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If you like Olli acting as shoulder to cry on, a sounding board for queries, and a selfless comfort in times of need for all of his friends and even people of whom he is not too fond really, then this last weeks worth of episodes are unmissable Verbotene Liebe classics. For the rest of us...well, we'll muddle on through.
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First, Emilio. Sweet, moronic Emilio is very upset that Evil Per Mertens had his hand on Kim's arse. I mean, I know he's only young, and I know Evil Per Mertens is trying to have it off with Kim, but Kim and Emilio being constantly jealous and possessive to the max is so tiresome at this point. Rehashing it all almost looks like it will be worth it when Emilio offers to demonstrate Evil Per's actions on Olli...
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But Emilio remembers he's a homophobe and rescinds the offer. Even though he doesn't get a grope out of it, Olli is still happy to provide advice, and reminds Emilio that sabotaging Kim's career just because he's a jealous jelly bear is not a very husbandly thing to do so don't be like Christian. Emilio agrees, and there's some back and forth where Emilio tries to take an important DVD that Kim needs for work to the important event where she needs it, but the doormen won't let him in. Rather than handing the DVD to someone else to hand to Kim, he decides it isn't her success that is actually important here but instead his own macho self-image as her saviour, so he goes back to Olli who is selflessly minding the burrito wagon to help formulate a plan.
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I mean, what's the point of having an erasable blackboard sign if you're going to leave the same 'BURRITO MANIA' message up there for months and months? Anyway, Emilio decides the way to show off what an awesome, clever, wise, dependable husband and businessman he is by spending the money for the next instalment of his expansion plan on a suit so he can sneak into the party and impress Kim.
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Which all goes horribly wrong, so now he's involved with a loanshark.

Speaking of morons in debt, your man Andi also needs Olli's help. He's got himself in some trouble again, none of which is his fault, obviously, because it never is, hence much exclaiming of "it's not fair" and bawwwing all over the shop.
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Bella has found out about Andi helping Alexa hide in their loft while she was fleeing from the police and that he kissed her, and Alexa is claiming they slept together. Because of that, she's decided she needs time to think about whether she and Andi should be together any more. Andi wants advice from Olli about how to convince Bella that he's not a dishonest, gibbering, cheating, lying, incompetent imbecile after all.
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Olli thinks that's probably not possible without lobotomising Bella, but treats Andi to a hot chocolate in No Limits because bros before hoes sisses, man.
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Bella forgives Andi anyway, and even inexplicably decides to take some of the blame (a mistake to concede the high-ground, she could have saved up her 'One kiss with someone else' and 'Harbouring a fugitive' IOUs for use in later storylines, might've come in handy).
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And they let Olli know, who manages to very convincingly hide his disappointment that his glimmer of a chance of getting with Andi has evaporated again. Then he accidentally overcompensates by giving them a bottle of champagne.

But good news, everyone! Olli has found someone new. I mean, not a new partner, obviously, the way the soap has been going we will obviously have to wait ages and ages for that to happen *wink*, but a new person who wants to pour their problems on him in exchange for...I think clothes in this instance.
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Pleasingly for love-triangle completionists, it's Thore. See, Giselle tried to actually commit suicide, and then Caro dumped Thore because she felt so guilty about it, and now Thore is all sad panda.
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Olli is also sad, because he can't believe this storyline isn't over yet Thore makes him re-live that traumatic time when he walked in on Giselle covered in red paint and he was so flustered that he completely forgot himself and did something useful in the face of panic.
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Olli takes Thore back to No Limits, because he figures if he's going to have to sit through endless lovesick whinging then he might as well sell some coffee at the same time. And then Thore realises Giselle was never really suicidal, she just pretended to try and break Caro and Thore up (...VL, socially responsible as ever, playing up the "she was just doing it for attention"-trope).

This week's Advice Seeker Number 4: Caro.
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Seen here being patted on the head while her pretending-to-be-suicidal sister orders a coffee. Though actually this isn't the source of her problems, she's really worried because she can't work out any designs for her Femme Fatale project for her fashion school application.
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Olli suggests she just send in more naked pictures of Sascha, and helpfully draws some possible poses for her to consider. Then Caro's all like "wait, how did you know about his tattoo down there?" and Olli is all "no reason...wait, how do you know about it?" and then Caro's like "no reason" and then they side-eye each other awwardly until Marlene turns up.
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She's moving to America (specifically New Haven - I assume for the tennis tournament), so she needs some muffins and coffee, which she orders from Olli. First the muffins...
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Then the coffee.
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Someone needs to retake their "pretending empty cups actually have drink in them"-class at acting school, I fear. I mean, I'd check inside that muffin box too Marlene, I think Olli's trying to fob you off. ("Check inside that muffin box, Marlene" also being the original storyline pitch for the Rebecca/Marlene romance. #funfact)
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Somehow, this solves all of Caro's problems though, hooray.