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Today, Caro is unconscious.
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Now, I don't want to get all sanctimonious on you, but as I recall from my Brownie First Aid badge if someone gets knocked out, you need to be seeking some sort of medical assistance from someone actually qualified to tell you how severe the injury to the brain may be. In the absence of that you need to at least keep an eye on the person, and to check that they're responding normally to stimuli such as light and pain.
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So what Sascha and Thore do is first have a spat about who should go and fetch ice, who should drive Caro where, whether Thore is good at punching... All the important issues.
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And then Sascha takes her home and falls straight asleep. I mean, I could forgive Thore maybe not knowing what to do, at least he didn't just and leave her lying there and drive off - this is real progress for him. But Sascha? He should know how this goes, because Olli showed him the exact right way when he had his own head injury. And if Olli "oh no, there's been a traumatic event, I'd better stand very still and watch unresponsively or run away and hide somewhere or throw everyone out of No Limits" Sabel can manage it, then Sascha has no excuse for being a big heap of fail.

The next morning, Caro comes into work wearing a scarf whose pattern I will describe diplomatically as "brave". I can't say Olli would have made a better choice, because if someone emails him a pic of this one he would probably fly back immediately from Cameroon just to steal it. First his man, then his cakes, now his scarves... Low blow, Caro. (Sort of reminds me of She Wants To Be Me by Busted, though obviously that's a slightly different angle.)
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But I think even Olli would have realised that if he's trying to deflect attention away from part of his body, then surrounding that one part of your body with a garish carnival flag while keeping the rest of your outfit very drab is not going to have the desired effect. Could you not have tried a heavy-coverage foundation? The only thing keeping anyone's eyes off your neck/chin area is the childish stand-off going on between your two love interests.
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Yeah, Thore, shut the fuck up. I mean, you're not speaking, you're just moving your eyebrows, but what you're doing with them, stop it. You have no business feeling put out right now.
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Sascha, you can grow up too.
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Caro and Giselle go to have a conversation in private, and without Ike and Wyatt there to distract her, Giselle quickly spots Caro's bruise. She assumes that Sascha hit her, and the Thore knew which is why they were they were facing off like Ennis and Jack Clint and...the Sheriff (okay, I've basically only ever seen two Westerns...). Caro tells her that of course Sascha didn't hit her, she got the bruise while she was having sex with her bedside table and she wants to keep it secret because she doesn't want anyone to know about her furniture fetish.
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Giselle buys it, even though that's the German equivalent of "I walked into a door". Also in the office, Thore has realised that there's someone who has done a serious wrong to, and he should go and apologise, immediately and sincerely for his conduct:
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You know when you punch a woman in the face and you apologise to her boyfriend for it? Mate, this isn't like you scratched his car... Anyway, Sascha's like "probably not me you should be having this convo with". Taking this advice on board, Thore tries to apologise to Caro, but she doesn't want to talk, so he respectfully grabs her...
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...and slings her over his shoulder.
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Because nothing says "I'm sorry for hitting you in the face" like physically manhandling someone into a storage closet, am I right? Does LCL even have a human resources department? I feel like it's a job no one would deserve. Anyway, then they have a long tedious conversation where Thore is a dick, and Caro tells him to just be honest about how he feels, and then Thore tries to do a suspenseful reality-show build up to how he really feels, but then Caro decides actually she doesn't give a shit and tells him to let her go already.

In other news, Jessica fancies Ricardo again but has stopped trying to pursue anything with him, because Bella called her "cheap". Maxi has, like, terminal asthma that he means he has to move to the seaside or else he's going to stop breathing altogether or something, but with some sea air he will be perfectly fine apparently. I'm beginning to think Ricardo qualified as a doctor in the 19th century. So Maxi, Dana, Jessica and Hagen are all moving to the North Sea. Sebastian and Per Mertens' plan has all come together wonderfully, except Sebastian dropped the ball at the final moment by letting Ansgar listen to him have sex. (I find the name "Per Mertens" very satisfying to say - it has a rhythm to it, like Fin Bartels, which I enjoy.) In response to this, Hagen is actually staying to run the Lahnstein Empire and as Dana has promised both Jessica and Dana that she won't leave either of them, I guess Maxi's lungs will just have to man up for now. Plus Per has dumped Sebastian for Kim, which is a bit of a step down imo, but I am biased.