There are mixed reactions to Olli's plans to leave for Africa - Sascha thinks it's an awesome idea and will be a great experience, Jessica worries that the flat'll descend into a Hobbesian state of nature without Olli there to do all the chores, and the network have cancelled the show. Seems a bit of an overreaction that last one, though obviously I too think it's nigh on unwatchable without Olli there.
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Sascha's enthusiasm that he leave makes Olli miserable so he goes off for one of his angsty walks of angst, which is ruined firstly by it not raining, and secondly by Bella tagging along. He confesses he's leaving because of Sascha (gosh, really?!), and how he doesn't feel like himself any more. She reassures him that some distance will do him good, and he will definitely get passed this. And it'll be great to see Lilly too.
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 photo Snapshot3418-07-201401-55.png
Back in the flat, the Brains Trust are discussing the issue. Sascha doesn't want to begrudge Olli his fun, Andi thinks it'll be good for Olli to see his foster daughter, but Jessica is wondering who's going to buy Sascha's soya beans now, and take the bins out, and clean the bathroom after Andi gets it all dirty, and run No Limits, and braid her hair. She tells Sascha if he could've just kept his cock in his pants, none of this would be happening.
 photo Snapshot3518-07-201402-05.png
Sascha is aghast! What could that possibly have to do with anything? He thought he and Olli had totally sorted that out now. (After all it's been a whole week since Olli said that he'd try to get over his feelings, ample recovery time from over six months of unrequited love...) Whether he's being disingenuous or a complete moron is up for debate to be honest, and means his actions in yesterday's ep could just be due to obliviousness rather than over-compensating. This is what I don't quite get about the Sascha character - one minute he's acting all sensitive and intuitive (especially regarding Olli), the next he's the most imperceptive arsehole ever, even regarding issues he specifically knew about before. Now I don't want to say that's down to shitty inconsistent writing, but if the shoe fits...

 photo Snapshot3618-07-201402-23.png
At breakfast the next day Olli is excited to have booked his ticket. He flies tomorrow. What's more, he's going to get off the plane in Algeria, and then drive the next 2000km in a jeep like he always dreamt (I thought his dream was to travel through the Congo? He does know Niger and the Congo are quite different, right? Whatever.). Andi loves the plan, Jessica doesn't want him to leave so soon, and Sascha thinks it's the stupidest idea he ever heard.
 photo Snapshot3718-07-201402-32.png
Andi's confused why Sascha's getting het up about this, and Olli would like to know as well.
 photo Snapshot3818-07-201402-33.png
Sascha is worried about Olli being alone in the desert because it's "super dangerous" there, and it definitely wouldn't suit Olli (regarding the former issue, he may have a point, I mean there are lots of good reasons why driving through a foreign continent alone is a bad idea, especially for a man heading through Nigeria while still married to another man...). But Olli's decided, he's going.

In LCL, Sascha has asked Olli to see him so they can talk.
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I hoped it would be about how the inverse Handy Smurf outfit isn't really a good look, but far from wanting sartorial advice Sascha in fact just has some really good news for Olli: he can take all of his holiday days and saved up overtime and will travel with Olli to Africa! They'll have a lovely time together and no one will need to be worried about anyone.
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Olli thinks this is the most absurd thing he's ever heard. (I agree - who can get 1-2 months of time off, with no notice, in the middle of July, for a company they've only worked for for about a year?! Though it's not like Sascha's especially good at his job, what with breaking in at night to drink Ansgar and Sebastian's booze, not bothering to fix doorhandles for months, pressuring female employees into getting their boobs out in return for favours, deleting security footage, and so on - maybe they're just happy to have a break from him.) Olli calls Sascha an idiot, and leaves.
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 photo Snapshot4218-07-201403-01.png
At home he asks Bella to just kill him already, but she reluctantly declines and tells him it's not so bad. He says it is. Even though he knows Sascha isn't interested, every time he closes his eyes he thinks about the time in the whirlpool, and it's ridiculous that he's acting like a love-struck teenager when he's meant to be a grown man. (...I think we were all politely ignoring that particular flaw with this storyline. No need to draw attention to it, Show.)
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Bella thinks it's sweet that Sascha was so worried that he wanted to travel with Olli, and that Olli's little crush is adorable. "Why, because I'm like the little sister you never had?"

 photo Snapshot4618-07-201403-57.png
He heads back to LCL to try and sort things out with Sascha before he leaves. He apologises for getting shirty earlier, and knows he owes Sascha an explanation.
 photo Snapshot4518-07-201403-54.png
O: "Listen. The main reason I want to go to Africa, is because I really need space. So there's no point in going if you come too, because I won't have that distance from you. Man, I'm still not over you. The opposite, I'm still in love with you and it's getting worse every day."
S: "I don't really know what to say to that."
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Which apparently Olli misheard as "Kiss me. Kiss me, now!". Easy mistake to make.