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Day Six Without Olli, and Charlie wants to know how everything's going. It's pretty terrible if we're honest, my depression is such that I can't even be bothered to recap Day Five Without Olli, even though Sebastian and Per had loads of cute moments. It all feels so empty without him, I can't believe we have to wait until the middle of September before he gets back. Some days this is all too much for me. But thank you for your concern at least, Charlie.
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...Oh, actually she was just asking Bella how things are getting on at No Limits with Andi and Sascha. Whoops. Bella doesn't share my pain, she says everything's fine. Because communication is everything, and they've all completely got the hang of this communication lark, so nothing can go wrong because of all of this great communicating, and they even bothered to teach Andi to read in case verbal communication isn't an option. They've thought of everything. The three of them are all sharing the shifts at the bar, and it's a bit stressful but it shouldn't be too bad because at least she's cancelled the massive Afterwork Party extravaganza that was planned, so she has time to stay for a coffee.
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Over in No Limits, Andi is enthusiastically preparing for the cancelled Afterwork Party. Fancy that. It's almost like he doesn't know it's been cancelled. That would be a turn up for the books, given Bella was just talking about how great their communication is. Once again this show is about as subtle as a rhinoceros horn up the backside [/Blackadder] Anyway, Andi says everything's going to be great, because he's the man, he's bought a metric fuck-tonne of prosecco (but no beer), and nothing ever goes wrong when he's around.

Upstairs, Sascha's moving on quickly, and his new boyfriend Zlatko has bought him a present. (I use 'bought' in the sense of 'probably not bought'.)
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(Is it weird that I find that little patch of untattooed skin near his underarm really cute?)
Sascha invites Zlatko out to 'his' bar this evening. And Zlatko eventually accepts, making his agreement known in the dorkiest way possible that I really don't know how to summarise in text.
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But it makes Sascha smile adorably, so who can argue with that.

In No Limits, Bella has started her shift and is confused by the mountains of prosecco everywhere. The situation is not helped by the fact that Zlatko has turned up with some friends and is being all gross and objectionable and sexist, and given they later get drunk and start a brawl, some might say this show doesn't really work hard enough to dispel offensive racial stereotypes of Eastern Europeans...
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Anyway, Andi appears again and is a bit confused because Zlatko's mob aren't really what he was expecting for an Afterwork Party. Bella is aghast that he didn't realise that the party was cancelled because they are so good at communication even though she never communicated it to him. Well, she told Sascha to tell him, but Andi ignored him when he thought he heard him mumble something about "getting farty with Hansel" so the message never got through. Nevertheless, Andi decides this is nothing that a little impromptu matadoring won't solve.
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Sascha arrives for a cuddle with his new man.
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And suddenly everything falls into place for Bella and Andi. Problem is, they've now run out of beer, and Sascha's attempt to convince the mob that they might prefer a nice sparkling wine instead fails completely.
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In order to avoid a bust up, Bella and Sascha go to get whatever booze they can find upstairs. Bella thinks this is all Sascha's fault. Sascha thinks Bella should've told Andi about the party being cancelled. Bella thinks Sascha should have told him. Sascha asks if it's him or her that's going out with Andi. And I just vomited in my mouth a little bit. The only acceptable sexual scenario involving Andi and Sascha is them both at opposite ends of Olli. ...I will compromise as far as DPing, but they're not allowed any closer.
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Sascha tells Bella it's all fine because they're making lots of sales. Bella says that's great because they'll probably have to spend that profit on fixing the place up after Zlatko's troop smash everything to pieces. You know, Show, there's foreshadowing, and then there's just explicitly telling us what is about to happen. One is a valid literary device, the other is simply a waste of everybody's time.
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Back downstairs they've already run out of booze again. Sascha says it's fine, he will calmly tell Zlatko and co that they have to leave, and because he is such a good new boyfriend, Zlatko will happily do as he's told.
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Which...yeah... Not so much.

The next day, Andi and Bella are trying to tidy up everything, but they have a row, and Andi gets left on his own. And then Charlie turns up.
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Now, I'm not convinced Charlie is always the best aunt to Olli. She didn't buy a present for him when he went to Africa, she constantly lied about him not having a sister, when Christian was unfaithful her first reaction was not to support Olli but to reassure Christian that he shouldn't give up... I mean, that mounts up. But right here, in this episode, she's not taking any shit. Andi tries his old "it was all Sascha's fault, I'm so innocent and naïve, what can I do in the face of such a bad influence, oh and, btw, Bella's sodded off too, poor me, I am such a victim here"-routine. And Charlie is having none of it. So she gets the three of them together to find out what the hell is going on.
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They're initially reticent to talk but she gets it out of them eventually after Bella tries the "I told you so"-gambit, and then tells them they're all morons. Olli is relying on them. He's trusted them to look after his bar while he's away, and as his friends they need to be there for him, not run No Limits into the ground while he's gone ( last time). She has a suggestion, that they need a command structure. One of them will be in charge, and the others will respect their decisions.
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So, which would you pick? Answers on a postcard. Olli, ich bitte dich...komm zurück...

I think I need a VL-related sad!face icon for while Olli is away. I can't have smiley Judith in these tragic times...