Emilio has decided if it might mean impotence then actually he'd rather not take any untested medication, because he is a man, and men need to service their wives. So he leaves the hospital without taking the drugs, and goes off to whinge to Olli about how his dream of expanding his burrito business is slipping away.
 photo Snapshot1915-07-201422-44.png
Olli suggests, again, that maybe he could do the gay calendar after all. Emilio says, again, "eww, gays, ewww!".
 photo Snapshot2915-07-201423-06.png
But because Olli is too nice for his own good and will tolerate others' intolerance with a smile and a job offer, he writes down the details for Emilio anyway, and then heads off to the photoshoot himself.
 photo Snapshot2015-07-201422-46.png
[package-joke redacted]
 photo Snapshot2215-07-201422-48.png
I know what you're thinking, it's like stepping into one of Emilio's terrible, horrific, grotesque nightmares.
 photo Snapshot2115-07-201422-47.png
After a meeting with Curry Kalle, Emilio decides he does really need the money and will have to do the photoshoot. So he turns up to have a go at this gay modelling lark, except all he knows about what gay men like is apparently what he learnt from watching repeats of The Larry Grayson Show.
 photo Snapshot2315-07-201422-50.png
I literally don't understand how anyone could find it sexy when a banana is so untidily peeled. How does that even happen? What were you even thinking, Emilio? I have never felt more let down.
 photo Snapshot3015-07-201423-33.png
Thankfully things improve when Olli is able to confiscate the fruit and persuade Emilio that the gays are people too, and if he simply poses like a normal human being then it'll be much more enjoyable and productive for everyone involved. Or failing that, he could just imagine his wife is there.

Back in No Limits, Emilio apologises to Olli. He didn't mean to be homophobic, and he's sorry. Olli forgives him and hits him with a washing up brush (because he's gay - obviously if he were straight he would have used something manlier, like a spanner).
 photo Snapshot2415-07-201422-56.png
Speaking of spanners, Sascha turns up and is surprised that Emilio went ahead with the modelling.
Sascha: "Even though you said you'd rather die than strip for men?"
Emilio: "I never said that exactly. ...Anyway that would just be a homophobic cliché."
Sascha: "I suppose you (Olli) sensed he'd go along with it."
Olli: "If you're thinking that a person has to be drunk to do something like that, Emilio made the decision completely voluntarily."
 photo Snapshot2515-07-201422-57.png
Well done, boys. Good job avoiding awkwardness.
(Though, while usually I prefer not to directly compare Sascha with Christian because then you can get caught up in spotting similarities and "they're just nicking everything from Chrolli"-ness, I do appreciate how Sascha just completely lets Olli's short-tempered comments slide (today and yesterday). Olli's always a bit catty when he's hurt/offended (fair enough, Sascha was being a tad insensitive at the very least), but Christian always wanted to get a retort in back, and then Olli would respond again, and so many of their fights (especially in the "we're on a break!"-era) would have been avoided if one of them had just stopped and taken a deep breath. Sascha being more willing to let things go is nice.)

Anyway, Sascha is chuffed for Emilio because between the money for the photoshoot and the money for the medical testing he's over halfway towards paying the first instalment on Curry Kalle's van. Emilio breaks it to him that he didn't go through with the drug trial, because of the whole it-causing-impotence thing.
 photo Snapshot3115-07-201423-39.png
 photo Snapshot2715-07-201422-59.png
 photo Snapshot2815-07-201423-01.png
Amused Olli is amused, and doesn't pass up the opportunity for a socially-acceptable gaze at Sascha's crotch. You know, Olli, a man who's been told of his potential impending impotence tends to be rather eager to check that everything is still fully functional. Maybe you could somehow harness this opportunity in some way? Just a suggestion, only if you're not busy.