Service Announcement: In response to popular demand - well, two people messaged me, but that's basically half my readership - this post is quite heavy on paraphrasing and translating things that were actually really said in the show, rather than me just making things up. But I don't want to mislead anyone into thinking this will be a permanent change towards being more useful. It's just a one time thing for an important episode given the new subtitlers aren't quite caught up yet. Thank you for reading <3

Today we rejoin Olli and Jens after some sex.
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Jens definitely enjoyed himself, and as he still has some free time he fancies another go. However Olli quickly intercepts his wandering hand because Olli's thoughts are on a certain someone else.
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Shown here in split screen, in case you had forgotten what was going on and maybe thought that Olli was just worried about whether Suarez would escape a ban or something. Thanks, Show :)
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The man himself is similarly fazed by the happenings of two days ago (our time)/earlier that morning (soap time), and so has called up his good pal Andi for advice.
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Look, Sascha, I know you've just had a bit of a shock. You've seen something you weren't expecting, and it's stirred some feelings in you that you're confused by, and it's totally okay that you're not thinking 100% clearly and might make some stupid decisions while you're figuring everything out. I get it, really I do. But asking Andi?! Seriously? Of all the people you know in the world, you pick Andi? Not Emilio, who has been in a vaguely similar situation? Not Sebastian, who at least knows about everything already? Not Maxi? Not a glove puppet? Just Andi? ...Alright, maybe you know best. I will give him a chance.
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So Sascha fills him in as the actress said to the...never mind. He saw men. Having sex. Olli and his new lover. He saw it, and he couldn't look away, he was fixated. It turned him on.
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Andi thinks he understands the situation and his advice is simple. And I mean 'simple' in the pejorative sense of 'moronic'. He says Sascha definitely wasn't turned on, he just thinks he was. He suggests that the whole thing is actually like one time when he himself was at the gym and there were muscley guys in the showers and he got a little worked up too but actually he wasn't worked up he was just jealous of their muscles.
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Sascha tells Andi he's a fucking idiot. No, wait, that was me, sorry. But Sascha does tell him he doesn't know what he's talking about. Sascha isn't jealous of Olli's muscles, there's something else, he's his friend. But Andi tells him to just forget about the whole thing and go back to being normal. ...Good job, Andi, you were literally 100 times worse at this than I imagined you would be, and my expectations were really extremely low.

Anyway, moving briskly on.
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While Jens' arse and the PG-Pillow of Disappointment™ are having fun in the living room, Olli remains in bed pondering.
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Sascha appears at the door looking for another show and on finding Olli alone suggests he just knock one out with the pretence of offering Olli some coffee.
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Quickly the conversation turns to earlier. Sascha asks if Olli had fun (he did), Olli apologises for leaving the door open, Sascha apologises if he disturbed them. Olli just wants to know why Sascha stayed so long. Sascha doesn't know. He couldn't look away, like a car crash or something (the one bit of rhetoric he stole from his chat with Andi earlier), but quickly corrects himself to something more flattering: If all car crashes were so "wham", we'd all want to have one. This proclamation completely overwhelms Olli, because we all know his main romantic weakness is onomatopoeia. (This would have been the first dance at their wedding if Christian hadn't vetoed it. Both times.)
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Before things can get too heated, Jens returns to put on his trousers and Olli and Sascha pretend nothing is awkward while Jens is apparently oblivious. But Jens and Sascha both have jobs to get to, so they leave.
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You know when Olli slept with Finn and then changed the bedclothes like, five minutes later because he was all guilty about having cheated on Christian?
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Well, what's the theory for why the covers needed washing so quickly this time? a) he's just a bit OCD and likes clean sheets (somewhat disproved by Andi's comments about how Olli is untidy and cleaning-averse), b) it felt like cheating on Sascha even though they're not together, or c) Olli senses a chance with Sascha on the horizon and wants to make sure he doesn't have to faff around with changing bedclothes later this afternoon/evening when they could be doing something more fun? Answers on a postcard, please.
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Jessica heard there were naked men around, and she's come to investigate. Sadly they've either left or got dressed, so instead she'll have to listen to Olli telling her how amazing it was that Sascha watched him have sex, and gazed into his eyes, and said it was "wham". Jessie rightly points out that anyone would watch Olli have sex, and she spends most of her free time picturing that anyway. And then Sascha appears back to tell them both that actually he doesn't have to work today so he's arranged that the three of them will do some modelling for a promo video with Jens for his fitness studio. If you're thinking that last sentence seems like an incoherent mess of events to have occurred in only 10 seconds of screentime, then don't blame me, I don't write this crap. (Well, I write this crap. But not that crap. You can tell, because Olli hasn't had sex with Policeman Frank yet.)

To the gym!
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Olli is lifting weights, and Sascha is lifting Olli's arms. I wish someone would lift my arms for me when I'm working out, it would be so much easier...
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Though Olli himself seems to be finding it actually a bit of a distraction. It's inducing the most terrible terrific flashbacks.
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He tells Jessica it's all her fault, which is a bit harsh. Apparently she should have read his mind that he didn't want to come here today or something. Olli, mate, her baby is in hospital and also she's hungover and now she has to work out for a video, she doesn't need you bleating on like a teenager about your crush.
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Because she is a more patient friend than I would be, she calmly accepts the criticism, and then suggests Olli seize this excellent opportunity to cope with his feelings around Sascha by focussing instead on Jens.
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...Did his neck grow wider since Tuesday? Olli is convinced. He will have his fun with Jens, and forget about Sascha.
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Or not.

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With the videoing over, Jens asks Olli to come back with him this evening to watch the video of him and Sascha working out. I mean, Jens, obviously that is definitely the right way to get Olli in the mood, but probably not for the reason you'd hope... Anyway, Olli says he'd love to meet him this evening but also makes it clear that he's not looking for anything serious, and goes off to hang out in the whirlpool with Sascha and Jessica and the free champagne Jens promised them.
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Then Jessica has to leave, because gooseberry.
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Alone, without the puerile corrupting influence of a slaggy life-ruining tramp like Jessica around, the conversation between the two men naturally turns to more sophisticated matters. Firstly, the strangest place they ever had sex. Olli's was 10,000m above the Atlantic with the pilot, Sascha's was in a sauna that was still in the DIY store. They also talk about Olli meeting Jens this evening, Sascha asks if there's something proper going on there, but Olli says it's just fun. Sascha agrees that life is all about just having fun, which one can either interpret as a sign of a healthy sense of joie de vivre, or with a heavy sense of forboding regarding how this will impact different characters' reactions to the events of later this episode. We'll stick with the joie de vivre for now.
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Horror of horrors, they've run out of champagne. Sascha says Olli has to be the one to fetch more since Jens is his lover. Olli agrees to go on one condition...
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He wants to know why Sascha watched Jens and him earlier.
S: "I'd never seen something like that before in real life. It was so passionate, and full of energy."
O: "It turned you on."
S: "Maybe. Lots of things turn me on, I'm curious."
O: "You were gazing deeply into my eyes too, why?"
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S: "You want more bubbly?"
O: "That doesn't answer my question."
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Drunken fun in a jacuzzi...logically I know that never ends well, but I'm not sure I'm capable of thoughts more complete than "unf" right now.