For some odd reason, Bella seems to think that Olli might not have got his feelings for Sascha completely under control yet. I'm not sure whether it was the constant intense gazing which gave it away or the fact that no one is going to simply fall out of love with someone in less than a week, but Olli concedes she's right. Living with Sascha is hard: he can't sit opposite from Sascha in case he stares and he has to hide in his room every time Sascha leaves the bathroom after showering. Also he can't decide what to wear to the disco, and his One Direction poster got creased.
 photo Snapshot216-07-201419-50.png
Never fear though, Olli has a perfect coping-strategy - Sascha Overdose. He's going to spend so much time with Sascha that he'll be annoyed by everything he does, and then will definitely fall completely out of love with him. (If you're interested, Olli has a self-help book out entitled "How to get over your nicotine addiction by smoking even more cigarettes than you ever did before", and its sequel "Teetotalism through vodka".)
 photo Snapshot316-07-201420-10.png
With perfect timing, Andi has to suddenly drop out of the fourway table football match giving Olli the opportunity to be subbed on to Sascha's team. To be honest, Show, I'm getting tired of this cliché. We all know what's going to happen, Olli will get so distracted by his being-in-love-ness that he'll concede a goal, and let the side down, and they'll lose and be miserable. We've seen this all before! It's cheap for you to reuse the same ol-
 photo Snapshot516-07-201420-14.png
Oh, hold on. Are they...winning?
 photo Snapshot616-07-201420-15.png
Well, I take it all back - awkward winning celebrations is a cliché I can live with.
 photo Snapshot716-07-201420-23.png
Anyway, then Bella comes over and asks how it went and in a play on words that doesn't translate well, Sascha says Olli has a nice arse. (From this point on, the most charitable explanation of Sascha's behaviour in this episode is that his comment (and Bella drawing attention to it) rattled him a bit and so maybe he's feeling the urge to prove his manliness~ to himself and/or Olli again. But that is very, very charitable.)
 photo Snapshot816-07-201421-09.png
Olli wants to play another round of table football, but something has caught Sascha's eye. He asks Olli if he thinks she's hot and cute, then declines the football game in favour of going to introduce himself to her and asks Olli to wish him luck.

Later, Olli brings a drink over to the anonymous sexy blonde (ASB) but Sascha is nowhere to be seen. The loud bashing and clanging and swearing coming from the vicinity of the condom machine clues Olli in to where Sascha might be, so he follows his ears and finds Sascha is angry because the machine ate his money.
 photo Snapshot916-07-201421-12.png
Olli says he'll call the repairman, in the meantime Sascha will have to be a little bit patient and go to the chemists for his condoms. Sascha says there's no way he can just leave, the girl might get bored and go, and he's desperate. So he asks Olli if he can borrow a couple of the condoms that he knows Olli always keeps in his bag. Or actually, three, three condoms would be better. (If this is him after the impotence medicine, how many times a night was he doing before?!)
 photo Snapshot1016-07-201421-18.png
At which point Olli bafflingly doesn't punch him in the face.
 photo Snapshot1116-07-201421-22.png
Bella tries to console Olli as he glances over miserably at Sascha chatting up ASB. And by console, I mean she is slightly smug because she told Olli his plan was rubbish beforehand and he should have just listened to her from the beginning. And the scary thing is that of all his friends, she's probably the most sensitive.

Back at the flat, Olli is reading.
 photo Snapshot1216-07-201421-32.png
But who's this suddenly standing before him all half-naked and sexy after a shower...
 photo Snapshot1316-07-201421-33.png
Olli tries to flee to his room.
 photo Snapshot3116-07-201422-49.png
Sascha stops him. He wants to know why Olli is avoiding him. Olli asks where ASB is, and Sascha tells him that she's gone.
 photo Snapshot1416-07-201421-36.png
He tells Olli that he often thinks about their time together in the whirlpool...
 photo Snapshot1516-07-201421-37.png
He knows Olli does too...
 photo Snapshot1716-07-201421-39.png
It wasn't an experiment...
 photo Snapshot1616-07-201421-39.png

 photo Snapshot1916-07-201421-40.png
And then Olli is woken up by Andi and Bella coming back with pizza, and it becomes apparent the flat is full of the noise of Sascha banging ASB. (...I have no desire to slut-shame anyone, and obviously if anyone's the slag here then it's Sascha, but why do the women of Düsseldorf seem to all be willing to immediately get with him after just a drink and a giggle? He picks whichever one he likes the look of, she invariably agrees, and they shag that same evening. And it's not like he's going to Barney Stinson-esque lengths of persuasion. Obviously aesthetic appeal is subjective, but surely he's not that irresistibly good looking? He must be incredibly charming. Or the rumours of his stamina have spread fast.)
 photo Snapshot2016-07-201421-49.png
Olli goes to his room to look at a drawing he received from Lilly.
 photo Snapshot2216-07-201422-04.png
Conveniently Bella, who was not around when Olli and Christian had Lilly, comes in and asks lots of questions so the less devoted members of the audience can be filled in on the history of this. Lilly was Olli's foster daughter, who lived with Olli and Christian after her mum died and her dad couldn't look after her (he went to prison for burgling). When her dad was able he took Lilly back to Cameroon with him (he could look after her because he had a job as a German teacher and translator, and his mum had moved in to help).
 photo Snapshot2116-07-201421-52.png
She was about one and a half in the picture (...well, actually the photo is from when they first fostered her, and she was described as 15 months old about two and a half months later, so she must have been younger than Olli says, but whatever), and it's been far too long since Olli saw her (he and Christian were going to travel to Cameroon and see her for their honeymoon after their second wedding, but they went to Meppen instead because Olli's mum broke...a limb? I can't be bothered to check). Olli would love to invite her and her dad to stay, but he says he can't because of all of Sascha's awful sex noises which Sascha is trying to cover up with loud music leading to a cacophony of awfulness.
 photo Snapshot2316-07-201422-08.png
Olli writes Lilly a letter where he tells her about everything that's changed in his life, about Christian living in England, about opening a bar with Andi and Sascha, and about how Sascha and he are just good friends. (Obviously soap-time can be flexible, but as far as we know Lilly is only four or maybe five, so probably that's not a subtlety she'll appreciate yet.)
 photo Snapshot2416-07-201422-12.png
He's going to send the letter together with a few gifties to Lilly, but while he's discussing it with Bella in the living room, Sascha appears in a towel. He says he hopes the music~ wasn't too loud.
 photo Snapshot2516-07-201422-15.png
Olli can't go on like this.

He gathers everyone for an announcement - he's not going to send Lilly a letter after all.
 photo Snapshot2616-07-201422-18.png
Because he's going to fly to Cameroon and visit her in person.
 photo Snapshot2716-07-201422-19.png
Sascha wants to know how long he'll be gone.
 photo Snapshot2916-07-201422-21.png
Olli doesn't know yet. "Would it matter to you if I was gone a while?" Sascha says he's just thinking about finding a replacement to run No Limits.
 photo Snapshot3016-07-201422-25.png
Olli says he'll be gone as long as needed. And I'm fairly sure Jessica is ten seconds away from bashing their stupid heads together, but maybe I'm projecting.