You may have got used to the current trend of storylines involving Olli and Sascha being dramatic and emotional - full of (allegedly) unrequited love, (potentially) friendship ending arguments, and (unarguably) beautiful reconciliations. Well, keep your hard-hats on and your tissues handy, because there's not going to be any let up as today we return with the saga of Emilio trying to buy a Currywurst van.
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Emilio is feeling a bit insecure as of late. His wife, Kim, is successful and beautiful, and her biological papa is a Count (not as in "mwa-ha-ha-haa", just a posh rich guy), but Emilio himself just runs a gaudily-coloured food van that sells burritos. He thinks he's a loser, and worries Kim is going to dump him for someone who is not a loser as soon as she meets one (which actually might take a while, because pretty much every man on the show is a blood relation of hers or an even bigger loser than Emilio).
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Sascha is around to hear Emilio's speech of self-doubt, and as the good friend he is tries to restore Emilio's confidence. He would use the Kung Fu Master tactic again, but actually he's still paying for all the planks Olli smashed up when he got overexcited, so instead he just verbally supports Emilio's plan to expand his business. Conveniently, he even knows a guy who has another food van but wants to retire. It's the most famous Currywurst van in all of Düsseldorf or something apparently, I don't even know, but it's near the train station, so Emilio decides it sounds perfect.
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He arranges an interview in No Limits to meet the Currywurst van owner, who is deciding his successor through some sort of secret behind the scenes fast food Hunger Games or similar. Olli is so taken with the sight of Emilio in a suit that he has to get his hands on that, then deftly hides it by pretending he was merely fixing Emilio's tie.
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A wasted effort anyway, because when the current owner turns up, he's not really the type to be impressed by suits and ties and so on. Let me introduce, Curry Kalle.
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Then there's some boring crap as Emilio fails to impress (because he's not being ~true to himself~), and Curry Kalle complains about how shit tofu is. Thankfully, Olli swoops in to save the day, by pointing out that Emilio's left the label in his suit so he can return it later and that his big boy briefcase is just full of newspapers.
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Curry Kalle is endeared and they go off to sample each other's offerings at the Burrito wagon, where they also bond over having wives.
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Back in No Limits, Olli is happy/smug that his meddling has paid off.
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Emilio and Curry Kalle ignore him and get on with agreeing terms, which goes brilliantly until a slight hiccough arises. Curry Kalle wants €50,000 for the van. Emilio thought it would be free. Why is it always these arrangements that Sascha sets up, where one party thinks it's just a nice present, and the other is expecting significant financial recompense? It was the same with Olli thinking the pinball table was for free, and "Dennis" wanted a couple hundred euros for it.
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Speak of the devil, Sascha has arrived to see how things are going/stand closer than probably necessary to Olli. Emilio says he doesn't have the money, even Curry Kalle's revised offer of €30,000 is too steep for him because he doesn't have the collateral for a loan.
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Curry Kalle finally offers a payment plan of €10,000 in six weeks, then the rest to be paid gradually later to which Emilio reluctantly agrees and Kalle leaves.
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Pinky and Perky come over to check how things went and are absolutely elated that we get to enjoy yet another needing-money storyline!
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Or maybe they just can't resist smiling at each other hey. Simple pleasures when you're unable to be in love. Whichever it is, if I know this show then you'd better brace yourselves for six weeks of odd jobs, dodgy deals, selling valuables, and implausible sponsorship offers. (At least when Gregor had money troubles he had the courtesy to become a rentboy. I mean the first time. The second time he just sold his soul to a loanshark and then crashed the bloody helicopter anyway... Ah. The good old days.)