As you'll remember, yesterday the episode ended with Olli and Sascha snogging in the pool, so I'm sure you all, like me, are desperate to see how that continued at the beginning of today's episode.
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"Sucks to be you, perverts. We are making quality television here, and not simply providing cheap titillation." says the Show.
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So Olli and Sascha are heading home, until Jens catches up with them and asks them if they're really going to leave without saying goodbye (or at least leaving some money so he can have his whirlpool dredged and cleaned). Sascha reassures him that they tried to find him to let him know they were leaving, and to tell him what a lovely time they had in the whirlpool. Cue flashback:
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"As mentioned, this is an artistic endeavour, not wankspiration. You can have the men kissing in soft-focus while almost entirely submerged in bubbly water, or the men can just not kiss at all. Your choice. We are not Sean Cody." says the Show.
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Anyway, Sascha has to go somewhere, so he leaves Jens and Olli to chat and manages to only touch Olli once unnecessarily while saying goodbye. This one touch is enough for Jens to notice that they've got up to something though, because he has eyes. And Olli can't stop grinning bashfully, that's another clue. Anyway, Jens doesn't mind about Olli and Sascha, he'd still like to see Olli tonight, but Olli says he has to wash No Limits' hair so they'll have to meet up another time.

At LCL, Sascha is distracted.
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He can't stop staring at this sexy thing.
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Jessica thinks he's staring because of Martina on the right, but Sascha gets very confused because he has no idea who Martina is. Jessica presses, wanting to know what dirty things Sascha's been up to lately because apparently as his flatmate she has a right to know (and I always thought the paper-thin walls in German flats were a design flaw, but I see now that it's simply a way of upholding tenants' rights to know the intimate details of the other household members' sex live and learn).
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She eventually catches on. And then she goes into full on protective mama bear mode on Olli's behalf, which is very sweet. She wants to know what the hell Sascha thinks he's doing - Olli is her best friend, and just because he is apparently catnip for straight boys, doesn't give Sascha the right to mess him around.
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Sascha says it wasn't like that, Olli is the best friend that he's ever had. He's got quite agitated through all of this, and even not in the way that Andi might accidentally mistake for turned on. And now he has to get back to work.

Jessie tells Olli that Sascha told her about the whole sleeping together thing. This makes Olli very happy, because having someone he really likes acknowledge in public that they've slept together is a pretty novel experience for him, after the walk-in closet that was Christian.
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She thinks maybe he shouldn't get too excited though. Not because Sascha will stressing out about whether he's gay or straight or whatever, but because he's not really one for relationships. Olli says he's not looking to get married right away either (he's lying, he's already picked out a dress, that's why he's in LCL in the middle of the day, you heard it here first) and at least with Sascha there's something to build on.
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He plans to start building this evening, so Jessie promises she won't be home. Sascha overhears all of this, and assumes Olli means his date with Jens. But then he learns Olli cancelled it and says they need to talk.
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S: "Our experience earlier, I've never done that with a man before. It was beautiful. Unbelievably beautiful. But not something we should repeat because firstly, I fancy women more anyway, and secondly, I don't want to lead you on. You're my best friend and you are incredibly important to me, I don't want us to ruin it all by having sex."
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O: "Well, obviously I wouldn't want that either."
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And then we hear a tinkling sound as Olli's heart shatters into a thousand tiny pieces.

Then they go home together. It's understandably a bit awkward.
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Sascha wants to check that Olli didn't cancel the date because of him. In weeks to come, we will look back on this moment and wonder how different things could have been if Olli had completely snapped at this point at shouted "Of course I cancelled it because of you, I'm in love with you, you moron! I've been in love with you for months, my marriage ended because of you, and now, yes, I cancelled my date with Jens the hot gym guy because of you! Quit playing games with my heart!" [/Back Street Boys].
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But Olli doesn't say that, he gets a drink and says he just didn't fancy it because he's getting a little old and isn't used to having two men in one day. "Once a knight, always a knight; twice a night and you're doing alright; thrice a night and...that's a bit much actually." as the old saying goes.
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S: "I didn't want to send the wrong signals."
O: "I understand. You just wanted to know what it was like with a guy, I was your guinea pig."
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Bitchy!Olli, five stars!
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S: "Man, so you are angry with me!"
Olli says he isn't (but he is) and he just wishes Sascha had thought about their friendship and everything before the sex, not after. Then Olli tries to stomp off to his room, but Dennis the pinball man chooses that inopportune moment to ring and say he's bringing round the pinball table this minute for Olli and Sascha to shift inside.

Not so happy days. The pinball table is not as cheap as Olli had been led to believe, he hurt his hand carrying it in, and he and Sascha keep sniping at each other. Sascha's all "is this how it's gonna be now?" and Olli's all "you should've bloody thought of that before you did me just to see what it's like".
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Olli puts some salve on his hurt hand while concerned, sexy extra is sexy and concerned.
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A while later, Jessica turns up and Olli is more philosophical about everything. He doesn't want Sascha to find out about his feelings for him, because it's not Sascha's fault he doesn't return them. A noble sentiment obviously, but regarding the first part, has that horse not already long bolted? Sascha must know Olli has feelings for him, because he told Sebastian. Also, the whole avoiding Olli while pretending to sleep with a girl scheme doesn't entirely make sense if Sascha has no idea about Olli's feelings and therefore no reason to feel nervous (?) around Olli. ("We did the exact same thing with Giselle forgetting about Caro's feelings for Thore and no one seemed to give a toss, so welcome to the new world order, goldfish." says the Show.)
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Meanwhile, Sascha is being a helpful little one and smartening up their new pinball table, which, like all German pinball tables, they have named Flipper in tribute to the famous dolphin who won the 1965 Pinball World Championship while starring in his own TV series[/fact].
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With the table ready and Olli's hand basically better now Olli invites Sascha to christen the pinball table with him. Sascha says he'd thought he'd made his stance on this perfectly clear and doesn't want to ruin their friendsh- Oh, just play a game on it? Sure!
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Turns out, Sascha's not half bad at this pinballing lark...
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Croatian tribute bands to The Who are writing fresh lyrics as we speak, and Olli has never wanted him more.