10-201413-49.png
You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

There's plenty to celebrate this week on VL, because Caro and Thore are leaving for Paris soon.
 photo 1.png
Olli is all "please, take me with you, I can't stand this terrible place where every man I meet is straight or ugly or both, but I hear French men are hot and will shag anyone" and Caro's like "sorry, but I'm sure you won't have to hang around here for too much longer either [/what fourth wall?]".
 photo Snapshot3310-10-201414-18.png
Then Caro's mum turns up and orders an Ayurvedish tea, and it turns out that there are actually some drinks that No Limits doesn't stock, because Olli has to fob her off with a chai latte.
 photo Snapshot3110-10-201414-10.png
Giselle tries to order one with normal milk, but her mum tells her that her karma is already bad enough without stealing milk from baby cows, so she'd better have soya. Burn.
 photo Snapshot3210-10-201414-18.png
To redeem her conscience, Giselle decides to secretly organise a wedding party for Thore and Caro, at the exact same time Thore and Caro decide they don't want one. At this point they're just being difficult tbh. GET LOST ALREADY.

Also in this episode, some things are revealed: Dr Helmke is called Jo. He is Policeman Frank's half-brother. And therefore Olli and Bella's uncle (by marriage). There is also a younger Helmke brother, called Tim.
 photo Snapshot3410-10-201414-18.png
Their dad just died. They don't get on. Tim is hot.
 photo Snapshot3510-10-201414-23.png
I ship Jo/Tim.
 photo Snapshot3710-10-201414-24.png
And also Frank/Tim.
 photo Snapshot3610-10-201414-23.png
Frank/Jo I am not sure about yet. Partly because their whole backstory is stolen word for word from Ludo/Janine/Stefano's backstory on Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden. Frank got injured at work and became paralysed, so he got depressed/grumpy and pushed everyone around him away. Including his then-wife, Saskia, who bonded with his brother Jo during the tough time. Then Jo and Saskia slept together. (On GTST, Ludo got injured at work and became paralysed, so he became depressed/grumpy and pushed everyone around him away. Including his then-wife, Janine, who bonded with his brother Stefano during the tough time. Then Stefano and Janine slept together.) I mean, I ship Ludo/Stefano like burning, so it should be my ideal ship, but on the other hand Stefano is really hot and Jo is really not and I am really shallow, so there are a lot of factors at play here.
 photo Snapshot3810-10-201414-30.png
And Charlie forces them all to have an awkward family meal anyway. Because that's the Schneider way.
You can watch this ep with English subtitles on this Youtube playlist here.

Today, Olli meets Tim, the naked half-brother of Frank and Jo.
 photo Snapshot4010-10-201415-23.png
(I fear Photobucket might delete the above picture because bums are against their nudity policy...if anyone can recommend an arse-friendly image host (which will give me unlimited bandwidth for less than £20 a year) then I'd appreciate suggestions.)
 photo Snapshot3910-10-201415-22.png
Frank isn't as impressed by Tim's nudity as Olli or me, and asks him to put something on. (Though really, it isn't nudity, because he's awkwardly holding that cushion in front of his junk the entire time. I've got to say, this whole scene would be much better if Tim was actually uncovered and they hid his nether regions with camera angles and stuff. ...Just some advice for next time there, VL.)
 photo Snapshot4110-10-201415-27.png
Anyway, Olli isn't actually there to ogle naked men, but to ask for some help with the surprise wedding party later. Which is apparently between Thore and Giselle. I might be generous and assume that it was a deliberate acting choice to show how Olli is distracted by Tim's gorgeousness, but I think we all know that this storyline has reached a point of such tediousness that not even Jo Weil can be bothered to pay attention to what's going on any more. In any case, Bella isn't around to help.
 photo Snapshot4210-10-201415-30.png
But Tim immediately offers his services. At which point Olli forgets the name of every single person he ever met.

Down in No Limits, Olli has been given the task of distracting Thore and Caro and stopping them from going home. And ideal job for someone who couldn't lie his way out of a paper bag, I'm sure you'll agree.
 photo Snapshot4410-10-201415-39.png
After tales of malfunctioning paper cups and offers of croissants, he manages to keep Caro and Thore there by asking about their plans in Paris. Thore wants to leave straight away, but Caro thinks they shouldn't rush it.
 photo Snapshot4310-10-201415-35.png
Go on, Caro, live on the edge. Please. Just this once. We beg of you... Thankfully Rebecca phones and gets Caro and Thore to come to LCL, saving Olli from having to do any more lying, and freeing up his time to burn Tim's hand.
 photo Snapshot4610-10-201415-42.png
(It's probably just me being weird, but every time I look at that pic it feels like there's more than 4 hands in it...)
The burn is a nasty one, so Olli wants to take Tim straight to the hospital, but Tim is worried because he hasn't been keeping up with his health insurance payments (if he's unemployed, doesn't the Arbeitsamt cover that?). Olli says it's fine though, because he knows a doctor. And then he phones Ricardo and says "Hey Ricky, how are things at the North Sea?" and Ricky says "Well, Hagen's still a nutjob, and to be honest four parents for one child is a bit much really." and Olli says "Do you want to come home and look at my hot naked friend's hand?" and Ricardo says "Only if you get naked too, I can't wai- Oh, shit, Jessi's here, gotta go." and Olli sighed and decided he'd just have to see Dr Jo Helmke instead.
 photo Snapshot4810-10-201416-00.png
Jo is all smiles and helpfulness until he sees that it's Tim who needs help, and then he tells his little brother to go fuck himself. Olli won't stand for that though, and tells Jo he's a terrible human being and a bad doctor and if he won't treat Tim then Olli will scream and scream til he's sick [/Violet Elizabeth]

Jo reluctantly agrees, and they go to LCL so he can look after Tim.
 photo Snapshot4910-10-201416-05.png
D'aww, hand-holding <333
Then Bella turns up, and Olli breaks it to her that Jo is her step-dad's brother.
 photo Snapshot5010-10-201416-13.png
She thinks this is terrible news, so Olli is like "What about Andi?" and Bella is like "Who's Andi?" and Olli is like "I think he's marrying Thore." and Bella is like "I love The Voice Kids." and Jo is like "TIM WOULD YOU JUST PUT YOUR SHIRT BACK ON, THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS".
 photo Snapshot5210-10-201416-23.png
So Olli and Bella both promise that they won't have anything to do with Jo, which they prove by interrogating Tim about his brother. Tim doesn't know anything about Jo, except that Jo and Frank hadn't spoken to each other in three years, and Jo isn't a relationship kind of guy (if that's what you want Olli, then, I mean, Sascha's crap at relationships too...just saying). Tim does know that Olli and Bella fancy Jo though, which I would say is incredible deductive skill, except they were being about as subtle as a fart in a library (still, Andi wouldn't have noticed).

Jo gets back to bandaging up Tim, who tries to talk and go to know him a bit, but Jo basically tells him to shut up. Tim tentatively raises the idea of seeing each other again, and Jo tells him he'd rather kill himself.
 photo Snapshot5310-10-201416-27.png
Then he leaves. What a charmer.
 photo Snapshot5410-10-201416-32.png
He forgets his pen though, and Olli decides that it must be returned.
 photo Snapshot5510-10-201416-33.png
He asks Bella to give him Jo's number so that he can call him and tell him about the the pen, but Bella is all "I have totally forgotten what the number is - I have definitely not copied it out in triplicate and saved it in three separate places around the house and on my person so as to ensure I never lose it - and he is far too straight for you anyway, bro, lol, you loser" and Olli calls her a bitch and shoves the pen into her eye.
 photo Snapshot5610-10-201416-35.png
But it bounces right off because her eyes are made of as thick stone as her heart. (Tim and Olli need to commiserate about how their siblings are douches.)

Olli was left so miserable by the whole exchange that he even missed most of Caro and Thore's party. So at least some good came of it.
 photo Snapshot5710-10-201416-39.png
Unfortunately they managed to hunt him down anyway. But Thore is able to reassure him that all doctors are bisexual (I assume he found that out during his months of physiotherapy with Dr Mendes?) and Olli should make a move.
 photo Snapshot5910-10-201416-42.png
Olli shares one final touching hug with Caro.
 photo Snapshot5810-10-201416-41.png
And a brief awkward one with Thore.
 photo Snapshot6010-10-201416-43.png
To celebrate Caro and Thore being finally gone, Olli heads off to the hospital to return Jo's pen, and inspired by the adorable receptionist who blatantly ships it, he asks life's most important question.
 photo Snapshot6110-10-201416-46.png
"Wanna get a drink sometime?"
 photo Snapshot6210-10-201416-47.png