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Day I-have-lost-track-because-it's-all-just-a-river-of-pain Without Olli, and the good bad news is that Sascha's sleeveless denim jacket has been stolen by a teenage girl from Liverpool, seen here regretting her crime.
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(If you've not been keeping up with Hollyoaks lately, then yes, that is Tony Hutchinson having an affair with his stepdaughter Sinead, who is still grieving over the death of her own baby, Katy. It's pretty icky, but actually playing out vaguely okayer than I thought it would on screen.)
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To take his mind off his thieved clothes, Sascha turns up on Caro's doorstep first thing in the morning with more pains au chocolat and the accounts for No Limits which apparently Caro "promised she would help with". Now, I'm going to need a native German speaker to step in here because I am majorly confused. I thought the exchange Caro and Sascha had in their previous episode was "Sag mal, k├Ânntest du mir bei der Abrechnung vom No Limits helfen?" "Du machst gar keine Buchhaltung. Die macht Olli, wenn er wieder da ist." which I believed to mean "Say, could you help me with the accounts for No Limits?" "You're not even doing any of the bookkeeping, Olli is doing it when he gets back.". But clearly I have seriously misunderstood something pretty drastically if Sascha turns up all "you promised!" and Caro is all "oh yeah, so I did, even though I have loads of other stuff to do today, I will definitely help you".
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But whatever, what do I know. They head over the office to get the accounts done there, which is bit of a challenge because Sascha's filing system leaves a little to be desired (it reminds me of my parents' address book, wherein I often fail to find the contact numbers for, for example, a Jane Smith because it's located neither under S nor J, but under M for "mum's friend" or some such).
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Also turns out Sascha has failed to file a tax return, and they've been sent a final summons, and he's brought rubbish Aldi pastries again.
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But it's a good job that Caro's so "stunning" (Sascha's words), because she manages to sort everything out with her pal at the tax office, teaches Sascha to use Excel spreadsheets (thankfully VL cut out most of those scenes, because I assume it started off at the "two beans plus two more beans equals some beans" point), and even uses the opportunity of having a sexy guy in her office to make Thore a bit jealous.
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Caro is worried though that while Sascha is running No Limits, he's having to use up his holiday time from LCL (if you're thinking "erm, but he still spends like 12 hours a day there" then Thore shares your concerns). Sascha says that Olli is his best friend, so of course he's giving up his time off, that's what friends do for each other. And then he says he would so exactly the same thing for Caro.

Sascha, seven weeks ago Caro was weeping in the foetal position, alone at LCL, with no one who would trust or believe her, because you wanted to see some boobs. And then you couldn't even be honest about it! I know I keep coming back to that one event, and I do know part of watching soaps is that everything that happened prior to the current storyline becomes irrelevant. E.g., if you watch Charlie's involvement with the Chrolli fostering Lilly plot, then it doesn't really make a lot of sense given what is later revealed about Charlie giving her own daughter up for adoption. Soaps don't have long memories. But this wasn't years ago, or even months. It was the 19th of June (and part of the current storyline in my opinion, because 13th June is when Sascha stared at Caro's arse, which I count as the beginning of this shit love fairytale whatever thing). And I'm meant to buy Sascha as this lovely guy who'd sacrifice just as much for Caro as he would for Olli who's allegedly "so much than a best friend", "like a brother" and not a bad shag. And that Caro would automatically forgive him for what he did, does she have no self-respect? I mean, why is VL determined to make every character in this bloody show so unlikeable?
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Though in an interesting change of pace, Thore gets to be the adorable relatable one in this episode as he's driven to distraction by his jealousy and accidentally proposes that the firm's new fashion campaign should be focussed on "young, goal-orientated accountants, surrounded by wet, sweaty janitors". Bless. Rebecca tells him to get a grip.
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Closest we'll probably get to the third side of this love-triangle completing itself sadly thankfully.

As a token of his gratitude for her help, Sascha offers to have sex with Caro and then pretends actually he only meant he'd cook her lunch. Those of us who remember the burrito contest Sascha had with Andi desperately tried to send her telepathic messages to decline, but Caro doesn't have the same strength of aura as her mother and sister so she arranges to meet Sascha at 1. And then she does this...
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...and this...
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Anyway. Meanwhile at Schneiders, Thore is still troubled by the idea of Sascha/Caro, but Giselle is thrilled primarily because she thought it would be awkward if Caro didn't have a guest to bring to the wedding. All heart, that one. But between the pics I had of Thore earlier and those two of Carascha (I don't know if that's actually their shipname, it's just what sprung to mind...mostly because I'm craving milkshake) I think that's enough ewwness for one day.