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Day Eight Without Olli, and I am increasingly confused about whether the scenes Sascha is having in No Limits were originally written with Olli in mind, or whether this is meant to be a genuine reflection of the character of Sascha as we've seen him so far. Because either way, it doesn't make a lot of sense. First of all today we have Sascha offering his congratulations to Giselle re: her upcoming nuptials, and his thoughts on pre-wedding crash diets.
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Forgive me because typically I don't pay much attention to the bollocks that happens at LCL, but other than him deleting CCTV footage in exchange for seeing her boobs and then helping her with a bag one time, have Sascha and Giselle really interacted? Enough for him to be all "yay, you're getting married!"? (Yet, Olli wouldn't do that either because he thinks Giselle is evil. Also, not typically the sort of man to comment on a woman's need to lose weight.)
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Caro comes in and she and Giselle have a barney about...everything, while Sascha watches. He then tries to make them reconcile and be friends again with a special cocktail he invented.
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Which is admittedly back into Olli-territory...
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Except that the cocktails are gross. (But successful, because Caro and Giselle are back on good terms and go off to look at Giselle's wedding dress which Caro then accidentally puts on and gets stuck inside of, but none of that is for here.)

Day Nine Without Olli, and I know I've made jokes about losing the will to live before, but really. This is the point at which if you are only here for Olli then you definitely need to turn the telly off until September because nothing good can come of this. (Maybe use the interim to find yourself another soap? Sadly my go-to recommendation of Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden is on its summer break, but I hear Unter Uns has a gay storyline now, or there's Hollyoaks which is terrible but often in the same ways that VL is terrible, so it might feel familiar. Oh, or Pobol y Cwm! I've enjoyed that lately, and Iolo is so adorable, though to be honest his lovelife makes Olli's look fulfilling and exciting. If you're in the UK, you can watch Pobol y Cwm on iPlayer with subtitles, and if you're elsewhere then Langford on Soaps uploads some clips on The Backlot... Anything. Just find any other show to watch.)
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Caro turns up in No Limits seeking booze and consolation because she's not all that happy about Giselle marrying Thore. In an Olli-esque tribute, this is the fourth episode in a row that Sascha has worn that shirt - given it was in the high 20°s (...celsius) in NRW during this past week, it must be pretty rancid. Speaking of rancid Sascha's form of comfort is just an un-Olli-esque campaign to get into her pants. First he says he likes a woman who knows what she wants. Then he prepares another self-formulated cocktail.
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At least learn to get the basics right first before poisoning everyone in Düsseldorf, Sascha. Try a Margarita or a Screwdriver before inventing all your "Happy Cocktails". He asks Caro to guess what the ingredients he used were, and she says it's really hard to tell because it just tastes of STDs.
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Sascha says he'll try again.
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He brings her another cocktail, and she points out that he might want to try actually selling drinks if he wants to keep No Limits afloat for Olli. (I feel like this is a repeat of the plot where Joey on Friends started working at Central Perk and then gave free stuff to every hot woman. Except worse, because Gunther wasn't in love with Joey, and the hot women weren't Gunther's friends who had constantly been coming to him with advice on their lovelife.) Caro asks if Sascha's trying to get her drunk, and he asks if that would help. Caro says she's busy with her drawing. Sascha asks if she's heard back about her fashion school application. Caro asks how's he knows about that. Sascha says he's ~interested in her.
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Caro points out he's interested in anything that looks vaguely female ("Thanks," says Olli.), and Andi asks them to come and play table football.
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Caro doesn't want to, but Sascha manipulates her into it by slagging off the drawings she's doing. This is after already commenting that her work looked jumbled and unpleasurable. I mean, designing stuff is her job and her hobby, it's what her life revolves around, and Sascha belittles it twice in the space of a minute. How is this an attractive quality? And then, having got her over to the game he uses it as an opportunity for this...
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I think the Gentleman Points scoring system was unprepared for this level of brazenness.
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They chest bump à la the Bryan Brothers (sometimes I wish my boobs were small enough to make that feasible...everyone would just end up injured...), they drink some more, play some more, and start dancing.
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It's all horrible. And repetitive, because we had the "Caro, under the influence, lets her hair down and has a great time" ages ago when she accidentally got high with Thore.

The next morning, Sascha brings Caro home. They've been out all night (the first time Caro's done that ever, gosh), they had chips for breakfast, they saw the sun rise, and Sascha wants to come in for coffee so the night ~doesn't have to be over~. Caro says actually she has work to get to.
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She gives him a kiss on the cheek, and he smiles as if for some baffling reason he's actually invested in this. Behave, Sascha! We all know plot devices shouldn't have feelings.
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At work, Caro has had a really productive morning. she already has all her work done, and got to tip coffee all over Thore. Good times. And then Sascha comes in and brings her a pain au chocolat (which the Germans call "Schokocroissants" in their worst assault on French pastry nomenclature since they decided "le croissant" should be neuter) and a fresh coffee.
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Then there's a massage.
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And an arse slap.
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And Sascha unsubtly propositioning her, he suggests spending the night together doing the accounts for No Limits except Caro knows that Olli's going to do all that when he gets back (wait, let's talk about that, he's left Andi, Sascha and Bella to look after his bar but they're paying no attention to the financial situation? sensible plan). And then there's another arse slap and some vomit-inducingly cutesy goodbyes and then all of the viewers were sick all over everything, and I come back to the point I was making at beginning: No matter how bad this all seems, it is only the start...