Today we kick off with the events of last episode forgotten (...I know, but, what can you do?), and Sascha getting all up in Olli's personal space.
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He has a valid reason to be there, of course - he's found Olli a pinball table for No Limits! That sort of news can only be conveyed from a distance of 10cm or less obviously, if there's too big of a gap then a ball would fall down the middle. Sascha also decides that the situation with this man who he knows to be in love with him will be made less awkward if he gets Olli to repeat things like "Sascha, you're the greatest" while gazing into his eyes.
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Predictably they both get flustered by the whole thing, and being the sensitive fellow that he is, Sascha decides to remedy this by going to hit on a whole hen party of girls. One blonde lady in particular has caught his eye.
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But it's okay, Olli has his own sexy blonde to hang out with...
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Jessica listens patiently as Olli tries to explain that he's completely over Sascha and doesn't feel anything for him any more, all the while looking increasingly miserable as he watches Sascha chat up the girl. The patience is probably on account of the free drinks though.
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(I adore Jessica, but really? He baby son is in hospital and she goes out to get drunk on cocktails? But I suppose we all cope with our worries differently.)

Back at home, Sascha isn't back yet (Olli checks), and Olli tries to help Jessie stave off a hangover.
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I thought you were meant to drink a lot more water than that for it to be an effective hangover preventative - if 200ml will suffice, then you may as well just drink another pint of Snakebite and Black and enjoy yourself, but anyway. Jessica wonders whether she should contact the guy she was flirting with, and Olli tells her not to be an idiot. Jessica correctly identifies this as Olli being a jealous jelly bear, because of Sascha and the girl.
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Sad Olli is sad. They commiserate with each other over unrequited love (Jessica had a thing for Ricardo but he fell in love with Dana). Jessica suggests getting Justus to hypnotise Sascha into not being straight, or maybe just putting some distance between the two of them. Olli decides watching some porn will help.
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Sorry, no. Rather he is on an online man-sex finding site to find a man to shag IRL. But none of the men offering themselves seem to appeal to Olli. Where's Gast84 when you need him? And where's Sascha? I mean, I'm sure we can guess. He delayed picking up the pinball table with Olli so he could go off with a random gal from the bar, they're probably getting it together back at her place or at a bus stop or somewhere. Maybe a skip...
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Or, yeah, maybe he's on his own looking through desks at work. That's just as likely.
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His rifling through drawers is interrupted by Boss Sebastian appearing, and being a bit concerned as to what Office Caretaker Sascha is doing in his office in the middle of the night.
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Sascha has various excuses prepared, like "nothing", "I was just passing through", and "I had a bad dream that the drawer handles weren't shiny enough so I had to come straight to the office and polish them because I am excellent at my job, honest guv". The truth is, he was there because he doesn't want to go home, and is also looking for some booze. And he doesn't want to go home because Olli is in love with him and keeps looking at him like he wants him. I begin to wonder if the concepts of "problems" and "really awesome thing that are perfect" have somehow got confused in Sascha's head.
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Sebastian offers to share his secret supply of cognac, and Sascha tells him more. He didn't do anything with the girl from the hen party, he just took her safely home and left (so maybe his claim of being a "Gentleman" wasn't completely incorrect). But really, Sebastian has his own shit he wants to talk about because he has a lot of worries right now. (Seriously, he doesn't even bother telling Sascha about the time he and Olli kissed over ice cream on a hot day one time.)
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I won't bother going into all of it, but you will be pleased to learn that Sascha hasn't ever killed anyone. He also tells Sebastian that you can only begin to deal with something you've done wrong if you admit to your guilt. Which is something this-episode!Sascha could have mentioned to last-episode!Sascha when he was fobbing Caro off with lies, but whatever.

The next day, Jessica is hungover (I told you that tiny glass of water wouldn't help), and Sascha is home to steal her breakfast and brag/lie about how many times he and the blonde did it last night. Gentleman score decreasing, even if it is all bollocks.
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Sascha wants to know if Olli is also hungover after presumably spending the whole evening drinking his sorrows. Jessica breaks it to him that Olli can do it with other people too, and he's already gone out.
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Olli eventually had a bit of luck with the hook up site, and has found this sexy little thing for a date (at breakfast time, really? is that a German thing or a gay thing? or a soap thing? in terms of cultural education, this show really poses more questions than it answers...). His name is Jens, and he asks Olli if he's not disappointed now that they've met in real life.
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"Not at all. I barely have to squint to pretend you're Sascha."
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They go for a walk where Olli finds out that Jens runs a fitness studio, and I notice that Jens has a slightly odd gait and hastily redact all my ideas for why that might be. Aside from the weird strut he has going on, he seems very nice and sweet and lovely though, and he looks good, and I definitely would. Olli takes him to No Limits to see Sascha because nothing says "I'm not a jealous jelly bear" like immediate retaliation in kind.
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S: "I thought we had a date?"
O: "What date?!"
S: "You, me, Dennis. Picking up the pinball table this morning."
O: "Oh, sorry. I totally forgot about it."
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Jens appears briefly, then has to take a phonecall.
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S: "Now I understand why you stood me up. It's like looking into a slightly distorted mirror. Hey, I think it's fine if you want to have some fun." And then Jens turns up and assumes that Sascha is Olli's ex. Olli quickly realises having the two of them in the same room at once is too arousing complicated, and so takes Jens upstairs.
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Jens likes it upstairs because it's private, Olli points out that being alone in a flat with five and a half residents and only two three four? too few bedrooms is highly unlikely. But Jens has nothing against company *wink wink* Especially Olli's "tattooed friend from earlier", which would basically be self-cest if we're honest.
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He agrees to make do with just Olli.
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But who's that at the door?
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Spying on people having sex lowers your Gentleman score even further, Sascha, but I suppose it was a bit weird of Olli to leave the door open...