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Bella decides to go and investigate the odd noises emanating from Andi's bedroom, but Olli is all like "Andi wouldn't cheat on you, and even if he did, he wouldn't be stupid enough to do it here at home where you would overhear it!".
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He says that Bella's evidence (Andi having bought a second phone, and Charlie thinking she saw Andi with another woman) is nothing to go on, and that Andi is a grown up now. You know, I'm beginning to fear that Olli has contracted some sort of exotic disease that causes delirium...
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Bella seems comforted by it though, and goes off to forgive Andi who has since pushed Alexa off him and hidden her in a wardrobe. Bella tells him she's sorry for thinking he would cheat, and Andi says he's sorry too but wisely doesn't really specify what for.
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Bella's convinced though, so there's make up kissage.
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Until Olli bursts in and is annoyed that he's only been back 5 minutes, but he's not getting any attention and is just having to stitch together other people's relationships.
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That's the third person Andi's been ~intimate with in as many minutes, what a slag. Olli wants to talk about how great Africa was, and how tall Lilly has got, and so on, but Andi hurries them all out of the room away from the incriminating criminal.
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In the living room, they prepare Dana and Jessica's going away present - autographed photocards of their favourite soap actors. Olli takes this opportunity to try and tell a story about a failed date on the Table Mountain. Now you might be thinking "didn't Olli go to Cameroon? isn't the Table Mountain in Cape Town 3000 miles away? and didn't Olli promise he wouldn't be driving off on any long trips while he's there? didn't the show establish that London to Düsseldorf was a basically untraversable distance and that's only about 300 miles?", and...well, I have no answers for you on that front, and was actually fairly sure I'd drastically misheard something... Quick, Sascha, come in and distract everyone from this completely nonsensical geography.
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Thanks, babe. Sorry to fluster you like that.
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Sascha's almost as happy as I am that Olli is back and they have some banter about how Olli wasn't eaten by crocodiles or trampled by rhinos or captured by Boko Haram. Then they have a cuddle.
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No groin contact, but there's a cute little backrub from Sascha. [/important observations]

Later, Olli tries to tell Ricardo about his fail-date on the mountain...
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And then Jessica too...
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But they are both hardcore Scholli shippers and don't give a toss.

Meanwhile, Sascha is telling Emilio how happy he is to have Olli back home and in his arms.
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Mate, it's only been a day since Caro dumped you, don't get all reboundy. ...Actually no, do. But Emilio's happy too, because earlier he got very close to a wet Evil Per Mertens.
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And then Per gave him a pressie afterwards.
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And we all know how nuts make Emilio smoulder.
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I feel a bit bad for him, because Per is being all manipulative and giving him allegedly sentimental presents to lure him into loving him, while also making the exact same move on his wife. But if the commemorative nut Per gave him was really the first one Per ever nutted and he carries it everywhere, wouldn't it be tarnished and/or a bit battered and worn? If it's meant to be years old, it wouldn't look brand new. But Kim fell for it too. And it's weird that Per assumed the two of them will never compare nuts... Occasionally this show doesn't really stand up to close scrutiny...