Subtitles-wise, Olli's clips should now all be covered. If you go from OST's part 006 (26th June 2014) straight into this playlist. While Olli is gone, I will continue to sub scenes in which Sascha appears, and also ones in which Olli is mentioned (within reason - i.e. I will sub a scene where someone talks at length about how Olli is their best friend, but probably not one where the conversation is "have you scene my hair mousse?" "no, I think Olli took it with him" "oh well, back to talking about my new yoga studio then"), and any other interesting-ish bits as well.

Day One Without Olli (Tuesday), and we're all taking this hard. Bella's having to deal with the prospect of an unwelcome pregnancy scare with no one except Charlie "not saying anything, but I'd love some grandchildren" Schneider and Andi "it'll be fine because Olli will be back by then to look after it" Fritzsche for support. Ricardo is being recruited as a last-minute babysitter for his ex-fiancée's child, even though he wants space from her. And I am sobbing in a heap of blankets, crying "Why, Olli? Why now? Why would you do this to me?". But it's Jessica who is taking it hardest of all.
 photo Snapshot227-07-201410-46.png
It's Jessica and Dana's first wedding anniversary. For Jessica, this is a very important day. While she may have a fairly blasé attitude to love and relationships and sex, friendship is something that means a lot to our Jessie. She would have spent her whole life with Ricardo even thought she wasn't in love with him (yet) because they were good friends, and he was a nice guy, and he would be a good family for Maxi. She couldn't understand why Sascha wouldn't sleep with Olli to make him happy and want to stay. And when she agreed to marry Dana so that Dana could have the child she always wanted and they would be a perfect family for baby Max, that was a commitment that she took seriously. Unfortunately, now that Dana's dead husband is no longer dead, Dana now has other priorities.
 photo Snapshot327-07-201410-46.png
So when Jessica arranged a nice evening for the two of to go out together, Dana had to drop out because Undead Hagen needed her. Leaving Jessica sad and alone and realising she doesn't mean as much to Dana anymore. Which she tries to discuss with Sascha, but he hasn't quite got all the Ersatz Olli characteristics right yet, and is too busy focussing on mixing cocktails rather than being a good listener.
 photo 1.png
Jessie realises even a picture of Olli would be better than talking to the brickwall that is Sascha, so she heads back to the flat for some fridge-side counselling. She tells Olli her woes, and breaks it to him that Bella might be pregnant.
 photo Snapshot427-07-201410-52.png
Photo-Olli recommends that she get her gladrags on and go out and find comfort in a man. Which she tries, but it all goes a bit wrong, because the only thing she can talk about is Olli, and how wonderful Olli is, and how she likes Olli best in all the world, and she's glad she's never had sex with Olli. (Was with you until that last one, Jessie.) Honestly, Jessica should have had her friendship-based faux-marriage with Olli. They both adore each other, and also complement each other well. Olli would have been an excellent dad too Maxi, and they could have had more babies without the worries with adoption or surrogacy and that hassle. And they both could have slept with other men on the side. It's a perfect plan, with no flaws. I will be interested to see what idea you've come up that you think will be better, Show.
 photo Snapshot527-07-201411-02.png
Jessica/Ricardo <333 I can't even been cross that this is a tidying up job and it doesn't really make sense for either character any more. And to think I thought I knew better than you. (No, actually, I still like Olli/Jessi being Bro-parents better.)
 photo Snapshot627-07-201411-12.png
Also on Day One, Bella was very, very reluctant about potentially becoming a mother. She had a lot of anxieties about how to look after the baby, how to pay for the baby, whether she would love the baby, how she would cope with a baby... In the end, Andi magicked them away by providing a test baby to try out with, and then it turned out she wasn't even pregnant anyway, but decided it wouldn't have been so bad if she had have been *eyebrow wiggle*

Day Two Without Olli (Wednesday), and he's still missed. Sascha is having to work behind the bar which is awful for all concerned as it was established yesterday that he doesn't even know what grenadine is. Come on Sascha, you've never had a Tequila Sunrise?!
 photo Snapshot727-07-201411-42.png
Emilio still needs a fair bit of money for his sausage van, and while asking Olli and Sascha for help was already a half-bad idea (Olli's offer at least paid off), he's now lumbered with Sascha and Andi who have never had any good ideas about anything, whether individually or together.
 photo Snapshot827-07-201411-49.png
Thankfully, this guy turns up. He's looking for Olli because he wants him to model for his magazine. What with Olli being in Africa for the foreseeable, he decides Emilio will suffice. They arrange terms, and Sascha decides Emilio's stage-name should be "Leo". rawr. And says no one has a hotter arse. doppel rawr.
 photo Snapshot1027-07-201411-55.png
So Emilio does the photoshoot for...I can't remember the money, but it seemed to conveniently work out to cover the remaining cost of the next instalment of the currywurst van.

Day Three Without Olli (Thursday), and Emilio is doing everything he can to distract us.
 photo Snapshot127-07-201413-16.png
I have no complaints. His father in law on the other hand, thinks that given his daughter has just suffered a bereavement and is prone to being more than a little possessive, seeing pictures of her husband half-naked all around the city might not be good for her state of mind.
 photo Snapshot227-07-201413-16.png
Emilio, who didn't realise that the photos would be everywhere is very sad and demands a cuddle. Emilio/Thomas might be my new OTP if I'm honest. They had a little hug, they had a "who could stay made at you?"-moment, and they both are the sort of people who think this problem could be solved by paintball. Made for each other.
 photo Snapshot327-07-201413-22.png
Funnily enough, vandalising posters in broad daylight while wearing orange trousers and the shiftiest look ever, leads to them getting caught by the police. But it's only Policeman Frank who doesn't do anything like fine people or send them to prison, his punishments are more in the region of disappointed looks and sarky comments. Plus the magazine company found out but everyone thought it was a really clever ad campaign ("who is that mysterious gay?"), and Kim found the whole thing was hilar anyway. So all's well that ends well.

In other news, Sascha has been settling into his Ersatz Olli role more easily today, as he provides a sound board for Caro who has quit her job at LCL and found a new one. It's probably easier to pretend to be Olli when one is saying lines that were clearly written for Olli, but never mind, it's almost like having Olli right here and-
 photo Snapshot1927-07-201416-28-1.png
...Okay, flirty eyes at Caro, not sure that's very Olli-y.
 photo Snapshot427-07-201414-08.png
Caro shares my scepticism - that's not part of the gay bestie remit at all. Anyway, Sascha encourages her to apply for a job back at LCL instead, because he'd miss her if she left. And Caro says "What, so you wouldn't be able to screw me over by deleting important CCTV footage just because my sister showed you her boobs?! Get the fuck out of my face, you arsehole! I want Olli back!". Oh, sorry, that was me, not Caro. Got confused for a moment there.

On Day Four Without Olli (Friday), Caro has taken Sascha's advice, asked for her job back, been given her job back, been given a new office, and bought her mum to work. She's industrious, that one.
 photo Snapshot527-07-201414-15.png
Sascha comes into her office, in what is unbelievably not the least heterosexual outfit he will wear in this episode. He wants to welcome her back and eat some grapes. Also, he fancies her mum. (Can we take bets on him going three for three with the Schulz ladies?)
 photo Snapshot627-07-201414-17.png
Back at No Limits, Sascha has put up some of the posters from Emilio's ad campaign, and gay men are flocking there because someone posted on the gay magazine's gay website that gay Emilio himself was there in gay person. (For the record, I'm assuming that "someone" was Sascha.)
 photo Snapshot2027-07-201416-29-1.png
This makes formerly-homophobic, newly-homotolerant yet not fully-homocomfortable Emilio state a public declaration of his straight life with his straight wife and all the lovely straightness. Which Kim still finds hilar.
 photo Snapshot727-07-201414-30.png
She goes online and finds all the comments from people who think it's a shame Emilio isn't gay, are upset that they've been deceived, and have set their mind on turning him (fairly sure all these comments are still just from Sascha). All good stuff. The problem arises when, having affirmed his heterosexuality, girls start hitting on Emilio too which Kim does not like, no sir.
 photo Snapshot2227-07-201416-30.png
Emilio goes to Sascha for advice who, in his role as Ersatz Olli, has taken Olli's preference for a not exactly heterosexual sleeve-length to new heights by stealing a denim waistcoat off a lesbian from 1995. I will concede it does nicely display his tattoos though.
 photo Snapshot827-07-201414-32.png
Sascha wants to know why Emilio has such a problem about being perceived as gay, given he has a tattoo of Timo's name on his arse. Leading Emilio to his standard "THAT'S COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, THE LOVE BETWEEN ME AND TIMO IS PURE AND SIMPLE AND BEAUTIFUL, AND JUST BECAUSE I KISSED HIM AND HAD HIS NAME PERMANENTLY MARKED ON MY ARSE, THAT DOESN'T MEAN I WANT HIM, OR ANYONE ELSE, TO BUM ME. OHHHH, TIMO, I MISS YOU SO MUCH, PLEASE COME BACK. Also, I love Kim, don't you know."
 photo Snapshot2427-07-201416-32.png
(Hello again, sexy concerned extra from when Olli hurt his finger, if that's you.)
Genuinely, I would have loved to have seen this convo in a Olli/Sascha/Emilio form, with Emilio talking about how special his friendship with Timo is, and Sascha and Olli giving each other shy little glances. Whatever. If wishes were horses, then...the stables wouldn't have closed and Christian wouldn't have had an excuse to not move back home from England, so let's not open that can of worms. Having decided that his relationship with Kim trumps his one with Timo, Emilio sinks my second favourite third favourite...a ship that I like, by getting his tattoo changed to say Kim instead of Timo.
 photo Snapshot927-07-201414-43.png
He couldn't have just got a second tattoo? Over his heart or something? I hope he has at least told Timo, so he can get his changed too if he wants. To "Emilio is a sucky bestie forever".

Over at the castle, Per and Sebastian are on a double date out hunting with Dana and Undead Hagen, and a passing government minister.
 photo Snapshot1227-07-201414-48.png
They toast to their new found love.
 photo Snapshot1327-07-201414-49.png
And Sebastian plays a fun game where he tells Dana that Per is a brilliant horserider and she asks him loads of questions about hoses, but actually Per doesn't even know what a horse is. So Per takes Sebastian aside and makes it clear that he will be paying for this later.
 photo Snapshot1827-07-201415-03.png
Sebastian doesn't seem too worried.
 photo Snapshot1727-07-201415-02.png
Look, it's Dana's jigsaw!
 photo Snapshot1427-07-201414-55.png
There's also some nonsense plot where Sebastian and Per are trying to orchestrate it so that Undead Hagen bribes the government minister, which is worth a watch just for Sebastian's "pretending to be scandalised"-acting followed by his magnificently subtle "has he taken the bait?"-glance.
 photo Snapshot1627-07-201415-01.png
The two of them look so majestic together. Forget Tristan/Helena, this is the real Lahnstein-cest OTP.
 photo Snapshot1527-07-201415-00.png
(With Olli gone, Sebastian had to take over the duty of being slashed with any man he stands within two metres of. Sorry not sorry.)

Wow, this post got long. Maybe I will have to post more often than weekly, I forgot how much I do actually like the rest of the show...