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Day Seven Without Olli, and I don't wish to be rude, but y'all know "answers on a postcard" is sarcastic, right? I mean, I welcome feedback and opinions on every topic, but if I follow a question with "answers on a postcard" I'm kinda assuming the answer is obvious... Maybe I will retire that phrase, though I seem to recall it led to people sharing theories about Olli's jizz last time, so maybe I won't. Anyway, consensus among you lot seems to be that of the Elite Three, Bella would be the best person to run No Limits. Good choice, what with her having two brain cells to rub together and all. (Well in fairness, Andi and Sascha have that too, just only if you consider the pair of them collectively.) But bafflingly, Andi thinks that Sascha would be the best leader.
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Bella's not sure whether to be offended or worried. I sincerely hope that she's at least moved back into the "I do not want to have a baby with this man"-camp. She says that they promised Olli they would look after No Limits, and that's what they'll do, and that means definitely not letting a moron like Sascha be in charge.
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Also, Sascha tells them to get stuffed when Andi suggests he should tidy up No Limits on his own. (He looks so good with his little stitches. That needs to be a permanent thing... Am I revealing too much?) So they head on downstairs together.
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I hope the Das Erste Mediathek is "in deinem land nicht verf├╝gbar" in Cameroon, otherwise Olli is going to cry when he sees this. They'd better fix it up fast. That doesn't happen though, because the three of them can't decide whose responsibility it should be, and argue about who has a "proper job" to get to, and Andi has fallen back on his "But it's all Sascha's fault!"-explanation for everything and kicking pineapples, which doesn't lend itself well to compromise.
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Rawr. You know, Sascha's being an arsehole throughout most of this episode, but I'm really shallow so I basically forgive him everything due to him looking magnificent. He storms off to work, leaving Andi and Bella to deal with the mess. They can't find a solution either, except to put up the "Closed"-sign and go to their other jobs.
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They break the news to Charlie, that No Limits will stay shut. And she is yet again in fine form, as she tells them what lousy friends they are.
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She asks how they're going to break it Olli that his bar is shut and they've broken their promise. That they're unreliable and rubbish and Olli deserves to have so much better people in his life. People who would care for him, and love him, and cherish his bar in the exact same way he would cherish it if he were here to cherish it, but he's not here. He's gone. For weeks and weeks to Africa, and just because none of us know how we're going to get through this awful time in our lives, that is no excuse to let Olli down! *sob* (...Okay, only the first sentence of that was Charlie, but the rest was implied.)

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Over in LCL, Caro informs Sascha that No Limits is still shut, which surprises him because he thought Bella and Andi would have sorted it out by now. If he were in charge it would already all be sorted, apparently. #notsure Then he receives an email from Olli, as do Bella and Andi.
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I will reproduce the content of these emails here, so you can fully appreciate the extent to which Olli is laying it on with a trowel:
Hello Sascha,
I know that you don't want to hear it yet again, but it's important to me: Again, thanks a million that you made it possible for me to have this holiday in Cameroon. Thank you that you, Andi and Bella are looking after No Limits. Thank you for being my brother - also that you put up with my bitchiness. I know that it's not always easy with me... Thanks!
Thanks most of all that I know I can completely and fully rely on you. I know that you don't have any great desire to run No Limits and you have your other job. But exactly because of that, I give you so much credit for this act of friendship.
Cameroon is a dream. The landscapes, the people, the culture - a brilliant experience, that I can only have thanks to my friends. I hope I can do the same for you sometime. I'll be in contact again soon.
Look after yourself!

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Dear Bella,
Thank you for giving me the chance to take this time-out and travel here. It's a dream and is doing me so much good. If you hadn't have said that I didn't have to worry at all about No Limits, then I would never have left. But now I'm totally relaxed.
There are so many sensations here, that I've almost already forgotten Sascha. Lilly and her father have received me so warmly. Lilly has grown up so much, she's already become a proper little lady.
I should tell you 'hello' from her (of course I've told her about my sister Bella), and she says next time you should come too. And you should! The landscapes here are breathtaking, the people are totally welcoming, and the food tastes great. I know I'm repeating myself: Thank you, that I can experience all this, because you're running No Limits,
Talk soon,
Hugs, Olli

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That is a spectacularly thorough guilt trip. And he didn't even know he was doing it! That takes skill. We don't get to see his email to Andi, but the bit Andi reads aloud is "If you and Sascha hadn't worked together to get me to take on the new No Limits and given me a new perspective after my separation from Christian, I don't think I'd have ever got out of the hole I was in. You really saved my arse, and I can never thank you enough. You're a true friend, who I can always rely on. I know how much that's worth."
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Shockingly, they all turn up in No Limits. This time they're a little more motivated to actually clear up. Sascha says his promise to Olli is more important than his work.
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And Andi appears with a very loud playlist of various remixes of one of Olli's favourite songs, to encourage them to work as fast as they can so they can turn it off as soon as possible. (I'm not sure what the song in question is, because it's been replaced in the online version, but I'd guess from the playlist on the website that it's Unbreak My Heart? If someone who saw the broadcast version can confirm what it was, then that'd be helpful... My favourite version of that song is the Il Divo one...)
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Charlie pops downstairs to call Andi and Bella to task, but sees they've already reopened.
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She also puts her arm around Sascha. Is that new? Since when are they up to that level of physical affection? I can understand wanting to get one's hands all over him obviously, and I suppose Policeman Frank has been awfully busy trying to catch Alexa, but sharing a man with Olli didn't work very well last time, Charlie. Be careful.
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Oh Jesus, now it's them both... I'm having flashbacks to "if you were a woman, I'd marry you immediately". His aunt is not an appropriate replacement, Sascha!
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Anyway, they've all agreed that they'll take it in turns to be the boss for a week and see how it goes. So they toast to Olli, and the fact that he might come back to a half-functioning business.