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I have faith in Sascha, that he's essentially a nice and considerate guy. So even though he has just been kissed by someone he isn't interested in, he will respond in a sensitive way with a tactful rejection. Especially as Olli is "the best friend he's ever had" who he "never wanted to hurt", and he knows about the depths of Olli's feelings. That is definitely how this will go. I am 100% positive.
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Okay, or maybe he'll wipe at his mouth while saying "eww"... Sascha tries to clarify, he tells Olli that he means a lot to him, but he sees him like a brother. Which is an odd objection to have to a sexual relationship on this show, given the entire original foundation of the programme was sibling-incest.
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Rather than trying out a "you're the Jan to my Julia" pickup line, Olli complains that Sascha's making everything difficult for him, which annoys Sascha who feels blameless. In what is yet another either a surprising burst of self-awareness on behalf of the show or a sign of an even more severe lack of self-awareness than I had ever feared, Olli gets compared to a teenage girl with her first crush again which he does not take a compliment. So he tells Sascha to go fuck himself.
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Back at home Bella tries to console him. She's surprised Sascha said that Olli's like a brother because he's never usually that open about his feelings, but then she wonders whether maybe he only is that open with Olli (though given he had a heart-to-heart with Sebastian, and has attempted something similar a couple of times with Andi and Jessica, it might just be Bella who Sascha doesn't like).
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In any case, "brothers" isn't enough for Olli so he'll have to flee to Africa. Bella supports this idea, but suggests he could also stay at home and try and get over it with a new fella. Olli says that won't work, and then runs off guiltily to phone Fitness Jens because he promised to call weeks ago and hasn't given him so much as a moment's thought since. He also does his packing.
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I hope he's taking his asset-flattering shorts.

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Meanwhile over in LCL, Jessica's working on the other half, trying to convince Sascha to convince Olli to stay. She has selfish reasons, like wanting the flat to stay tidy and wanting a friend to talk to, and more noble reasons like worrying about Olli's safety and wanting Olli and Sascha to get together. She decides just because Sascha isn't gay and only feels brotherly~ love for Olli, that shouldn't pose any problems. They should make like the Peters Twins and shag anyway.
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Sascha is unconvinced.
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He tries to get back to work, but he's distracted and keeps dropping things and thinking about Olli, so he gets his act together, calls Andi about a man, and goes home to Olli.

Who is hiding ineffectively.
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They both apologise to each other, Sascha for raising Olli's hopes, and Olli for being a Grumpy Gus. Neither of them regret having slept together (which initially I thought was a bigger statement from Sascha than Olli, but then I thought about it some more and think maybe it's the other way around), and if Olli were a girl then Sascha would want to marry him right away, but he simply can't make his feelings switch around.
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Olli says it's okay though, he wants Sascha to stay as he is because he's actually always wanted a brother. Now I'm sorry, Show, but it's ridiculous for you to pretend like this "brother"-relationship is something new and special for Olli when he's told Andi a hundred times that he's like a brother to him. This is a complaint I have about this whole storyline viewed from Olli's perspective, to be honest. Because if this is where Olli/Sascha ends and afterwards they're just "best friends", "brothers" etc, then this story is no progress for Olli at all. He already has a best friend, he's known Andi for 12 years, they'd do anything for each other (they've both said that to each other verbally, and demonstrated it in various ways at various points), and Sascha's not going to be able to compete with that especially as he only has 6-ish months left to try. Plus, Olli has fancied Sascha from the off - Sascha might have this pure, "best friend I ever had"-affection for Olli, but all of Olli's feelings are underpinned by attraction and desire - so if Olli is able to fall out of love with Sascha, then what will be left? "That guy I used to have a crush on."? I mean it might be interesting to see the asymmetry in their feelings for one another change balance, from deep friendship vs romantic love to deep friendship vs...less deep friendship, but in general this has all led to nothing.
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Well, cuddles. It's led to cuddles.
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And a kusje.
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Sascha tells Olli that if he has any problems, anything at all, then he just has to phone him any time and he'll be there for him. A sweet gesture, but I fear it could end up like this.
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Olli reassures Sascha that the problems he's having aren't all because of him - with his marriage over it's like his whole life has gone wrong, and maybe he only fell so hard for Sascha because he just wanted to feel something good again. But he'll sort himself out in Africa, he promises, and Sascha decides they should go and get a drink.

In No Limits, Sascha and Andi have arranged a little goodbye party with all of Olli's closest friends and family, except for Emilio, Charlie, Dana, Rebecca, Marlene... It was actually just the first three people Andi met on the way home from work.
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They all have there own ways of saying goodbye to Olli. Jessica clings to him like a limpet and reminds him to put on suncream. (He tells her he's got summer skincare advice from Niklas Bendtner.)
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Bella is glad he's going, but tells him to watch out for elephants.
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Ricardo is jealous and wants to come too except he can't get time off work, and offers to help pack Olli's first aid kit. (I'm not sure what Ricardo's actual exit storyline will be, but I guarantee it won't be as good as if he and Olli had gone on holiday together to get over their heartbreak, had a brief torrid romance, and then maybe ricardo stayed on in Cameroon to be an awesome doctor where he's most needed. And he definitely could have got the time off, Dr Daniel and Dr Leo never gave much notice when they were off somewhere.)
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Andi tells Olli that he and Sascha will look after the bar while he's gone. He's also worried about Olli driving alone, but Olli has thankfully changed his mind about that aspect of the trip.
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And Sascha... Sascha wants to know where Caro is.[/foreshadowing?]
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