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There are three reasons I continue to do recaps of Sascha's storyline with Caro, even though I don't like it: a) I've started so I'll finish, b) I can't switch to commenting more on Sebastian's storylines with Hagen and Per that I do actually enjoy because I haven't got to the Blackmail module in my Duolingo German course yet so I don't know any of the vocabulary, and c) [ profile] chrollianne is a sweetheart. With all that in mind, I have decided to embrace the Caro/Sascha development just as Sascha and Caro embrace each other - i.e., awkwardly and unconvincingly. I resolve to stop whinging about Olli being gone, and I will focus on seeing the positive in Sascha and Caro, and their feelings for each other.
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Oh Lord, I can't take it. Olli, please, I miss you! No. Be strong... Yes, so we start off where we left off. With...that. This positivity lark isn't as easy as I imagined. But Caro and Sascha are definitely enjoying themselves, with much snoggage going on until Sascha puts his hand down the back of Caro's trousers and she puts a halt to proceedings. Because she's a woman of quality [/Jack McFarland] and is hungry.
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They sit down and eat, and Sascha tells her she's weird for still not having slept with him yet. It sounds like arrogance, but in fairness he has had basically every girl or Olli that he's wanted. The only logical explanation he can think of is that Caro is still in love with Thore, so at least he's genre-savvy. Caro tells him she just wants to take things slowly.
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How...cute. (I'm trying my best, okay?)

Meanwhile, Giselle is still thrilled that Caro has found someone to bring to the wedding. Thore less so. He doesn't think they should invite Sascha, after all Caro definitely doesn't want anything serious with him. Definitely.
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Giselle tells Caro to come round, to try and find out more details and also for her to choose a bridesmaid's dress.
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Caro says there's nothing going on, she and Sascha are just good friends, and also she doesn't want to get her baps out. She wants to be mysterious and enticing, not a ho. Giselle says actually being a ho and getting your baps out it is loads of fun and Caro should have a go. At least then she won't be alone at the wedding.
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Caro decides he sister is right. She would like to have some fun with Sascha, so that's what she'll do.

Since Caro turned him down earlier, Sascha finds something to screw at LCL instead.
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*badoom tshh*
Nah, he's just working. Even though he took the time off to run No Limits. Even though he hasn't actually been in No Limits during any of the scenes which don't directly involve him flirting with Caro, leaving the job to non-speaking extras. None of this makes any bloody sense... By which, I mean that it's incredibly sweet of Sascha to disrupt his entire work schedule just to accommodate his devotion to Caro <333
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Thore is unimpressed. He's all like "why did your lunch take so long?", "shouldn't Caro be working?", "jealousy, what jealousy?", etc. And Sascha decides to be a smug git who flaunts having gained a girl's interest by announcing his ~conquest to other men to make himself feel socially superior adorably territorial and tells Thore that Caro's a great kisser.
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At which point Thore's brain melts.
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Caro is looking for Sascha to help her pursue her new-found dream of having casual sex, but only finds Jessica. (Later in the show, Caro looks for an apple to sate her desperate hunger but can unfortunately only get a luxury four-course meal, and wants for €5 to put in her holiday fund but keeps finding €1000 notes on the street.)
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Jessica seems a bit confused by the whole situation, but doesn't mention the Olli/Sascha situation and lends Caro a lipstick to make her sexy. I don't know what's sexy about possibly transmitting cold sores or other oral infections, but whatever (seriously, sterilise your lipsticks if you're sharing).
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Caro then frightens poor little Andi, by saying the S-word in front of him.
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Please Caro, it's only been two weeks since he learnt how babies are made.

Sascha is eventually located, and immediately spots that Caro's lips are different. Which isn't a very heterosexual thing to do to be honest, I mean what straight guy notices a slight change in lip shade, it's not like she suddenly went for bright red or purple or something is a testament to his feelings, that he observes every detail about her.
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Caro's not really fussed about ~feelings right now though.
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These past few episodes, in which Caro and Sascha's interaction has basically been a 45 minute montage of them making out has made me feel a bit hard done by as an Olli fan. All the scenes where Sascha/Olli got some action faded to black pretty quick and in isolation that's okay because, you know, it's a soap not a porno, and I have internet access so I can watch men get it on whenever I like. But compared with Sascha/Caro, when we're shown constant extended sequences of them...rutting, it all feels a bit unfair/problematic/homophobic/displeasing. I am however reassured that at least there weren't Sascha/Olli moments shot from an angle as unflattering as this:
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So you win some you lose some. (...It's even worse when you put them the right way up. I feel like I owe Katja Sieder an apology for even linking to it.)
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Oh God, they're at it again. ....Sorry, not "Oh God", I meant "Oh good". Because I am thrilled. Such a gorgeous couple, what would I do without them. You know, if I start saying this often enough, it will become true. [/informal fallacy]

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Back at Giselle's, Thore is very, very troubled to find out that Caro has decided to "enjoy herself" with Sascha. He tries to dress it up as being concerned about Sascha using her, because she's so sensitive.
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Giselle doesn't notice however. She's still just happy that Caro won't be coming to the wedding alone. PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO BE SINGLE, GISELLE.

If you watch the preview for Monday's episode, you will learn secret reason number (d) for my sticking with Sascha. Not for the spoilerphobic, obviously.