Watch this episode with English subtitles here.

You might have noticed my absence and lack of episode recaps lately. I can but apologise, first the show was off air, and then I was in Spain without much internet, and then after some mistranslated googling I got stuck listening to this awful song Verboden Liefde on a loop because it was more enjoyable than watching the show, and then I was much too lazy to catch up with the bits I'd missed (though I have done subtitles for the Sascha bits if you're interested, see my Youtube channel). But I'm back! And Olli's back! (Which of those are you more happy about? Be honest, after all you won't hurt his feelings because he's fictional.)
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But let me provide a quick update of what's happened lately: Caro is going out with Thore now, and Sascha has taken solice with some guy who has a chain necklace and a mohican agreed that he and Caro should just be friends.
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It's a quick turn around from his "she's mine, not yours, na-nuh-na-nuh-na-nah!"-attitude from before, but I'll take it. In other news, Jessica, Dana, Hagen and Ricardo are all moving to the North Sea with Max, and Elisabeth chucked Ansgar out of the castle while he was in his dressing gown.

But more relevantly, Andi is helping a fleeing criminal who lives in their loft now. Well, technically it's her loft since she bought the building from Olli, but whatever.
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He's been bringing Alexa food and clothes and bought her a new mobile phone, and all of this has made Bella very suspicious. Andi's badness at lying has led her to believe he might be having an affair, so she turns to Olli for support and advice.
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I'm just so glad he's back.
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Anyway, Bella decides on balance that although Andi is behaving oddly, he probably isn't having an affair. Good deduction, because even Andi wouldn't be that stupi-
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Or, you know, he would. I am surprised he's cheating with Alexa of all people. Given he's gone out with Olivia and now Bella and neither has sufficed, I was expecting Charlie to be the next target of his "substitute Olli with his female relatives"-method of selecting a date.
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Anyway, at that moment, Olli and Bella in the living room overhear a weird noise created by Andi and Alexa's passion, and wonder what on earth it could be. Dun-dun-duh.