Watch these episodes with English subtitles here, here and here. Btw, I'm moving to Austria on Monday, so both subtitles and episode recaps will probably be slow next week. Sorry about that.

Today, half of the cast are leaving the show. Well, not quite half, but Jessica, Dana, Hagen and baby Max are all off to the North Sea, and Ricardo plans to go back to Majorca.
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Jessica is sad about this. Ricardo is sad about it too, because he is in love with Jessie and Jessie is in love with him, and obviously he's not really going to go to Majorca, but we have to sit through a lot of to-ing and fro-ing with lost phones and unhelpful hospital receptionists who seem to be more focussed on arranging treatments for patients than playing cupid before we actually see them properly reunite on screen.
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Ricardo has the bright idea of going to Olli for help though, and so we get a lot of ~last moments~. The last time Olli will call Ricardo his "Tiger".
 photo Snapshot212-09-201422-05.png
The last time Olli will pull this face at Ricardo's awful romance ideas.
 photo Snapshot412-09-201422-08.png
And the last time Olli will stare in disbelief at Ricardo's retreating back. Memories.
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Naturally it all works out in the end, and as they prepare to leave, Jessie, Ricardo and Dana reflect on all the wisdom Olli has brought them through sharing stories of his own failed love life. What are friends for.
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Another of my favourite couples in the show also reconciled in this episode: Hagen and Sebastian love each other again.
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Here you see Hagen leaving Sebastian to get dressed after they've had epic make-up sex... Alright, no that's not quite what happened. What did happen was Hagen tried to be a bit amiable, which isn't easy for him because he's a massive arsehole and a bit of a nutjob.
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Sebastian wasn't willing to forgive or forget however, so Hagen shoved him into a pillar which cut his eyebrow open.
 photo Snapshot912-09-201422-20.png
But later they met at their father's grave and shared some of their feelings about how difficult it is to say goodbye, but incest just isn't socially acceptable in modern Germany and it's too hard to be around each other all day without giving into temptation, so it will be better if Hagen leaves so that they can both try to get over each other and come to terms with the situation. At least, I think that's what they said, my aural comprehension of German isn't always 100% accurate.
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So Hagen cleaned Sebastian's wound.
 photo Snapshot1012-09-201422-21.png
And drank some scotch.
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And then they hugged each other one last time before Hagen departed to be with Dana and Maxi.

Thursday and Friday
Olli is again being thrown into the Caro/Thore mess, but this time from a completely new angle! *exciting*

Giselle has found out about Caro and Thore being together, and has decided to drown her sorrows in No Limits.
 photo Snapshot1312-09-201422-34.png
Here you can see her drinking behind Olli and Leni.
 photo Snapshot1412-09-201422-34.png
And here you can see Olli looking concerned.
 photo Snapshot1512-09-201422-38.png
I can't seem to get a good screenshot of it, but does Jo have a coldsore...? Something near the centre of his top lip, just on (his) right-hand side? ...Frustrated by the lack of attention I'm showing her in this recap, Giselle decides to go home where, as she'll be in a scene without Olli, I might even post a pic of her in focus.
 photo Snapshot1612-09-201422-39.png
She also trashes Caro's flat with some paint.
 photo Snapshot1712-09-201422-42.png
But then Olli turns up there too, because he's all worried about her.
 photo Snapshot1912-09-201422-55.png
Okay, now the dialogue suggests that Olli initially mistook the red paint for blood. Fair enough, easy error to make. But on mistaking the paint for blood, Olli's first reaction is to run in and check if she's alright which is basically the most out of character thing to happen since Andi solved that crossword puzzle. Philipp hit by a car: Olli stands very still for ages and watches while Charlie has to do everything like phoning for an ambulance and helping Philipp. Christian has a heart-attack: Olli runs away and dumps his boyfriend. Charlie tells him Bella is her daughter: Olli throws everyone out of No Limits and flings himself into the pool. But Giselle potentially having committed suicide: Olli is suddenly cool and capable, checks she's conscious and gets her some water when he realises she is.
 photo Snapshot1812-09-201422-53.png
Anyway, then Olli's all like "omg, Caro is gonna be so pissed off when she sees this mess, what were you thinking" and leaves, and Giselle thinks "hmm, suicide, now there's an idea" and overdoses.